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December 2, 2016
We know that many of you promoted  Family & Consumer Sciences (FCS) Day, "Dining In" for Healthy Families  , in previous years-thank you! We would like to encourage you to reach out to your networks again for the 3rd  Annual FCS Day!
If you've not heard of FCS Day, it is an opportunity to promote Family and Consumer Sciences programs, tools, and professionals that support family mealtime.  We ask families to make and eat a healthy meal together on December 3, 2016. December 3rd was chosen to recognize AAFCS Founder Ellen Swallow Richards, first woman graduate of MIT, whose birthday was December 3rd..
To date, we have received more than 30,000 commitments to "Dining In"! But to reach our goal of 200,000 commitments, your leadership and outreach efforts are greatly needed.
As we move into the homestretch for Family & Consumer Sciences Day, we would like for you to encourage Family and Consumer Sciences teachers in your state to participate.
Even though we are just five days away from FCS Day, here are some simple things that secondary educators could do in their classrooms:
  1. Use the lesson plan and materials provided for FCCLA@TheTable at Take the FCCLA pledge!
  2. Ask your students to "Dine In" on December 3rd! Give extra credit to those who commit and show that they have "dined in" by sharing a #HealthyFamSelfie on social media.
  3. Print "Dining In" flyers for your students to take home.
  4. Ask students to share their favorite family recipes and suggest ways to make them healthier.
  5. Use "Dining In" as a way to discuss similarities and differences across cultures.
Prepare simple, healthy meals in your food lab prior to Family & Consumer Sciences Day.
National FCCLA Board of Directors
Over the past year the FCCLA Board of Directors has been reviewing the region alignment of the national organization. The Board of Directors was asked to look at the current alignment to ensure that members were equally represented by elected and appointed positions determined by region membership. Currently the State Adviser positions on the Board of Directors and four of the National Executive Council member positions represent national regions. The Board of Directors asked the Membership and Communications Committee to develop a survey collecting feedback from FCCLA membership on region realignment options to more equally balance membership representation.

A survey located on the FCCLA website at includes color coded maps of our current region alignment and three other realigned options. We ask that you review these options and complete the survey indicating your preference for region alignment.

We appreciate your careful review and consideration on this important matter that will impact all members. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us with any questions you may have on this survey or process at Please complete this survey by December 9, 2016.
Ohio Financial Literacy Standard Survey
The Ohio Department of Education is inviting you and all Ohioans to participate in a periodic update of Ohio's Learning Standards in Financial Literacy. We ask that you share your thoughts through this survey, which is open now through midnight on January. 9, 2016.

By fine-tuning all of Ohio's Learning Standards, we can ensure that schools are preparing students for the changing expectations of colleges and employers. Read more about this overall effort here.
Take advantage of Free STAR Events Webinars!
Kendall College is once again providing FREE webinars and CEUs for advisers. The webinars will help advisers prepare students for competition in the Culinary Arts and Hospitality, Tourism and Recreation STAR Events.

Visit between November 1 - December 31, 2016, and choose your course.  Watch all four videos, and complete the online CEU application.  One CEU will be awarded, a certificate of competition, and a lesson plan for the completed module are provided.  
The Federal Reserve
You simply order from the link below to provide your mailing address and the kit arrives. That's it. It just takes 30 seconds of your time.

Get a Free Copy of the " What We Do at the Federal Reserve" Teaching Kit 2016 Edition

This kit is a professionally designed lesson plan produced by the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago. It is suitable for use in high school government, social studies, personal finance and economics classes.

Kit Helps Explain Concepts Like Inflation and Monetary Policy.

The kit has been designed to give teachers hands-on activities to explain the role of the Fed. The kit's curriculum guide emphasizes key points that teachers can highlight while presenting topics like how prices, inflation and ultimately monetary policy affect our economy.

The kit also includes a short movie and classroom presentation on a CD, plus a bag of "Fed Shreds" to support conversations around money supply and what happens to old money.

To have a complimentary kit shipped to you or to learn more, go to: <<>> Just provide your shipping address - that's all. Allow three weeks for arrival.
Educators Rising

Annual Educators Rising Ohio

2017 Annual State Conference

March 16-17, 2017

Ohio Dominican University

Ohio FCCLA Endowment Committee
Past Scholarship Winner "Where they are today"
Two Very Important Questions for every reader
  1. Why should you be a member of FCCLA and or FCCLA Alumni and Associates?
  2. Why should you promote FCCLA and the Endowment?
In April of 2009, Beth (Judy) Brightman received an Ohio FCCLA Endowment Scholarship that would help mold her life.  Beth was a member of the Southeastern High School FCCLA Chapter.  When asked about some of her favorite memories she recalls, "FCCLA gave me the opportunity to do things for my community that I normally would not have done or known about.  It taught me career skills through interviews, state officer lead roles, and gave me the opportunity to reach out past my small community to be part of something much bigger that I ever imagined".    She is now working at Verizon Wireless as a Coordinator.  She is working email support at the corporate office.  When asked to share why people should be a part of FCCLA she shared, "It's a fun time with friends, gives you the opportunity to meet people from all different walks of life, helps you to build your leadership skills, helps you to conquer your fears, and it allows you to participate in a wide range of activities that you might never have been able to participate in if not for FCCLA.  I did not join in my freshman year.  I look back and regret having missed out on that one year of experience!"

Many scholarship winners have had their lives changed because of FCCLA and the scholarships that they were able to receive through the Ohio FCCLA Endowment.  Please remember that every dollar that is donated may be help change the lives of many.    

As the 2016 tax year comes to the end, the Ohio FCCLA Endowment would like to remind you that contributions are tax deductible.  Find the form at ohiofcclaendowment and mail the form and donation to:

Ohio FCCLA Endowment
C/o Marlene Jones
P.O. Box 114
Liberty Center, OH 43532
Thank you for your support and dedication to the vision of the Ohio FCCLA Endowment!

Ohio Family and Consumer Sciences
    25 South Front Street, MS 611
Columbus, OH 43215-4183