We got a great deal on a bunch of cans but had to buy way more than we can store and need to move some, so here is the deal. We are marking all the cans and combo sets we have on hand down anywhere from 10-20%. On top of that we are extended our 10% off all purchases over $100 promotion so if you buy more than $100 worth of these cans, or add anything else to reach that total, you get that discount stacked on them taking your discount anywhere from 20-30%! Folks, there is not much markup in ammo cans when you account for the transportation costs and labor in handling and inspecting them, so this drops the price down near or at our cost.

All prices below are BEFORE the extra 10% discount if you spend over $100!

These Canadian made ammo cans that can be locked that we introduced a couple weeks ago are marked down to $17.00, with the option for us to install the locking hardware still available.

We have our 30 Caliber Ammo Cans marked down to $12.55.

Our regular 50 Caliber Ammo Cans are marked down to $16.15.

Our 50/30 Caliber Ammo Can Combo Deal, where we put a 30 ammo cans caliber can inside your 50 caliber can so save shipping costs is marked down to $26.95. The exact same combo is listed on Amazon.com for $40, so you can see what others charge for this same setup!

25mm Ammo Cans, a size we don't always see, are marked down from $26.95 to $21.56!

We have a combo 25mm/30 Caliber Can set for just $31.00, one of our deepest discounted combos of this sale

40mm Ammo Cans are just $24.60, these cans are a very nice size at 17.5"x10"x6" and are used often by people to make motorcycle saddle boxes, Jeep or ATV tool kits or Jeep center consoles. The lid is totally removable like the 25mm cans and they are a great option for tools when you have longer wrenches or breaker bars.

We have more cans and will be adding more deals as time and supply allows so check out our ammo can page at our website for all the details!
As always we are constantly increasing the number of items we also offer on Amazon.com, many of which qualify for free Prime shipping if you are a Prime member. Be sure to check our page there often to see what we have added!