May 2017  Ohio League Leader Upd ates

1. 2017 LWV Ohio Convention Report

2. Fair Districts Campaign Updates

3. All-Member Conference Call for June

4. Advocacy Update

5. Updates from LWVUS

a. LWVEF acquires e.thePeople's technology 

b. New Video on League's Journey to 2020 and Beyond 
c. Climate Change Tool Kit Available for Leagues 

6. MLD Tip: Check Out These Leadership Resources!

7. Annual Meeting Reminder

1. 2017 LWV Ohio Convention Report
Click here  to read a full convention report including information about:

A. Report on Convention Business
1. Board Elections
2. Bylaws changes
3. Budget & PMP
4. Program - 2017-2019 LWVO Positions & Priorities
5. LWVO Board Reports
6. Action resolutions

B. Speakers & Workshops
1. Lunch & Dinner speakers
2. Workshops
3. Fair Districts for Congress Too training center

C. Additional materials

2. Fair Districts Campaign Updates
On Monday, May 22 the Attorney General approved the Fair Congressional Districts for Ohio ballot summary, putting us one step closer to the ballot. The proposal will now be reviewed by the Ballot Board to determine whether the proposal constitutes one issue and whether it establishes a commercial monopoly. The Ballot Board is scheduled to meet Tuesday, May 30, to consider our proposal. Once the Ballot Board meets and gives the okay, the campaign will print and distribute petitions as quickly as possible. We expect petitions to start going out the latter half of next week, so keep an eye out for an announcement by the campaign.

Don't forget, anyone collecting petition signatures MUST attend a petition training. To ensure the campaign can hit the ground running as soon as petitions are printed, we need to be training volunteers now; if there is not a training scheduled in your area, you can work with LWVO and the campaign to set one up. You can also view an on-demand training online here.

League members who are part of other groups that can serve as pick-up/drop-off locations should let the LWVO office know so that they can be included in the master list of petition locations. Once we start petitioning, we will publish a list of locations and hours on the Fair Districts website so that volunteers can find petition locations near them. We are also planning to use the next LWVO all-member call on Tuesday, June 6 at 12 noon, to discuss local coordination. Please mark your calendar and plan to join.

For even more information, you can view our recent email blasts here and here.

3. All-Member Conference Call for June
Join us for our June all-member conference call on Tuesday, June 6, 12-1 pm
Topic:  Coordinating Fair Districts petition efforts around the state
The call will provide an overview of the Fair Districts campaign field plan for collecting signatures, how local Leagues and members can help lead locally, and an opportunity to ask questions.
CALL-IN NUMBER: 866-740-1260 
PIN: 4691505# 
The recording of the all-member call will be available in the  LWVO online member area following the call until the end of the month. Please note that the call recording is intended for LWV members and guests (just like the calls) and, therefore, should not be shared with anyone outside the League family. Thank you. 
4. Advocacy Update
As you have undoubtedly noticed, there is a lot going on in politics these days, and the LWV advocacy team is hard at work! Work on the Ohio budget for 2017-2019 is well underway, and the legislature is moving quickly toward the June 30 deadline to pass both chambers. Here are just a few issues LWVO is tracking in the budget:
  • Energy and the environment - As written, House Bill 49 includes a provision expanding oil and gas drilling in state and local parks, as well as a provision eliminating the ability of local governments to address lead exposure. Lobbyists Al Rosenfield and Peggy Berry urged Senate committees to remove these provisions.
  • Elections - Due to pressure from the League and other voter advocates, House Bill 49 also includes an appropriation to help county election officials begin to replace aging voting machines. Lobbyist Peg Rosenfield and Executive Director Carrie Davis are encouraging legislators to fund election administration adequately, including sending absentee ballot mailers to all Ohio voters for every election and improving online voter service functions.
  • Medicaid - Legislators must fund the state share of costs for those covered by the expanded Medicaid program, and LWVO urges them to do so without attaching harmful stipulations or limitations.
  • Ohio Housing Trust Fund - COHHIO, the Coalition on Homelessness and Housing in Ohio and an LWVO coalition partner, pushed the legislature to include a funding increase in this budget for the Ohio Housing Trust Fund, which is included in the most recent version. Along with our coalition partners, LWVO will be watching to ensure this provision remains in the enacted budget.
  • Education - Representing a significant state expenditure, education is always affected by the state budget. LWVO supports adequate and equitable funding for K-12 schools across Ohio.
Those with experience watching the budget process in the legislature will remember their tendency to sneak in surprise - often harmful - provisions just in time for a vote, bypassing public consideration and testimony. LWVO lobbyists and coalition partners will be keeping an eye out for these last-minute additions and sending Action Alerts so that members can tell their legislators that the public is watching.
After passing the budget, the legislature will take a summer recess for several weeks. The prospect of taking a break always prompts legislators to rush a large number of bills to passage, often including contentious measures they don't want to face intense scrutiny. LWVO will be tracking bills dealing with the environment, guns, and reproductive rights among other issues and sending out Action Alerts with more information.
See all the testimony League lobbyists have offered since the beginning of the year here.
Do the activities of our lobbyists sound fascinating to you? Are you looking for a way to get more engaged? Join the LWVO Lobby Corps! You can start by joining our twice-monthly coordinating calls every 2nd and 4th Tuesday of the month from 12 to 1pm.  Contact the state office at for more information.
5. Updates from LWVUS

a. LWVEF acquires e.thePeople's technology
As many of you know, since 2010 LWVEF has used technology provided by their partner, E the People (ETP), to create the online voters' guides housed on After much thought and evaluation of the voter education field, ETP has decided to dissolve as an organization and asked LWVEF to take over management of the technology and existing client relationships moving forward. This is an important testament to the League's role as a national leader in the voter education space.
After several months of conversations with ETP, research into other online voters' guide technology and post-election information provided by Leagues who currently use the technology, LWVEF recently  announced that the National Board has voted to acquire E the People's technology and client relationships effective immediately! We are excited for this incredible new growth opportunity for the League. Click here to read more.

b. New Video on League's Journey to 2020 and Beyond  
LWVUS is pleased to share with League leaders  this short video about the League's transformational journey to strengthen our role in creating a more perfect democracy as we enter our second century. Hear from League leaders from across the country about how we can maximize our mission impact by engaging new members, increasing our visibility and sharpening our focus on core issues.
c. Reminder: Climate Change Tool Kit Available for Leagues 
The Climate Change Task Force created a  Toolkit for Climate Action that has great resources for Leagues to use in their own communities. The task force updates the content regularly. Please consider using the toolkit resources for action in your own neighborhoods!
6. MLD Tip: Check Out These Leadership Resources!
At this time of leadership transition, the Membership and Leadership Development (MLD) Coaching Team reminds League leaders that LWVO offers a wide variety of leadership resources in one handy place, for your convenience. Click here to access the leadership materials.

7. Annual Meeting Reminder
With local League annual meeting season here again, don't forget to send the state and national offices your updated board roster to ensure notifications, action alerts and other information are distributed correctly.  

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