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November 10, 2016
Outstanding Balances
All chapters who have unpaid invoices for FCCLA Leadership Training and/or affiliation will not be able to register for Career Development Events until payment is received.
Chapter Names
Chapter names should meet the follow guidelines:
Contain the complete school district's name. (Smithville High School)

If you are a satellite program, CTPD should also be identified. (Example: Hogwarts High School - Make believe Career and Tech Center)

Do not include chapter number in name.  The word FCCLA should be removed from all chapter's names c areer field programs should identify if program type - Culinary Arts, Early Childhood Education (ECE), Hospitality, Teaching Professions (TP) c areer field chapters may identify grade level if desired

If your chapter name does not meet these guidelines, please contact Cheryl Hamblin at The name of your chapter will be printed and read as it written.
CDE Handbook
The CDE Handbook has been updated concerning this year's information. It is posted on each career field competitive event tab. Be sure to read it completely.
CDE's on Hiatus
The following events have been placed on hiatus this year:
  • Leadership - Chapter in Review Portfolio (all categories)
  • Leadership - Chapter Service Project Portfolio (all categories)
  • Ohio Only - Hotel Linen Operations
  • Ohio Only - Guest Room Attendant and Inspector
  • Ohio Only - Meeting Event Set-Up
  • Ohio Only - Dining Room Attendant
CDE Category Changes
The following CDE's had been adjusted to specific categories:
  • Career Preparation - Applied Math for Culinary Arts - Occupational only
  • Career Preparation - Early Childhood Education - Occupational only
  • Career Preparation - Fashion Construction - Senior only
  • Career Preparation - Fashion Design - Senior only
  • Career Preparation - Hospitality, Tourism, & Recreation - Occupational only
  • Career Preparation - Recycle & Redesign - Junior and Senior only
Updated CDE's
Please make sure you check the website new rules and rubrics.
  • Ohio Only -  Culinary Team
  • Ohio Only -  Garde Manger
  • Ohio Only - Creative Cake
  • Ohio Only - Pastry Tray
  • Ohio Only - Product Development
New CDE's
  • Ohio Only -Event Planning - Occupational only (different from Life Event Planning - will be evaluated with CDE's)
  • Ohio Only - Creative Cake - Senior (will be evaluated at Culinary competitions)
  • Ohio Only - Product Development - Senior (will be evaluated at Culinary competitions)
CDE Details
  • Opens November 15- Closes December 15
  • Dates and locations are located under Events - Regional Career Development Events tab
  • Cost is $65.00 per event, additional $40.00 for Culinary Team
  • One time event fee for the year that covers Regional and State CDE fees
  • Late Fee Policy: Chapters who miss the deadline must call the state office to request a late submission within 24 hours of the closing of registration. A $50.00 dollar late fee, in addition to the event fees, will be charged upon approval by the State FCCLA Adviser(s). The late fee will increase by $50.00 each week thereafter till January 1st
  • When registering for a CDE, an affiliated member(s) name(s) must be selected. Once registration has closed advisers will have access to change names in the system up until January 20
  • When signing in to register for CDE's, you will be asked to review and accept The Annual Teacher Acknowledgement and Certification of Compliance Form. You must agree in order to proceed
  • CDE's are categorized by their specific area of focus - Career Preparation, Foundational, Leadership, Ohio Only

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