Ohio Family and Consumer Sciences
April 10, 2015
   FCS Professional Development Registration

Noon - 4:00 P.M.


FCS/FCCLA Regional Meeting Lebanon High School - April 28, 2015
FCS/FCCLA Regional Meeting Penta Career Center - May 1, 2015
FCS/FCCLA Regional Meeting Knox County Career Center - May 5, 2015
FCS/FCCLA Regional Meeting Delaware Area Career Center South - May 7, 2015
FCS/FCCLA Regional Meeting Vantage Career Center - May 8, 2015
FCS/FCCLA Regional Meeting Northwest High School Scioto County - May 12, 2015
FCS/FCCLA Regional Meeting Austintown-Fitch - May 14, 2015
FCS/FCCLA Regional Meeting Great Oaks - May 15, 2015
FCS/FCCLA Regional Meeting Ohio Hi-Point - May 19, 2015

Registration for FCS/FCCLA is now open in SAFE - keyword search: CTE
Agenda topics:

  • Update Family and Consumer Sciences Standards and Courses
  • Update Hospitality and tourism Standards and Courses
  • Update FCCLA Events
Parking Information
For Expo Center: All vehicles will need to be parked on the Celeste center side. No parking will available on the Lausche Side.
Career and Trade Expo Punch Cards

This year Career and Trade expo punch cards will be posted on the FCCLA website for teacher to print out for their students. Cards will be posted on April 16th.  Raffle prizes immediately following "You've Got Talent".

State Leadership Conference Information

Display Setup: All events in Celeste need to be set up by 8:30 A.M., doors will open to celeste at 7:30. Only participants may setup displays.  Advisers are not able to assist with setup.

Portfolio and Binder Drop off: All portfolios and binders are to be dropped off at lead's table 15 minutes before their schedules times. Please do not drop them off prior to this time. Portfolios are to be picked up from leads table 15 minutes after competition time if judges want to keep them.

National Qualifier Paper: There will be no national qualifier paper for each individual student this year.  Each adviser will receive a national qualifier paper for their chapter at registration which must be completed and signed before leaving registration.  Please communicate with parents and administration prior to coming to state to get confirmation that your student is able to qualify for nationals.  Information about nationals included prices are available below.  Registration is due May 1 for Early Bird.  Plan accordingly in case your student qualifies for nationals.

Registration pick-up: Registration will open at 7:30 A.M. in the celeste building at the main doors. This is a change from last year.

Proof of affiliation: This year members will not need to provide proof of affiliation when competing.

Onstage CDE recognition: This year we will be recognizing all participants who earn a gold rating and the top three Ohio scores in each event and category.  These participants will receive on stage recognition and 1st-3rd place trophies will be awarded. The top two are considered national qualifiers.  If these qualifiers are unable to attend we will proceed in descending order of rank from each category and event that has indicated they are able to attend nationals. Alternate national qualifiers will not receive a trophy or on stage recognition.  We will post an online list of national qualifiers on Monday by 5:00 P.M. The conference call for all advisers with national qualifying students will be at 3:30 P.M. on Thursday April 30th.

Live on stage recognition link: The following link is what will be posted to the Ohio FCCLA website for students and advisers to check if they received a gold rating.  Lodging Events are already posted! If your student name is posted and they are not registered for conference please let us know and we can get them registered as a non-competitor. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1b_toWiCdv-4lVKe0_6esVkqIr2fZ4gIc0KFEDHynH9M/edit?usp=sharing 

Silver and Bronze Medal winners: These members who receive silver and bronze will receive silver and bronze stickers that can be placed on their certificates.

CDE Certificates: A certificate template will be posted on the Ohio FCCLA website after conference.

SLC Food Price: Attached is a list of foods that will be available at conference for students to purchase on both Thursday and Friday.  SLC Food Price

Culinary Team Competitors FAQ for Culinary Art Teams: Questions raised as of 4/8/15:

-Steaming the cake in smaller containers?  Just like this year's regionals tart, changing the size of the cooking vessel is permitted.

- Powdered Green tea source?  If you have an Asian market local, or high end grocer, those would be good beginning points.  Also, a mall store like Teavana will have it.  We have heard of teachers purchasing this online as well.

- Will the ingredients keep changing? There will NOT be any more changes in the ingredients.  The order guide has been mailed to the chef at OSU and items are being ordered accordingly.

- What type of chicken?  Airline (6 oz, skin on, boneless with the exception of the first wing joint).

- Mandolin for the slaw?  No, this is a knife skills component.

- Oil not listed on ingredient list?  What type will be provided?  Sorry for the oversight!  The chef at OSU will provide vegetable oil for the bok choy and chicken.

-Can cornstarch be supplied to thicken sauce?  Not part of the recipe, sorry. (and we are not making any more recipe changes)

-Asian Pears not in season.  What are they subbing?  At the moment OSU says they can get them, if this changes they will inform us and we will let you know ASAP!

- Type of cabbage for slaw?  Common Green Cabbage is being ordered.  Our goal is to NOT make any more changes to ingredients listed.  (I am sure Napa plays much nicer though.)

Any additional questions contact Chef Tony at TStanislo@mcjvs.edu

National Leadership Conference July 5-9, 2015 Washington D.C.

Registration Fees

Registration Packages include Weekly Registration and Gala. Please note, package pricing is available during Early and Regular Registration dates. Additional registrations after June 1 will be on a limited space availability basis. You are encouraged to register prior to June 1 to ensure availability. States with state STAR Events competitions after April 24 have a registration deadline of May 1, 11:59 p.m. EDT.

Some states offer a state package price that may include but not be limited to the following: registration specific event schedules your state may be participating in.

2015 National Leadership Conference

Registration Rates

Weekly Registration Package (Includes the Weekly Registration and FCCLA Gala)

  • Early (Ends May 1) $277
  • Regular (Ends June 1) $290

Weekly Registration (July 5 - 9) (No Gala)

  • Early (Ends May 1) $190
  • Regular (Ends June 1) $200
  • Late (Begins June 2) $250

Leadership Academy $15

CEU Credits $20

Daily Registration: Early (Ends May 1) $65   Regular (Ends June 1) $65 Late (Begins June 2) $70

Monday, July 6

Tuesday, July 7

Wednesday, July 8

Thursday, July 9

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