September 2016
 Ohio League Leader Updates


1. Election News
a) Update on Voter Purge - Lawsuit Update & Voter Outreach Plans
b) NEOCH v Husted case

2) Voter Service
a) Vote411 Voters Guide - Print vs Electronic
b) Advertise your fall voter events for free!

3. A big shout out and thank you to local Leagues:
a) National Voter Registration Day
b) Women's Voices: Next Gen project

4. LWVO Volunteer Opportunities Available
a) Purged Voter Outreach Calls
b) Get Out the Vote Outreach Calls
c) Election Protection Observers

5. LWV Ohio is Hiring! 

6. MLD Tip of the Month: Use Candidate Debates to Engage Members and 
Reach Out to Potential Members

7. MLD 2nd Tip of the Month: Template of Moderator's Script for Candidates' Night

8. LWV Ohio Primary Election Systems (PES) Study - Study Guide & Consensus Questions Now Available! 

9. Membership
a. State Per Member Payment (PMP)
b. New Membership Materials Available!

10. September All Member Conference Call

1. Election News
a) Update on Voter Purge - Lawsuit Update & Voter Outreach Plans
"Infrequent" Ohio voters are likely to be unaware that they were removed from the voter registration rolls due to the state's policy of purging voters who chose not to vote in the past few elections. On Friday, September 23, a federal appeals court ruled that Ohio's practice of purging infrequent voters violates federal law. However, the court has not said what should happen to the nearly two million Ohio voters who may have been improperly purged since 2008. Secretary of State Jon Husted issued a statement threatening to appeal if the order to restore purged voters is, by his definition, too broad. While the outcome of the case remains in legal limbo, LWV Ohio urges voters to take a moment now to check their registration status, especially if they haven't voted in a few years.

LWV Ohio, together with our partners at the Ohio Voter Rights Coalition, is coordinating a statewide outreach campaign to contact purged voters in Ohio to get them re-registered. League members around the state have volunteered to make phone calls, knock on doors, and send mailers to urge these voters to update their registration by the October 11 deadline!

b) NEOCH v Husted case -The NEOCH v Husted case challenged the legality of two laws passed in the 2013-2014 Ohio General Assembly, which added new requirements to absentee applications/ballots and provisional ballots. Under SB 205 and SB 216, voters were required to provide more information on the forms and if the forms were not filled out "just so" they were thrown out. LWV Ohio testified against both bills but they passed.

The lawsuit contends that many ballots were wrongly rejected. The district judge issued a strong decision striking down both laws. The state appealed, and the 6th Circuit appeals court panel was split. Now the plaintiffs have asked the entire 6th Circuit to reconsider.

2) Voter Service
a) Vote411 Voters Guide - Print vs ElectronicIs your local League producing a print-only Voters Guide (i.e., not using VOTE411)? Let's share information! Contact the state League office with your state and federal candidate information and we'll upload it to VOTE411. We can also send you Word versions of the presidential and US Senate candidate information, if that helps with your printed guide. 

b) Advertise your fall voter events for free! - Check out our new 'Events' page on the State League website where we can help advertise your fall voter events. Please send us your event announcements at to be included on our new Ohio events page here.

3. A big shout out and thank you to local Leagues:
a) National Voter Registration Day Many thanks to all the local Leagues across the state for their voter outreach efforts! You can post your event photos in our Facebook album here. To upload your photos, click on the link and then on "+ add photos".

b) Women's Voices: Next Gen project - A big shout out to LWV of Greater Dayton for having their first kick-off event for the Women's Voices: Next Gen project. Held September 22, approximately 70 students at Stivers School for the Arts and Dayton Early College Academy were treated to a Q&A session with journalist Jay Newton-Small. The author of Broad Influence: How Women Are Changing the Way America Works, Newton-Small addressed the audience's questions about the challenges of becoming the first female president and gave advice on women aspiring to positions of power.

Leagues participating in the Women's Voices: Next Gen Project are LWV of Greater Cleveland, LWV of Greater Dayton, LWV of Greater Youngstown, LWV of Hudson, LWV of Kent, LWV of Oberlin Area and LWV of Toledo Lucas. If any Leagues would like to use the project materials independently, click here to read more about the Women's Voices project and view the project materials. LWV Ohio hopes to receive renewed grant funding and offering this project again next year.

4. LWVO Volunteer Opportunities Available
a) Purged Voter Outreach Calls - As noted above, we are making phone calls to infrequent voters prior to the October 11 voter registration deadline alerting them that many infrequent voters have been purged and urging them to verify that their voter registration is current. Volunteers can sign up by contacting the LWVO office at 614-469-1505 or email

b) Get Out the Vote Outreach Calls - Voter registration is only the first step. After the voter registration deadline passes, we need to urge those voters to show up and vote. New LWVUS staff member Abby Welter ( is happy to help local Leagues set up a voter contact plan to make outreach calls to voters.

c) Election Protection Observers - LWVO is partnering with the Carter Center and Election Protection to have field volunteers around Ohio during Election Day and at early voting the weekend before to help answer voter questions and document election observation reports. We welcome volunteers from around Ohio. Volunteers can sign up for a whole day, half day, or 4-hour shift. Training will be provided. Volunteers can sign up by contacting the LWVO office at 614-469-1505 or email

5. LWV Ohio is Hiring!
LWVO is growing our office staff, to provide you and your League with even better customer service. We are currently accepting applications for:
- Legislative Public Policy Intern
- Voter Service Intern 
- Communications & Marketing Intern 
Part-time Office & Program Associate
- Part-time Development Campaign Director

Do you know someone with a passion for civic engagement who is looking to put their talents to work at an Ohio non-profit? Please share these job descriptions with your networks and encourage good candidates to apply. Full job descriptions are posted on the LWVO website here .

