November 2016  Ohio League Leader Upd ates


1. Election Recap
a) Vote411
b) Purged Voter Outreach
c) Voter Q&A Graphic 
d) Reminder! LWVUS Post-Election Survey
e) Post- Election 
Audits at the Boards 
of Elections

2. Advocacy Updates
a) Congressional 
Redistricting Reform
b) Renewable Energy
c) Gun Legislation
d) Abortion Ban bills
e) Housing Trust Fund

3. Report from the November LWV Ohio 
Board Meeting
a) LWVO Board Nominations
b) Electoral College vs. Popular Vote
c) Upcoming due dates:
- Primary Election Systems (PES) Study & Consensus
- Program Planning
- Bylaws

4. Thank you, MLD 
Coaches and MLD Teams!

5. MLD Tip: Use Your PES Program-Planning Meeting 
to Engage New Members 
and Develop Leaders

6. LWV Ohio Primary Election Systems (PES) Study - Leagues Responses to the Consensus 
Questions Due  on January 31, 2017! 

7. December All-Member Conference Call

8. LWVO Talent Search
9. Save the Dates:
a) Statehouse Day
b) LWV Ohio Convention 

1. Election Recap
Congratulations and thank you to all the Leagues, members and friends who worked so hard this election - from voter registration drives to voters' guides, candidate forums to working the polls, election protection observing to making purged voter outreach calls. We are still compiling data and hope to share a comprehensive report soon with all the key findings.

Here are a few key findings based on some preliminary data:

a) Vote411
Thank you to all the local Leagues who participated in Vote411 for preparing a voters' guide for the November 8 general election. Again we did amazing work! As of our March primary, Ohio had the second highest usage in the country. For the entire year Ohio was third highest in the country in generating traffic on the website, which is fantastic since some of the states we surpassed have quite a bit larger population.

The Vote411 analytics revealed that around 4.3 million users visited the site. On the voters' guide / candidate profile section, Vote411 had 2,776,768 sessions nationwide with 2,247,078 new users from January 1, 2016 through November 8, 2016. The other half of the users looked at the other voter information, such as the polling place finder, rules of the road, registration deadline, etc.

For the site as a whole Ohio had: 336,158 sessions and 224,301 new users. For usage of the voter guide portion of the site, Ohio accounted for 6.88% of the total US usage. Ohio had 191,036 sessions and 146,186 new users.

A map of Ohio usage shows that we had users from all regions of the state. The highest usage rates were in the big cities, which may be due to population as well as greater publicity by those local Leagues. Interestingly, we saw usage even in parts of the state with no local League presence, which may be attributable to online publicity, earned media, and partner groups sharing with their constituents. A copy of the data will be shared with local League presidents and voter service chairs, so you can see Vote411 usage in your area.

b) Purged Voter Outreach
Thank you to all of the League members and friends around the state who volunteered to make phone calls to purged and infrequent voters. In addition to live calls made by League volunteers, our partners at the Voting Rights Coalition recorded a robocall message that went out to all the purged and infrequent voters across the state.

Altogether, our combined efforts made calls to over 700,000 purged and infrequent voters. More information will follow soon as we tally up the numbers.

c) Voter Q&A Graphic Series
Thank you to all of the League members and friends for sharing the LWV Ohio Voter Q&As on your League's website and your social media accounts. The Q&A series proved successful, as that content was shared across social media far more than any of our other materials. It was also shared far and wide by partner groups and allies, who in turned shared it with other networks. If you didn't happen to see it, you can view the whole Voter Q&A series here. Which ones are your favorites?

d)  Reminder! LWVUS Post-Election Survey
From LWVUS: We are asking all Leagues to provide critical information about your 2016 work by completing our post-election survey. With many challenges ahead of us, your input is more important this year than ever before. This survey, our best source of information about the election-related activities of all state and local Leagues, will be used to identify core areas of needed training and support, measure the full impact of our organization's work to protect, register, and engage voters this year, and most important, shape our path forward. Please have someone from your League take a few minutes to fill out the survey.

e)  Post- Election Audits at the Boards of Elections
County Boards of Election (BOE) will be holding post-election audits of the November 8 general sometime during the month of December. Please check with your county BOE to find out the date of their audit.

