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August 21, 2015  
 Professional Development
Culinary Education Summit
September 14, 2015 - Columbus Culinary
Register through STARS - KeyWord Search CTE
Cost is $20.00 payable that day - Make checks payable to Columbus Culinary
(includes food and supplies)
Tech Prep Meetings
Topics will include course roll-outs and requirements, Program of Study (POS) and CTE-26 approval. The area Tech Prep Coordinator will contact you for registration.
Southeast - September 23, 2015 all day location TBA
East Central - October 1, 2015 all day location TBA
Central - September 15, 2015 all day location TBA
Northeast - September 23,  2015  AM only Polaris Career Center
Northwest (North)- November 30, 2015  12 pm - 3 pm location TBA
Northwest (South) - December 1, 2015 12 pm - 3 pm location TBA
Hospitality and Tourism
Southeast - December 8, 2015 all day location TBA
East Central - September 21, 2015 all day location TBA
Central - October 2, 2015 all day location TBA
Southwest - October 29, 2015  PM only Polaris Career Center
Southwest - November 10, 2015  PM only Location TBA
Northeast - September 23, 2015  PM only Polaris Career Center
Northwest (North) - November 30, 2015 4 pm - 7 pm location TBA
Northwest (South) - December 1, 2015 4 pm - 7 pm location TBA
Test Item Writing
CETE at The Ohio State University, in conjunction with the Ohio Department of Education and the Ohio Department of Higher Education (formerly OBR), requests your participation in writing and validating 2015-16 End-of-Course (EOC) test items for selected Career-Technical Education domains. Upon completion of the Item-Writing and Validation workshop, you will be awarded a certificate with contact hours that you can submit for your continuing education requirements.  We need to have dedicated submit matter experts at these sessions.
Hospitality (link)
Family and Consumer Sciences (link)
Attention New Teachers
The Family and Consumer Science Consultants will be starting a new teacher program for teachers who have taught 5 years or less. In this program teachers will learn more about the FCS standards and courses, RE program, resources for classroom and many other topics that beginning teachers need. There will be two meetings during the year for teachers to attend. If you are or know of a new teacher please email Kelly.jung@education.ohio.gov with contact information. More information on upcoming events will be sent out in September 1, 2015.
New FCS Logo


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Strive for 7 for Success Campaign
Strive for 7 for Success campaign was created by the State Executive Council.
This campaign was developed to help chapters have a goal to work toward for the upcoming school year.  We want to challenge chapters to increase both chapter membership and attendance at all state sponsored events by 7 percent. Through the Strive for 7 for Success campaign, the State Executive Council hopes to encourage members to get involved at the local, regional and state levels and to continue to work to build champions of leadership.
Colton Amberger, State President
Strive for 7 Logo (jpg)  
Officer Request Form
If a chapter is requesting a State Officer visit this year please complete the request form and return to the Cheryl Hamblin at Cheryl.hamblin@education.ohio.gov. When possible, we will try to meet your request.  All requests should be into the office at least three weeks prior.
Service Learning Tracking Portal
FCCLA The Ultimate Leadership Opportunity provides students with great opportunities to perform service learning activities. FCCLA members perform hundreds and thousands of volunteer hours each year. Ohio FCCLA is going to begin to track these service hours through a google form.  The data should be entered per student.  Please do not enter an amount as a group. Ohio FCCLA would like to know the number of members who are entering hours.
Teachers are encouraged to have students complete this on a regular basis. On a monthly basis we will announce in the FCS and FCCLA newsletter the current number of service hours documented. Reports by schools can be able to be generated per request of the teacher. There is a form to complete and send to Cheryl to request a report. Please give her 1-2 weeks. These reports will be great marketing tools for your program.
Award: Two awards will be given for service learning hours tracked. These two awards will be Outstanding Service Learning Award and Outstanding Member Service Learning Award. These awards will be presented to the chapter and an affiliated member that submits the most service learning hours. Deadline to submit hours is March 1st.
Student Resources : Linked in website is a student version of instructions
FCCLA Affiliation System is Now Open
The FCCLA affiliation system is open.  There are some updates to the system for the 2015-2016 school year and national FCCLA has developed a tutorial video to walk chapter advisers through these new processes.  The video can be view be viewed here . Please be sure to watch the video before affiliating to be familiar with the new processes of graduating students and editing existing students in a bulk format.  There is also an update to the process of collecting parental consent forms for students under the age of 13.
