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7:30 pm
Choir Rehearsal
10:00 am to 12:00 pm
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10:00 am to 12:00 pm
Art Class

5:30 pm to 8:30 pm
Rector at Diocesan Council

9:00 am 
Music Together

3:00 pm
Choir Rehearsal

4:00 pm
"Love" Concert 
and Tea

7:00 pm

9:30 am
Choir Rehearsal
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Holy Eucharist
Church School

5:00 pm
Celtic Service


7:15 pm
Vestry Meeting
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6:00 pm
AA meeting




The Reverend Debbie Phillips, Rector




Joanne Moar,
Sr. Warden

David Ashton,
Jr. Warden

Peggy Carter, Clerk

Jesse Angeley,



Jonathan Bailly

Jane Eskelund

Tom Gaither

Christopher Patzke

Jason Stonehouse

Caroline Watson-Felt




Ryan Patten, 

Director of Music


Tom and Karen Tucker, Sextons


Christopher Simon, Intern



The Reverend

 Debbie Phillips, 



Ryan Patten,



Hugh MacKay 
Joanne Moar,



Pauline Grady, 

Altar Guild Directress


Deb Papps, 

Flower Committee Chair


Celtic Meditations Team

Christopher Simon

Ryan Patten

Eric Wagner

Jane Stewart

Joanne Moar

Kathleen Tone



Director of Church School

Melissa Barnes


Jonathan Davis

Jesse Angeley

Tom Lemons

Angela Williams

Anne Busteed


Real Asset Management/Property

David Ashton

Eric Wagner

Mike Ouellette

Tom Tucker

Bob Cole

Jon Papps



Ministry Team

Joanne Moar, Chair

Priscilla Lemons, Clerk

Caroline Watson-Felt

Jonathan Bailly

Tom Gaither 


Nathaniel Bowditch School Partnership
Paige Nalipinski, 

Team Leader

David Ashton

Ingrid Fox

Pam Myrie

Deb Papps

Debbie Phillips

Eric Wagner


Representatives to the North Shore Mission Hub


Paige Nalipinski


Convention Delegates

Laura Beasley-Topliffe

Joanne Moar

Thought for the Week
Many of us can become quite overwhelmed by the negativity around us (and maybe even within us). The Church offers us hope in these times, and reminds us that in the end, love wins.

Grace Church is offering a concert this Saturday called "Songs of Love from the British Isles." By listening to the poetry of love, read by actors and sung by the choir, we can reconnect to all that is good in the world, and resolve to bring more love into the world. These words of women and men across the centuries remind us of the beauty around us and within us.

Following the concert, which begins at 4:00 pm, an afternoon tea will be offered in the lovely Abbot Hall. Come and refresh yourself with music, poetry, and a light repast. Come and take advantage of our offering of love.
This Sunday


This week, we have two very different stories involving hospitality. In the story from Genesis, Abraham entertains three visitors who are angels who announce the birth of a child to Sarah and Abraham. In the Gospel passage, Jesus sends the disciples out with strict instructions as to who to receive hospitality from and what to do if one is not welcomed.

This is the final week with the Parish Choir until September. They will sing the rousing "I Know That My Redeemer Lives," by Dan Forrest as the anthem.

At 5:00 pm, Susie Faria will offer the reflection. The music will come from the Celtic tradition, as well as the prayers and poetry. All are welcome to come to this quiet and reflective time with God and one another.

Please join us wherever you are
in your search for meaning. 
Leaders for Worship

Lord's Prayer
*Note to leaders:
The new schedule is on the website at 

Second Sunday after Pentecost
10:30 am
The Reverend Debbie Phillips, Presiding and Preaching 
Ryan Patten, Organist and Choir Director
Hugh MacKay, Verger
Jeremy Valatka, Acolytes
Laura Beasley-Topliffe, Lector
Jonathan Bailly, Jason Stonehouse, Chalicers
Peter Little, Marc Hawlena, Ushers
Lois Nicholson, Altar Guild 
Deb Papps, Flowers
Jesse Angeley, Jane Eskelund, Counters

Celtic Service
5:00 pm

The Reverend Debbie Phillips, Presiding 
Debbie Phillips,  Eric Wagner, Musicians
Bridget Alexander, Opening and Lesson
Susie Faria, Reflection
Paige Nalipinski, Prayers 
Deb Marchand, Chalice
Bob Marchand, Greeter
Love Songs from the British Isle
with Afternoon Tea
 A very special event on Saturday 17 June

Join us as local actors and musicians celebrate love through the music, poetry and drama of the British Isles. Following the performance, a tea reception will be hosted in our Parish Hall with sandwiches and desserts.

Seating is limited, so order your tickets now at
  You can also share and invite others to come from our Facebook page at

We are also inviting any interested planners, servers, connoisseurs and hostesses to assist with the tea. Please contact Jane Eskelund at: or 401 486-0877 if you would like to help in making this a lovely event at Grace Church.

Bowditch Talent Show at Grace Church
This highly anticipated event is soon upon us! Next Thursday, 22 June, the 6th grade scholars of the Nathaniel Bowditch School will walk down to Grace Church to join us for lunch in Abbot Hall. While with us, they will read their notebooks one last time before summer, receive their summer penpal envelopes, and then conclude their visit with their Talent Show.
This year, the Rector would like us to have one act to perform for them. Please let her know any suggestions you might have for our performance.
We would love to have as many members of Grace Church as possible attend any portion of this event. Here are some ways you can show these kids that they matter to us:
11:00 am
  •  Meet at the Bowditch and walk down with the scholars and their teachers.
  •  Meet at Grace Church to prepare to welcome them when they arrive
11:20 am
  •  Help serve the catered food
  •  Sit with the kids and eat with them, engaging in conversation 
11:45 am
  •  Help clean up after the lunch
12:00 pm
  •  Be the audience for the Talent Show
  •  Perform in the Talent Show 
12:45 pm
  •  Walk the scholars back to the Bowditch School
  •  Final clean-up
  You can also just show up to show them that you care about them. This is a wonderful event that is a part of our partnership with them. If you are available during any time between 11-1 on Thursday, we'd love to see you at Grace Church.
Summer at Grace Church
Nothing really changes, except the weather is so much better! Church services are still at 10:30 and 5:00 pm every week. The Celtic Service is going to consider Sabbath time during the summer, and the Abundant Life Children's Garden really gets going over during this time.
The readings from Jewish Scripture over these weeks follow some of the major stories from Genesis and Exodus. Debbie, our priest, would like to offer a summer Bible study of these stories if there is any interest. Please e-mail her at if you are interested or have any questions, and you may also speak to her about it after the service.
For outreach, while the scholars from the Bowditch are on summer break, we will be providing groceries for families that avail themselves of Salem's  free summer meal program. We will also be volunteering at these sites. Let Paige or Debbie know if you are interested.
Sounds like we know how to be Church twelve months a year!

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