Unfortunately, we do not have stipends available to offer participants this year, but we have heard from several allies who would like to do them as part of volunteer observer programs. Click here to download the post-election audit observer instructions and reporting forms.

2. Advocacy Updates
As the Ohio General Assembly wraps up its 2015-2016 session, these are the issues LWVO is watching and where your action is needed:

a)  Congressional Redistricting Reform - Last month the Fair Districts coalition circulated a proposal for public comment on Congressional redistricting reform. Please urge your Ohio Senator and Representative to support 'Fair Districts for Congress Too.' Click here for talking points for contacting your officials and other ways to take action in support of redistricting reform.

b)  Renewable Energy Legislation - The Ohio Legislature is on the verge of passing bills to discourage clean energy (SB 320 and HB 554). LWVO has expressed our concern to Governor Kasich and legislative leadership, and we are presenting testimony on our opposition to legislative committees. Please urge Ohio Legislators to protect clean energy. Click here to look up your State Representative and Senator and tell them: "We urge you to reaffirm Ohio's commitment to clean energy and the many jobs that it creates. Please vote no on HB 554 and SB 320."

c)  Gun Legislation - Our partners at the Ohio Coalition Against Gun Violence and several allies are planning a Virtual Lobby Day on November 29, to lobby Ohio's lawmakers against HB 48, the "guns everywhere" bill. HB 48 bill would allow hidden, loaded guns to be carried into day care centers, airports, some local government buildings, and open the door for guns on college and university campuses.

d)  Abortion Ban bills - Our partners at the Freedom of Choice Ohio coalition are concerned that the legislature may be poised to pass one or more abortion bans before adjourning at the end of the year. For more information, see the action alert from the ACLU of Ohio here.

e)  Housing Trust Fund - Our partners at the Coalition for Homelessness and Housing in Ohio (COHHIO) have launched the "Home Matters to Ohio" campaign to strengthen the Housing Trust Fund. LWVO has signed on as an endorsing organization; local Leagues and other partners can also sign on using this online endorsement form. Your participation will help to show state leaders how much support there is for expanding the Trust Fund.

3. Report from the November LWV Ohio Board Meeting
Here are a few takeaways that you can share with your membership:

a) LWVO Board Nominations
The LWV Ohio Nominating Committee invites League leaders to look around your League and recommend members you believe may be well-suited for the Board of Directors. Please consider yourself as well.

It is vital that we have a strong Board including League members from around the State with different skills and passions. Service on the State Board is a wonderful opportunity to advance the work of the State League and meet and interact with fellow Leaguers around the State.

Please complete this nominating form and return it to the LWV Ohio nominating committee at

b) Electoral College vs. Popular Vote
In the weeks since the November 8 election, many members have inquired if the League has a position on the Electoral College. The answer is yes. In 1970, LWVUS adopted a position opposing the Electoral College and supporting the National Popular Vote. You can read the full "Selecting the President" position here.

In 2010, the position was updated to support the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact (NPVIC), as an alternative method for moving to selecting the President by national popular vote via an interstate agreement rather than having to go through the difficult process of amending the US Constitution. You can read more here.

LWV members are encouraged to advocate for these League positions.

c) Upcoming due dates:

- Primary Election Systems (PES) Study & Consensus - The PES Study Guide and Consensus questions were sent to local Leagues in September and are available under the Member Area of the LWVO website here. Responses are due no later than January 31.

Program Planning - Program Planning packets will be going out to local League presidents within the next two weeks and will be posted in the Member Area of the LWVO website. Responses are due no later than February 24.

Bylaws - The Bylaws Committee plans to invite local Leagues to suggest changes to the state League bylaws. More information is coming soon.


