Strategic Planning:  An Update


The Office of Institutional Effectiveness supports the University's planning efforts.  One major initiative this academic year is to support the achievement of the campus's current planning priorities, referred to as the Pillars of Excellence, which will guide campus planning and financial investment during the Academic Year 2013-14.  The Pillars provide a planning framework while the campus develops the next longer-term strategic plan.  Each Pillar has an Executive Sponsor and a Point Team Leader.  These individuals provide leadership for their Pillar and ensure that the goals for each Pillar are monitored and achieved.  The current Pillars of Excellence Executive Sponsors and Point Team leaders are listed below.  There is further information on the Pillars of Excellence available here.  We welcome your questions and comments on the Pillars of Excellence and any thoughts you have regarding the goals for the Pillars as presented by the Chancellor at Convocation in fall, 2013.  The outcomes achieved for each Pillar of Excellence are provided at the annual strategic planning gathering for the campus held in May of each academic year.  


Pillars of Excellence 2014 - Point Team

Strategic Plan 2014-18 Development 


A second major planning initiative is the development of the campus's next Strategic Plan that will guide the priorities and financial investments of the university from 2014-2018 (the university's fiftieth anniversary year).  Below please see the timeline for the development of the next set of Strategic Plan goals and subsequently, the development of the campus's implementation plan for each of the goals.  The visioning sessions commenced with the annual campus gathering related to strategic planning which was held on May 16th, 2013.  Subsequently, we have been meeting with groups throughout campus, and hosting a survey for on-and off-campus stakeholders, to collect the campuses' and external stakeholders' perspectives on the current set of goals developed during the two sessions held in May, 2013.  As the timeline shows, the next step will be to collate the feedback we've received on the goals, discern the themes have arisen from the myriad discussions we've conducted and the feedback we receive from the survey.  Then, we will have a meeting with the Chancellor's Cabinet to refine the goals and develop the next set  of goals which will be informed by the campuses' and external stakeholders' perspectives.  Be on the lookout for the next set of goals.  They will be available for campus comment in early-to mid-February, 2014.


Thank you to those who participated in one of our sessions or who took the survey.  We appreciate your feedback and your engagement with helping UW-Parkside develop the best Strategic Plan possible.


Kimberly B. Kelley, Assistant Vice Chancellor, OIE



Master Plan Update  


The UW-Parkside Facilities Planning Office is currently working with campus leadership and an outside consultant team to create a new Campus Master Plan to guide physical campus development over the next decade.  The plan will address space needs, land use, future building locations, future use of existing buildings, vehicular circulation and parking, pedestrian and bicycle circulation, utilities and IT infrastructure, sustainability, natural habitat management, landscape and open space guidelines, and design guidelines for buildings, signage and site furnishings. 


The project will also complete the programming, scope and budget of the "Student Success Project"  - a remodeling of portions of Wyllie Hall - which is required by UW-System in order for the project to advance in the 2015-17 state budget as requested in our capital plan. 


Benefits of master planning include:  1) optimization of future capital investment to best serve the campus' strategic and academic plans; and 2) assurance that the campus retains its unique character and identity.


Please visit the Master Plan website and participate in our online feedback forum.


Master Plan Schedule   



OIE Dashboards    


Provides student statistics, daily enrollment updates at the major and course section levels.

More dashboards coming soon.

Currently available to all Department Chairs, Program Directors, and Deans.
To access the dashboard site follow this link.

ETS Proficiency Profile    


As participants in the Voluntary System of Accountability (VSA), UW-Parkside is required to report results from direct measurement of student learning outcomes. As such, we completed our first implementation of the ETS Proficiency Profile (ETS PP) with freshmen and seniors during the 2010-11 academic year. Results can be found on our College Portrait page on the VSA website. 


This fall semester we have completed the administration for current freshmen (with 269 respondents), and will complete testing of seniors early in the Spring 2014 semester.

Thus far we have had 111 seniors complete the ETS PP, so we are still looking for more senior participants to meet our minimum requirement of 200 valid responses. Any students or faculty interested in having the test administered can contact John Standard for more information.


NSSE Survey - Coming up in Spring 2014 


UW System mandated National Survey of Student Engagement. Administered online every three years to Seniors and Freshmen.

Survey Mailing Schedule:  

Invitation: Tuesday, March 4

Reminder 1: Wednesday, March 12

Reminder 2: Thursday, March 20

Reminder 3: Tuesday, April 1

Final Reminder: Monday, April 7

Office of Research Administration & Grants  


The Office of Research Administration & Grants is here to support your research, creative activities and other efforts that benefit students and the community. Here's how:

  1. Support for grant pursuit: Check out our website for weekly listings of just-released funding opportunities and tools to set up personalized grant alerts, or contact me, Hannah Wallisch, so I can learn more about your specific interests and keep an eye out for future opportunities.Tina Radley and I are available to assist you in developing proposals and budgets, navigating grant application processes and managing the award when you receive funding. Don't be shy - please take advantage of the support we offer.  
  2. Support for faculty and student research: Our office funds faculty research and creative activities through CRCA. We also award Undergraduate Research Apprenticeship Program (URAP) funds each semester and coordinate opportunities for students to share their work on campus and with the broader community. Funding for these activities comes from returned indirect costs on awarded grants, to strengthen research across campus.  

Hannah Wallisch, Director of Research Administration and Grants



How can we assist you? Please let us know - We would love to hear from you. 


Happy Holidays Rangers!  


Office of Institutional Effectiveness Staff
Who is in OIE? 

Kim Kelley
Assistant Vice Chancellor  

Responsible for leading strategic planning, strategic financial planning, process improvement, capital and master planning, and compliance and accreditation for the University of Wisconsin-Parkside.

Jordania Le�n-Jord�n
Business Service Specialist 

Responsible for Process Improvement Planning, Business Analysis, Project Management & Program Management, Business Process Evaluation, Improved Decision-Making, and Strategic Planning.

Hannah Wallisch
Director of Research Administration & Grants  

Your main point of contact for grant funding opportunities and support, grant award monitoring, Institutional Review Board, Responsible Conduct of Research, and undergraduate research opportunities.

Kurian Tharakunnel
Policy and Planning Analyst

I lead the Institutional Research (IR) unit of OIE. IR is responsible for providing data and research support for decision-making, and internal and external reporting. My expertise is in Business Intelligence and Analytics.

John Standard
Institutional Planner

Responsibilities include data querying, analysis and presentation; institutional dashboard development; responding to internal and external data requests; program review, assessment, and promotion /tenure application support; Title III grant evaluation; survey and research design and review; and soup and chili production.




Ashlesha Pawar
Associate Programer Analyst  

Responsible for internal and external data requests, data and query analysis for Graduate Parkside and Institutional Effectiveness, and assistance on dashboard development.

John Desch 

Facilities Architect, Campus Planner


Responsible for facilities master planning, capital planning and budgeting, space planning, facilities design and construction, and environmental compliance.

Amanda Welbon
Program Assistant  

I am the gateway to the Office of Institutional Effectiveness, and the office operations coordinator to the multiple departments within OIE.  I provide administrative assistance to the Assistant Vice Chancellor and staff. 

Office of Institutional Effectiveness