6. MLD Tip of the Month: Use Candidate Debates to Engage Members and Reach Out to Potential Members
Host a Debate Watching Party! 

Watching and discussing candidate debates can help voters reflect on the issues that matter most to our communities and prepare us to participate fully in the 2016 elections. Here are some suggestions from LWVUS to engage members and reach out to potential members with a Debate Watching Party.

1. Host somewhere comfortable - such as your home, a local university, restaurant, bar or club. Invite your guests to come at least a half-hour before the start of the debate so that you can get acquainted.
2. Invite...everyone! - League members and non-members, especially those who may be interested in the work of the League. Keep the discussion lively (and respectful) by inviting lots of folks-and including those with different political leanings from yourself.
3. Have election themed treats - and also encourage your guests to bring beverages and snacks (food brings people together when politics can't!).
4. Document the party with lots of photos - and share them on social media. You and your guests can even use the hashtag #LWV2016 or other debate-centric hashtags so that others will see your posts.
5. During and After the Debate: Discuss and Have Fun! LWVUS offers a number of resources to spark interesting and informative discussions at your debate watching party.
6. ASK! Be sure to ask non-members if they would be interested in learning more about the League and/or interested in joining - and invite them to join you at the next League activity or function.

7. MLD 2nd Tip of the Month: Template of Moderator's Script for Candidates' Night
Want to be sure you're covering all the bases as a moderator for a candidates' event?  LWVUS offers a template script for moderators of candidates' nights that can be adapted for your League's use. The template includes suggestions for describing ...
- The League's nonpartisanship;
- The League's contact information, i.e., website;
- How the League benefits the community - and benefits League members;
- How to find out more about the League;
- Highlights of the League's community activities;
- The history of the League's role in providing candidates' meetings;
- Suggestions for the audience as they actively listen to the candidates; and
- Wording for various formats of candidates' nights.

This easy-to-use template is available at here.

8.  LWV Ohio Primary Election Systems (PES) Study - Study Guide & Consensus Questions Now Available!
At the 2015 LWV Ohio convention, delegates approved a study of primary election systems. The PES Study Committee has been hard at work for the last year, and the LWVO Board wishes to thank them for all their hard work and dedication to examining this timely issue.

The PES Study Committee and LWVO Board are pleased to present you with this Study Guide & Consensus Questions for local Leagues to consider primary election systems and submit their responses.

Leagues' responses to the consensus questions are due no later than January 31, 2017. Leagues are asked to submit their responses using this online consensus question response form: Here is a printable pdf version of the questions for use during your meetings or to send in if you are unable to use the electronic form.

Links to the Study Guide, Consensus Questions, and the PES Study Committee's four fact sheets printed in the Voter newsletter over the last year are available on the LWVO website, in the "Studies" section under the Member Area here.

Questions about the study guide and consensus questions can be directed to PES Study Co-Chair Lynda Mayer ( ).

9. Membership
a. State Per Member Payment (PMP)
The state League provided a 5% discount on PMP (per member payment) to any local League that paid their PMP in full by the end of the first quarter of the fiscal year, postmarked by September 30, 2015. Thank you to the Leagues who have already paid in full (you know who you are!).
Leagues that do not pay in full will receive quarterly invoices. Your local League Treasurer will soon receive the second PMP statement in mid-October. The membership count and PMP amount on the invoice are based on the numbers your League entered into the national database by February 2016.

b. New Membership Materials Available!
NEW! Updated LWVO membership materials are now available from LWV Ohio.
- New Member Welcome Brochure
- LWVO Membership Flyer. Please note that an editable file is available if local Leagues would like to customize the flyer with their local information.

These resources will be available on the LWVO website to download, print, or share online. Print copies may be ordered by contacting the LWVO office at 614-469-1505.

10. September All Member Conference Call
Our next all-member conference call will be on Tuesday, October 4, 12-1 pmCALL-IN NUMBER: 866-740-1260  PIN NUMBER: 4691505#

Topic: Countdown to Election Day: Join us to hear the latest election news, LWVO voter protection project updates, and fun new tools to engage young voters!
- Update on the voter purge - latest status of the ongoing lawsuit & preliminary report on purged voter outreach calls.
- Update on other election law issues - Husted refutes claim of Ohio voter rolls being hacked, LWVO op-eds refute concerns about potential for a rigged election, and the latest on pending Ohio election lawsuits.
- A representative from The Carter Center will join us to talk about the joint Carter-LWV pilot program applying their international election observer program to the US, and how you can volunteer to participate as an Ohio election observer.
- Civil political discourse goes digital! A representative from "Talk, Text, Vote" will tell us about their innovative platform for encouraging young people to talk politics.

The recording of the all-member call will be available following the call until the end of the month. Please note that the podcast is intended for LWV members and guests (just like the calls) and, therefore, should not be shared with anyone outside the League family. Thank you.

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