August 2017: In This Issue
Olsson biologist Chris Jorgensen co-authors paper on species distribution models in wildlife conservation planning
The paper was published in the Wildlife Society Bulletin in June.
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Olsson helps bring a new school, YMCA, and park plan to life

By Linda Van Hoosen, Communications

In Lincoln, Nebraska, school is in session. And for the first time ever, students and teachers are in the classrooms of Marilyn Moore Middle School. Olsson's work as a facilitator helped pave the way for the school and other projects in the development.

The new Joplin, Missouri, public library: a bigger and environmentally friendly center for its patrons

By Linda Van Hoosen, Communications

At the center of Joplin, a new and improved public library is open to the public. Olsson was part of a team that worked together to create a bigger, high-tech, and environmentally friendly place for its patrons.

A cost-effective installation of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln chilled water system

By Ben Day, Water Industry Expert

Construction is underway at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln (UNL) to incorporate thermal energy storage to its City Campus chilled water system. Olsson found an economical solution to moving the chillled water to and from the storage unit.
Learning facilities start with a solid foundation
Our geotechnical services can get projects started the right way. Our Geotech teams are responsible for laying the groundwork for strong structures, such as school buildings.