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January 2013 

Camphill California welcomes back old friends  

 We never truly say goodbye to coworkers, though they may leave the community they have a knack for popping back up. This month we were lucky enough to be visited by not one but two coworkers from last year: Ilona Harabin and Lukas Konzelmann. Over the course of their visit they were able to help out around Camphill, visit with friends and coworkers, and prepare meals.


"It was very special to be able to be there for Sarah's Memorial and to share stories of our time together with her. It was great to reconnect with all the people that I had become close with during my year at Camphill California and to see that this connection to the people and the place continues to be relevant in many ways." - Lukas


"I'm so thankful to everyone who made it possible for me to visit on such short notice. it was really wonderful to see everybody, and it meant a lot to me to be able to attend Sarah's memorial service." - Ilona  




Coworker Profile: Ian Cheeseman

Camphill Communities California would like to introduce our newest Coworker.  Ian, 28, has joined Aulinta house where he lives with Matthew, Claudia, Octavio and Anya. He works in the Ishi Garden, the Land, and in the Food Processing workshops. He also takes Matthew out for off-site jobs. He is originally from San Francisco but later moved to Palo Alto with his family. He lived in Camphill Soltane in Pennsylvania from 2008 to 2012, where he heard about Camphill California. In his free time Ian likes to draw and play Ice Hockey. An avid backpacker, Ian hopes to someday hike the Appalachian Trail.
Bryan Zecca teaching his popular Yoga Art Program 
The floors are finished!

The floors in Paloma Hall are sanded and sealed. We are grateful for the patience and understanding showed by all our community members while this work was in progress. The hall looks better than ever!

Looking Forward

  • Markus Merten will be visiting us from Germany in the beginning of February, continuing the trend of old coworkers returning to us
  • Burns Night will be celebrated on Sunday, February 3rd. It will feature the poetry of Robert Burns and a traditional Scottish meal with haggis  

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