Tips, hints, and information for owners of Nolting longarm quilting machines and Quiltmagine computer guided quilting system from Nolting.
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Guide to Quilting with Your Nolting
Comprehensive guide for Nolting owners filled with information, many tips, resources and photos, including photos of correct timing.  Large trouble shooting guide (chart form) to diagnose and solve issues.  Need help with pantos?  Guide includes section with complete instructions for setting up and quilting pantos with perfect results.  Over 100 pages.
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It's hard to believe that autumn is here already.  Where does the time go?

Ron has been very busy this summer helping each of our children with construction or remodeling projects.  In addition, he has been working on my new studio - longarm show room.  It will be officially open in about three weeks.  We will have several frames and machines set up, along with computer guided systems to demo.  Longarm supplies will be on display and for those who want to quilt their own quilt, they will be able to rent time on a machine.  We will send an email when we are officially open.

Recently IntelliQuilter asked us to become a Dealer.  After much thought we have decided to become an IQ dealer and will serve New York and neighboring areas.  Nolting has a long relationship with Zoltan Kasa, the inventor of stitch regulated quilting, first offered on Nolting machines.  He is also the engineer behind the development of computer guided quilting and the IQ.  Each computer guided system on the market works in a slightly different way and offers various levels of capability.  QM has most of what many quilters want or need, however IQ has capabilities that are not available on QM and we want to be able to offer our customers that option.  As a Nolting dealer, QM is still for sale and I still plan on teaching and offering support for QM.  Regardless of how they operate or what they can do, quilting with a computer guided system follows the same principals regardless of the brand/system which is a real advantage for me as I dive into learning the IQ computer guided system.  Info on Quiltmagine.  Info on IntelliQuilter

As a result of the high interest in the new NV from Nolting, Nolting has had a number of very nice used machines traded in.  If you have been thinking of moving to a larger throat machine, now might be a very good time.  Give your dealer, Nolting, or me a call to see if there is something of interest to you.  585-226-2577

We are in the "home stretch" before the holidays.  You are probably thinking about making and finishing a number of quilted projects.  To make sure everything works well for you in the months ahead, make sure you read the maintenance article below. 

Happy Quilting


maintenance Avoid Down Time With Periodic Maintenance
nolting hook assembly
Oiling the Hook
You probably know that your car needs the oil changed every 3000 miles. Does this mean that if you drive 1 mile over 3000 miles that your engine will fail? Of course it doesn't.   What about 500 miles more, or 1000 miles more? The longer you stretch it out, the greater the chance that contaminants will plug the oil filter, and/or other things could happen to cause the engine to fail. What does this have to do with your Nolting Longarm machine?


Order "Guide to Quilting with Your Nolting."
Questions & Answers About Free Motion Quilting
nolting longarm
Free Motion Quilting
Are you only quilting pantos and FMQ meanders and wish you had the confidence to do more FMQ?  Are you intimidated by the front of your machine and not sure where to start FMQ?  Take heart, with a little practice, you can begin quilting at the front of your Nolting.

Q. How do I learn to do FMQ?
A. If you have been quilting pantos, the good news is that you have already been practicing the five "moves" of longarm quilting.  They are the arc, s-shape, loop, hook or point, and straight line.  Every panto is made of one or more of these shapes, so you have already developed some muscle memory.

Q. What is muscle memory?
A. Muscle memory is the ability to recall specific motions and is developed by doing repetitions of those motions.  Back in grade school you practiced printing and cursive writing over and over to develop muscle memory so that now you recall how to write with no effort at all.  With practicing the five "moves" of longarm quilting, become part of muscle memory.

Q. What are other ways to practice the five "moves" of longarm quilting?
A.  Invest in some very cheap fabric and batting (yes, for this cheap is OK), and load it on the frame.  Use a marker and across from left to right make an arc, s-shape horizontally, loops up and down, c's going into the point and back out, stars for more points and straight lines.  Stitch over this pattern left to right, then right to left, do it over and over in different places.  Now, stitch this same sequence top down, bottom up, and diagonally in all directions.

Q.  Why go in all directions?
A.  When you quilt, you move the machine in all directions, not always left to right, so you need to become proficient making these moves in all directions.

Q. Why is it I can't seem to make smooth straight lines diagonally?
A. Your system has four axles, two each on the carriage and machine.  When you move the machine diagonally the wheels on carriage and machine are all turning.  It is very difficult, if not impossible to smoothly stitch on the diagonal because of the dynamics involved to make all eight wheels turn smoothly at one time.

Q. How much practice does it take to FMQ?
A. It is different for every person.  All practice, however, does not need to be at the machine.  See the blog article below for other ideas.

Q. What helps are there to make my FMQ look better?
A. Stencils designs can be placed on the quilt using a chalk wheel, pencil, or the pounce (wipe) pad.  There are many design stencils as well as layout stencils to mark the horizontal, vertical, and diagonal of the block, grid stencils, and others to keep your quilting even.  Templates can also be used as a design tool or the beginning of a design, such as the circle in the middle of a feather wreath.

Q. What resources are available to help with ideas for FMQ?
A. There are many excellent books written by experts in FMQ who share tips and ideas, offer diagrams, most of all, encourage you to try new ideas.  A list of resources and books is found in "Guide to Quilting with Your Nolting."  
Recent Blog Articles of Interest to Longarm Quilters

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Computer Guided Quilting with your Nolting   
Preview your block pattern before you stitch it out.  Features are available in QM and IQ to create a block outline that shows all of the patches and seams.  Block outline patterns can also be purchased from  With the block outline in the background, you superimpose a block design on top of the block outline to see if the block pattern will look appropriate in the block.  

Quiltmagine instructions : Create A Block Outline In PatternCad.
IQ: video on using a block outline to preview a block pattern.  The same principal applies when using Quiltmagine.
Using Block Outline Patterns
Using Block Outline Patterns

Thinking about computer guided quilting?  Give us a call.  We can answer your questions and provide the facts to help you make a decision that is best for what you want to do.  585-226-2577  We deliver, install, and train you in using your computer guided system.