4. Thank you, MLD Coaches and MLD Teams!

In this season of Thanksgiving, the MLD program gives sincere thanks to the dedicated members who serve Ohio Leagues as MLD coaches and local League team members. These more than four dozen volunteers devote untold hours to helping Leagues grow, engage their members, and develop League Leaders. Thank you, MLD Teams and Coaches: LWV Delaware County and LWV Marion teams and Coach Kitty Burcsu; LWV Greater Dayton team and Coach Meg Flack; LWV Ashtabula County team and Coach Pat Larson; LWV Tallmadge and LWV Wayne County teams and Coach Marlene Muse; LWV Kent and LWV Oxford teams and Coach Deb Peluso; LWV Greater Cleveland and LWV Toledo/Lucas County teams and Coach Pat Simons; LWV Clermont County and LWV Greater Youngstown teams and Coach Susan Steele; LWV Cincinnati Area and LWV Metro Columbus teams and Coach M.E. Steele-Pierce; and LWV Hudson and LWV N. Portage County teams and Coach Mary Warren.

5. MLD Tip: Use Your PES Program-Planning Meeting to Engage New Members and Develop Leaders
A League's program-planning meeting is a wonderful opportunity to engage new members and potential League leaders in cornerstones of LWV: advocacy and our consensus process. As Leagues prepare for their meetings to discuss the Primary Election Systems (PES) Study, they can intentionally reach out to new members and potential leaders - before, during and after the meeting - by doing a few key things. Click here to find out how.

6. LWV Ohio Primary Election Systems (PES) Study - Leagues Responses to the Consensus Questions Due on January 31, 2017!
The PES Study Committee and LWVO Board are pleased to present you with this Study Guide & Consensus Questions for local Leagues to consider primary election systems and submit their responses.

Leagues' responses to the consensus questions are due no later than January 31, 2017. Leagues are asked to submit their responses using this online consensus question response form here. Here is a printable pdf version of the questions for use during your meetings or to send in if you are unable to use the electronic form.

Links to the Study Guide, Consensus Questions, and the PES Study Committee's four fact sheets printed in the Voter newsletter over the last year are available on the LWVO website, in the "Studies" section under the Member Area here.

Questions about the study guide and consensus questions can be directed to PES Study Co-Chair Lynda Mayer (

7. December All-Member Conference Call
Our next all-member conference call will be on Tuesday, December 6, 12-1 pm.

Topic: Redistricting
CALL-IN NUMBER: 866-740-1260
PIN NUMBER: 4691505#

Our discussion will include:
  • Talk about the Wisconsin gerrymandering case and the legal landscape.
  • Update on Fair Districts coalition's advocacy plans during lame duck and how local Leagues and members can help.
  • Preview of LWV Ohio's new edition of the "Predictable Results" report series-- analyzing the 2016 election results against district partisan indices.

The recording of the all-member call will be available following the call until the end of the month. Please note that the podcast is intended for LWV members and guests (just like the calls) and, therefore, should not be shared with anyone outside the League family. Thank you.

8. LWVO Talent Search
Do you know someone with a passion for civic engagement who is looking to put their talents to work at an Ohio non-profit? Please share these job descriptions with your networks and encourage good candidates to apply. Full job descriptions are posted on the LWVO website here.

Paid positions:
- Part-time Office & Program Associate
- Part-time Development Campaign Director

- Legislative Public Policy Intern
- Voter Service Intern
- Communications & Marketing Intern

Help LWVO grow our office staff and provide you and your League with even better customer service! Please share and help us find new talent to join our team.

9. Save the Dates:
a) Statehouse Day - Statehouse Day will be in March. Date and location will be announced soon. Registration will open in January.

b) LWV Ohio Convention - LWV Ohio Convention will be held May 5-7 at the Sheraton Suites in Cuyahoga Falls, near Akron.

Do you have suggestions for speakers and or topics you would like to see at Statehouse Day or Convention? Please send them to us at
The League of Women Voters of Ohio | 17 South High Street | Columbus, Ohio 43215 | 614-469-1505