Ohio State in Porto Alegre
The Brazil Gateway team participated in the Brazilian Association for International Education (FAUBAI) conference in Porto Alegre, capital Rio Grande do Sul, from April 9 - 12. This year, its 26th annual conference was titled, "New Trends on Internationalization of Higher Education: Social Engagement and Innovation."
Luke Barbara, director, and Jane K. Aparecido, academic relations and alumni community manager, presented a session on "Sustainable Cooperation about The Ohio State University Brazil Gateway - International Engagement With Brazil Through An In-country Physical Presence." The session also included presentations from Polytechnic University of Milano (Italy), McMaster University (Canada) and Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (Brazil).
"Participating in this key-conference on higher education in Brazil is important to connect with key partners in Brazilian academia, raise awareness about Ohio State and the Brazil Gateway and learn about opportunities in Brazil," said Barbara.
During their time in of Porto Alegre, the Brazil Gateway team also connected with Ohio State prospective students and alumni.

Updated Dates for the Acceleration in Innovation and Advanced Manufacturing Program
The Ohio State University Brazil Gateway, the Fisher College of Business and the College of Engineering in partnership with Brazilian institutions, the National Confederation of Industry (CNI), Institute Euvaldo Lodi (IEL), SENAI-DN and SENAI CIMATEC, recently launched the Acceleration in Innovation and Advanced Manufacturing Program.  

The program will guide executives and innovation decision-makers from Brazilian companies, multinationals with operations in Brazil and Brazilian governmental agencies to develop action plans for implementing strategies and developing technologies related to advanced manufacturing. 

The program is scheduled to take place at Ohio Sate on July 10 - 14 and in Salvador on August 21 - 25.
Brazil Gateway Director, Luke Barbara, can be contacted for additional information, and you can v iew full  program details  in Portuguese and register online.

Lecture by Brazilian Professor and Ohio State Alumnus
Dr. Hilton Silva, a biologist, medical doctor and professor at the Universidade Federal do Pará, visited Ohio State to speak about his current research on the Quilombola people of Brazil.
"Coming back to speak to students and colleagues is like coming full circle, after starting my journey in biological anthropology here in 2001 as a student," said Silva.
Silva is an Ohio State alumnus, having completed his doctorate in anthropology and biological anthropology at Ohio State in 2001. His experience and studies led Silva to start the first and only biological anthropology graduate program in Brazil, where his team has been conducting intensive research of the Quilombola communities of Pará state, in the Amazon basin. The Quilombolas are descendants of African slaves that escaped to the Amazon basin between the 17th and 19th centuries and are currently undergoing rapid westernization, which is having serious consequences on their health and wellbeing.
His lecture not only served to update colleagues on his current work and to speak on one of the many unknown aspects of the Amazon, which is still largely understudied, but also to continue the exchange of ideas and cultures that began while he studied abroad in 2001.

Education Abroad Program on Higher Education in Brazil
Ohio State students and staff recently visited Brazil as part of an education abroad course created by the Office of Diversity and Inclusion and the College of Education and Human Ecology titled, "Higher Education in Brazil: Access, Equity, and Opportunity."
"This annual experience was created to give ODI students the opportunity to go abroad and see how other people live in the context of their respective cultures," said Robert A. Bennett III, a program specialist with the education abroad unit of the Office of International Affairs.
During their program the group traveled to the state of Bahia, which is widely know for its African roots and influence, where they visited Salvador, Morro de São Paulo and Gamboa to visit educational and cultural institutions such as the Federal University of Bahia and the Steve Biko Institution, a nonprofit organization that serves young Afro-Brazilian youth.
Outside of their planned visits and lectures, the group had the opportunity experience the local culture by participating in city tours, attending dance concerts and enjoying the cuisine.
On May 2, the students presented their research projects that examined areas related to access, equity and opportunity in Brazil and featured knowledge acquired from their trip.
Brazilian Students Should Validate Ohio State Diploma
We want to congratulate all the Brazilian students who graduated this semester and make you aware of an extremely important step to take to validate your Ohio State diploma.

If you are planning on continuing your education or pursuing a career in academia in Brazil, it is necessary that you validate your international diploma with a Brazilian university. Below are directions to validate your diploma. Please note that the first three steps should be completed while you are still in Columbus, because it will be faster, easier and more cost efficient. If you are back in Brazil, it will be harder to pay for your order and ship these documents. If you have more questions or need help, contact us at  aparecido.1@osu.edu.
  1. Request online a notarized copy of your diploma with the Board of Trustees from trustees.osu.edu/diploma-request.html
  2. Request online a notarized copy of your transcript at registrar.osu.edu/alumni/transcript_faq.asp
  3. Take both of them to the Secretary of State office to get the Apostille on both documents. More details found at sos.state.oh.us/SOS/Records/authentication.aspx
  4. Look for a Brazilian university with a similar course to the one you did. You can use the new platform of the Brazilian Ministry of Education (MEC) to search for universities that have validated similar credentials at carolinabori.mec.gov.br/?pagina=informacoesRequerentes
  5. Organize other documents required such as syllabi from the classes you have taken and the curriculum
  6. Apply according to the procedures of the Brazilian university you chose
Testimonial: MBA Graduate, Andrew Goehring
Andrew Goehring is a recent MBA graduate of Fisher College of Business, who completed a three-month internship at Visagio last summer. He recently accepted a position with Greif as a lean manufacturing specialist and internal consultant.
Early opportunities to travel and play soccer initially landed me in Brazil, where I gained an appreciation and insight into the language and culture. My enthusiasm and curiosity brought me back to Brazil as a cadet and military officer to refine my skills. This boosted my confidence and desire to engage in more challenging, meaningful work in the region.
As an MBA student at the Fisher College of Business, I remained committed to lifelong learning and am passionate about expanding my capabilities in the areas of strategy, operations management, organizational leadership and innovation in a business environment.
I jumped at a recent opportunity to work in all of these areas as a management consultant for three months over the summer with Visagio - an international consulting firm headquartered in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. I worked with a project team at a strategic client in São Paulo, Brazil for most of the summer. My goal for the internship was to place myself outside of my comfort zone while working as a consultant to add value to the firm and the client while maximizing my own personal growth and development.

As I reflect on my most recent experience in Brazil with Visagio, I must also applaud the actions of our incredible friends and entrepreneurs at the Brazil Gateway office in São Paulo. This organization is doing so much to support Fisher and Ohio State students and alumni while exemplifying the Office of International Affairs' intent to expand and enhance the university's "global reach." Their ability to connect people with opportunities while synchronizing the collective efforts of businesses in Central Ohio and Brazil is truly world class. I hope my story is a testament to the criticality of Ohio State's international professional development programs for students and faculty. In conclusion, I am grateful for the opportunities I have been able to pursue in Brazil. They have all been life-changing, extremely fun, personally and professionally rewarding experiences. I am more confident as a leader and look forward to what the future may bring.
Important Dates

May 5 - 12
Global Applied Program from the Fisher College of Business will visit Brazil

May 9
Brazil Gateway Happy Hour event with Visagio in São Paulo. Read more.

May 15 - 26
Short-term Brazilian law program will take place at University of Brasilia


May 18 - 19
Law professors will participate in an International Law Congress at CESMAC

May 25 - 26
Brazil Gateway and Ohio State Education Professors will present at the International Seminar at the University of São Paulo

May 25 - June 6
The Brazilian Experience Music and Education Education Abroad Program in Salvador and Rio de Janeiro

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