St. Patrick's Day
St. Kilian's


We brought in some great new Irish Cheeses but they're selling fast and you might want to get in here soon before they are gone.

If, like us, you've  already got a Corned Beef or Irish Stew in the making for Friday night, then might we suggest a little Ploughman's Luch for the weekend.  The weather is shaping up perfectly for a cheese and charcuterie spread out on the patio with a cool rose or pilsener

Olive Oil Sale
This Weekend!

The new harvest of olive oils are just starting to roll in and we're excited for some wonderful new oils that we sampled last month.   The top oils, are the first crop of the season and some of the 2016's are already hitting the US from Europe.

We need to make some shelf space for the new crop of our favorites, and a few new oils, so we're putting all of our oils on sale this weekend thru Sunday.   This is a great chance to stock up on oil while the price is right, or try something new.

In addition to our sale we'll be sampling our full line of oils, so it's also a great chance too learn a little about what differentiates quality oils, and why you should buy directly sourced oils from quality producers like the Colli Etruschi Cooperative.

There's some interesting articles below as well, the first is from the New York Times about the what's become know as "Fake" olive oils.  It features Nicolo Fazzi of Colli Etruschi, probably our favorite producer and a staple in our Kitchen.

The next one is a pretty fascinating look at how americans have become accustomed to rancid olive oils, and how the problem of oil quality in the US is less about the oil not being made from olives and more about the quality and freshness of what makes it to our shelves.   Read fivethirtyeight.com's article and learn why Americans seem to like rancid olive oil, and are largely missing out on the wonderful health benefits from EVOO.