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This Week's
Fresh Fish UN-Fry

Ahi Tuna
sesame encrusted  and pan seared in a  ginger soy glaze, served  on a bed of blended rice, with a wasabi avocado lime cucumber sauce

Thursday thru the weekend or until it runs out (call ahead to reserve)

Autumn at the Rookery

If you're wondering about the autumn colors here in the Cable area, they're pretty much at peak right now. So you should have one more weekend to get up to enjoy them. One more weekend as well to savor the Rookery's Fresh Fish UN-Fry, our final of the season.

And we thought we'd end things on a high note. Ahi tuna. Always one of our most popular fresh fish offerings. This time with Chef Tim's all new twist on this delectable delight.

Chef Tim also has begun making some autumn adjustments to our dinner menu. Most notably some amazing fall harvest soups, such as squash apple, that have been drawing absolutely rave reviews. One guest this week said it's the best soup she's ever tasted.

We're anxious to introduce other new dishes in the coming weeks. Plus we'll be bringing back our ever popular cheese fondue. And swapping out our Fresh Fish UN-Fry once again for Wild Thing, the Rookery's fall season take on various unique game species. Stay tuned for more info!

This also is that time of year when we typically cut back our hours from 7 to 5 nights a week (closing Mon/Tue this year, rather than Tue/Wed as in the past). But with the late fall colors this year we've had a rather busy week. So we've decided to hold off one more, remaining open 7 nights thru Oct 23 (closed Oct 24-25).

And don't forget, our first dinner lecture of the season takes place on Thursday, October 27. Featuring Bayfield high school science teacher  Rick Erickson, telling stories about his students visit to Lake Baikal in  Siberia.

It's a utumn at the Rookery. Always a great time of year!
Autumn Dining Hours

DINNER 7 nights (thru Oct 23)
5:00 PM until last reservation (always recommended)
Rookery Pub Fine Dining
Bar opens at 4 PM

Wineaux WEEKDAYS  (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday)
1/2 price bottles of wine
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