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Raigan Brooks
Raigan never argues and is always kind. She is always on time, does her work neatly, and follows instructions.

Trey Sanborn     

     Trey has boldly stepped up to play drums on the worship team and is doing it with excellence. He works hard and efficiently and is polite.  

October 3---Wood Raffle Ticket's Due
                       Volleyball Game @ Rio                           Dell JV @ 3:30 V @                                  4:00 & 5:00
October 4---Volleyball Game @                                  Cuddeback 
                       V @ 4:00  JV @ 4:30                              & 5:00
October 6---Volleyball Game @                                 Home 
                      JV @ 3:30 V @ 4:00
                      Playing Scotia
October 7---Pumpkin Decorating                               Chapel
October 10--Volleyball Game @
                      Red. Prep (Campton
                      Heights Baptist)
                      JV @ 4:30 V @ 5:00     October 11--Volleyball Game @                                 Home JV @ 4:00 
                      V @ 4:30
                      Playing Casterlin 
October 12-- 12:00  Dismissal
October 13 & 14--- NO SCHOOL
October 18---Fall Auction Ticket                                 Stubs & Money Due
October 21---Fall Auction at River                               Lodge 5:30 Preview
                        6:30 Dessert & Auction
October 27---Career Dress-Up Day
October 28---1st Quarter Ends                                      Chapel

Click here  to download or print the updated Preschool May Calendar. 
Click here  to download or print the updated NLCS May Calendar. 
Honor Roll
At chapel on October 7th, Kayla Natt, Jakeb Damwyk, and Triston Moody, received their certificates for earning Honor Roll at the end of last school year. 
Top Seller Award

Sydney Johnson won a $50 Amazon gift card for selling 268 Wood Raffle Tickets. The drawing for the Cord of Wood was held on Monday, October 3.  The winners were  1st place - Kris Flores, 2nd place - Elizabeth, and 3rd place - Jack Thompson. Thank-You everyone for being so supportive of our school for this project.

The Fall Auction
The Fall Auction is coming up fast! This is an exciting event that supports our school while bringing families together for a fun night! It's located at the Fortuna River Lodge. Doors open at 5:30 for preview and Dinner is served at 6:00 pm and is catered by CC Market. The Dessert and Live Auction will begin at 6:30 pm. For a list of the Live Auction Items, please click the link!   
A Servant's Heart
When I think of who personifies the term Servant's H eart, I think of Bob Natt. Bob is a man of many gifts, and he blesses New Life Christian School daily with them. He has spent many years of unwavering devotion to our school coaching teams, fixing and building structures, painting parking lot lines, driving on school trips, refereeing basketball games, assisting his wife with the worship team when needed: the list is endless! Thank You, Bob, for all you do. It is appreciated very much.
 He is married to Susan and has three children: Kayla (Sophomore), Kloey (8th Grade), and Kingston (1st Grade) who have attended our school since preschool!
Reminder: Week of Oct. 10th - 14th

Wednesday, Oct. 12: Early Release @ 12:00 (Grades 1-12)
                                               No Afternoon 3 yr. Old Program

Thursday, Oct. 13:                         No School                                                                                  ( Preschool, Kindergarten, 1-12 Grade)
                                                 Teachers away at a conference

Friday, Oct 14:                                No School 
                                                ( Kindergarten, 1-12 Grade)
                                              Teachers away at a conference

                                Career Dress-Up Day
Career Dress-Up Day will be on Thursday, October 27. This is a great day for your child to express his/her dreams on what they want to be when they grow up! The children who dress up will earn points for their team, and the child who dresses up the most not only  win points for his/her team but also wins a prize. 
Here are the teams:
Leaders: Kayla/Emma                  Leaders: Triston/Savanah
Scotlynne   Ryder                             Kingston   McKenzie   
Dustin         Garrett                          Bryton       Kadence      
Landon       Trey                               Raigan       Caleb
Brooklynn   Keenen                        Lacey         Gracie
                                                            Ezekiel      Rebekah

Leaders: Jordan/Whysper             Leaders: Sage/Shawn
Emily          Amy                                 Jesse             Nathaniel  
Charlotte   Jaxon                               Trenton         Issac
Natalia       Aeris                                Cindy Shay   Haley
Brandon    Jenna                               Finnigan       Michael  
McKenna   Triston E.                       Faith

Leaders: Jakeb/Blayne
Alexis           Taylor
Tyren           James
Andrew       Sydney
Fame            Kloey

Box Tops
Remember to save the box tops. It is another way to help support our school and earn points for your team! Please have all Box Tops turned in by October 21. 

Hummel Tire & Wheel, Inc.

Thank-You Hummel Tires for donating and delivering the huge tire for our playground!! Our students are so excited!!

Our volleyball team placed second at the Rio Dell tournament on September 23 and 24. Treyton Sanborn received the All Tourney Award and Sydney Johnson received the Sportsmanship Award. 
Way to go Eagles!!

Field Trip to Arcata Christian School
On September 27th, the 1-12 grade students joined the Arcata Christian School for "Feel the Power" with Jon Pritikin. Jon shared from his heart and from his own experiences of being bullied as a child and how to be a hero to others around us. He tore a phone book in half, bent a metal rod, rolled up a frying pan, and broke a baseball bat!!
Great Beginnings Preschool
 Emma and Korah drawing              Haylee and Hunter playing with
 pictures.                                               bubbles.
Aliese practicing her fine motor skills as she threads beads onto a pipe cleaner. 
Jack, Jaxon, and Gunner playing with the water sensory table.

Here is Ehlias making apple pie...Yum!
First & Second Grade
The 1st and 2nd grade class are having a great time learning about place value. Jacey, Dustin, Ty, and Emily know all about the ones, tens, and hundreds place.
Playing the Place Value Game

We are also learning about insects in Science. Each student has chosen an insect and is working on their own insect book.
Charleigh is fascinated with the honeycomb.

3/4 Grade
The 3/4 grade class is studying Queen Esther in October to go along with their royal scripture memorization theme this school year. They made crowns to help them remember God chose Esther for a special purpose. "Our God turned the curse into a blessing." Nehemiah 13:2...No matter what circumstances we are in, we know God has a plan for us. 
5th & 6th Grade
        In science, we have just finished learning about insects. We focused much of our time on bees. We were very excited to see and study a honey comb in class that a local bee keeper lent us for a few days.  Now, our focus has switched to mammals. Each student has chosen a mammal to do their report, poster, and will present it to the class at the end of October. 
        In history and geography, we are learning about ancient civilizations, starting with Mesopotamia. We are also memorizing the oceans, seas, and continents. We will be learning more about Asia in the next month.
        In 5th grade math, students are working on place values with decimals, comparing decimals, and rounding decimals. They are also working hard on keeping their times tables memorized  with regular drills and games.


7th & 8th Grade
The 7th & 8th graders are studying the solar system. Students are paired up with their project. Each pair chose a planet to make a poster about, and now they are using paper mache and balloons to make the planet they chose. This is all in preparation for Jr. High Science Night!
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