For more information about the affiliation system and for additional resources, please visit the Join FCCLA page on the national website.  If you have any questions, please contact your state adviser or email membership@fcclainc.org.
Chapters that submitted affiliation last year and did not pay the invoice will be responsible for paying last year submitted affiliation before this year's affiliation will be active.
Fall Leadership Training
Fall Leadership Training: (Registration will be open Monday, August 24, 2015)
Heartland Retreat and Conference Center
$100 per participant
New activities have been scheduled.  You will have an opportunity to participate.
Monday, October 12, 2015.
  • Team Challenge Course - Journey into the woods to experience a custom built challenge course, through bonding activities that promote unity, trust, communication and teamwork. This memorable event will create an atmosphere conducive to realization, reflection and change, not to mention a lot of fun!
  • Large Group Game - Have a blast expending energy playing some action packed games like Gold rush and Wacky Olympics, just to name a few.
  • Night Hike - Explore nature during the night time hours as you follow our experienced facilitators  on a ground trail hike. Experience magnificent star gazing (weather permitting) wildlife signs and sounds with renewed appreciation for the night.
  • You've Got Talent - Members have the opportunity to demonstrate their talents during this event. Please identify participants when registering.
Tuesday, October 13, 2015
  • Workshops - Information provided by State Executive Council
  • Leadership Competitions - Interactive scavenger hunt, crossword puzzles and a time management challenge
  • Adviser Professional Development Track - Will replace all fall adviser seminars (all adviser attending will receive a copy of the new Student Body)  
On the home page of registration you will find the agenda's, a packing list, dress code, and Heartland Activities and Participation Agreement. Please be sure to download these before opening registration.
New to the Ohio FCCLA Website
  • The 2015-16 Ohio FCCLA State Theme Logo
  • Complete schedule of all event dates and deadlines
  • Service Learning Portal Information and Website - Tab
  • Promo Videos for Fall Leadership and the 2015-16 State Events
  • Strive for 7 for Success Campaign information
Meet the 2015-2016 State Executive Council
My name is Colton Amberger and I am serving as your State President.  I attend Fairfield High School-Butler Tech Satellite where I am a senior. My goal for FCCLA this year is to have 3,000 FCCLA members at the annual state leadership conference and to meet the SEC goal of increase membership by 7 percent.
My name is Andy Denny, I am a senior at Ross High School- Butler Tech School Satellite. I am serving as your State First Vice President. My goals for FCS and FCCLA is to increase membership by 7 percent and to have each chapter raise and donate $25 to Ohio FCCLA's Endowment.
My name is Damien Connelley, I am a Senior from Anna High School.  I am serving as your Vice President of Programs.  My goal for this year is to have 7 chapter members from each chapter attend this years state leadership conference.
My name is Madisyn Curry. I am serving as your State Secretary. I attend Anthony Wayne High School- Penta Career Center Satellite School where I am a senior. My personal goal for the year is to strengthen the link between Family and Consumer Sciences education and FCCLA.
My name is Jacilynn Woods, I am serving as your State Vice President of Community Service. I attend Adena High School and am currently a Junior. My goals this year is to achieve a 7 percent increase in attendance at state sponsored FCCLA events and to provide 70,000 meals to children and families through a service learning project at state leadership conference.
My name is Shayla Combs, I am serving as your State Vice President of Membership from Middletown High School- Butler Technical Satellite School where I am currently a Sophomore.  My goal for this year is to increase involvement of members through the use of social media, visit 2 schools to advocate for FCCLA and my ultimate goal is that we increase our ACTIVE membership by 7 percent.
My name is Dejontay Shakespeare, I am serving as your State Vice President of Public Relations.  I attend Jane Addams Business Career Center where I am a senior studying
Hospitality and Tourism.  My goal is to have Ohio FCCLA continue opportunities for students to grow and develop leadership skills.
My name is Chelsea Kent, I am serving as your Vice President of Development. I attend Ontario High School where I am a senior. My goal is to bridge the gap between FCCLA and Family and Consumer Sciences Education throughout the state of Ohio.


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