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September 2017 - Also In This Issue:
Public Programs Provide Good Clean Fun All Year!
Howe Arena is 

All Public Skate Programs are in 
Howe Arena at the Grand Traverse Civic Center.

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We are hoping to have as many as 50 (yes, that's right, 50!) Twilight Skates this season! Wow! That's a lot of skating to great music under the disco lights! We have lots of fun things planned this year for all ages. Stay tuned to On Ice for details!  
For a complete list of public programs including 
Open Skates, Twilight Skates - Presented by Sport Clips, Sticks & Pucks, Drop In Hockey and Adult Skates 
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Centre Ice and Howe Arena are home to the following community organizations and teams. Click on logos for more information and upcoming events.
Grand Traverse Hockey Association

TC Central Trojans
TC West Titans

Detroit Red Wings Events Wrap for 2017; Major Renovations Required for Tourney and Camp to Return in 2018
After a 20 year relationship with Centre Ice Arena and Traverse City, the Detroit Red Wings - along with Centre Ice personnel - hope they have not taken their final photo with the army of volunteers at the conclusion of Red Wings Training Camp. Due to new NHL requirements that affect not only major arenas but any rink hosting an event involving an NHL team, Centre Ice and the Red Wings have been forced to evaluate the continuation of training camp and the NHL Prospect Tournament in Traverse City because of the costs associated with the mandated renovations. Complying with these new requirements would cost Centre Ice Arena a total of $220,000 in renovations plus an estimated annual maintenance cost of $20,000.

2017 Detroit Red Wings Training Camp Volunteer Photo
The tournament and camp are important fundraisers for non-profit Centre Ice Arena and also bring a significant amount of money into the community between Labor Day and color tour when hotels, restaurants, retail shops and local attractions appreciate the economic boost. "The required upgrades will cost $110,000 per rink at Centre Ice and we have two rinks," said Terry Marchand, I.C.E. Executive Director. "This is a lot of money, but funds raised during training camp and the prospect tournament make up an important part of our annual budget and also have a significant, positive financial impact on the community. We would hate to see these events go away."
The necessary upgrades to both David's and West Rinks at Centre Ice Arena include:
  • Crystaplex 590 Acrylic Glass
  • Soft Cap Shock Absorption System
  • Curved Acrylic Corners
  • New Kevlar Netting
"We definitely need to have a certain level of commitment from the Wings to move forward with these renovations and we've had a few good sessions with Ken Holland and others within the organization regarding finding ways to fund it," said Marchand. "It is really important to note that these upgrades will benefit all of our hockey players. If we have support from the Wings and find the necessary funding, these renovations will be positive for athletes of all ages that utilize the rinks at Centre Ice."
Stay tuned to On Ice and the DRW Events in TC Facebook page for updates. And, thank you to the fans, community and the BEST VOLUNTEERS IN THE WORLD for supporting these important events year after year!

GTHA: Mite Registration Deadlines; Girls Play Hockey for Free

Registration is still open for Mite Hockey. Here are the deadlines: 

Mite U8 (2009 & 2010 Birth Dates):  Deadline is Friday, September 29

Mite U6 & IP Development (2011 & 2012 Birth Dates):  Deadline is Friday, October 13

For Mite information and registration details,  Click Here for the Mite webpage.

Girls Try Hockey For Free: Saturday October 7, 1:00pm at Centre Ice Arena


TCFSC: Coaches Laurent Masse and Stephanie Miller Participate in Swing Shift and the Stars - Still Time to Donate!
Learn to Skate Classes Begin October 9
Two Traverse City Figure Skating Club coaches have taken their talents off the ice and onto the dance floor in order to raise money for the club. Coaches Laurent Masse and Stephanie Miller competed in Swing Shift and the Stars on Friday, September 15 at City Opera House in Traverse City. Donations were accepted that evening, but if you missed it, fear not! There's still time to donate. Swing Shift competitions continue into January and donations can be submitted throughout the entire competition. Please support TC Figure Skating Club! No donation is too small. Every little bit helps. Click Here to donate.

Registration is now open for Learn to Skate classes. Session 1 begins on October 9 and classes are open to ages 3 years and up.  Click Here for class descriptions.  Click Here for registration form and additional details including dates, times and cost. Learn to Skate with the Traverse City Figure Skating Club!


TCCC: League Registration is Now Open; Learn to Curl Classes Begin October 4

The Traverse City Curling Club begins its fourth year at Centre Ice Arena in October. Registration is now open for leagues - Click Here for more information. Learn to Curl classes begin on October 4. Click Here for details and to sign up for a class. Good Curling!

Centre Ice Arena is Home to These Fine Businesses

A Little School House At Centre Ice  

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Monthly Medical Memo
Playing with Elbow, Wrist & Hand Injuries

Hockey players bring everything they've got to the ice. Falls, boarding, checking, puck blocking, snap shots, and perhaps even the occasional fight can lead to elbow, wrist, and hand injuries. 
Nobody wants to sit out with an injury. An occupational therapist/hand therapist may be able to make the assist to keep you playing.
"We can help you problem solve how to support the healing tissues in your wrist/hand so that you can continue to play safely," said Kristi Siemer, a Munson Healthcare occupational therapist and certified hand therapist.
Common injuries to watch out for include:
  • Elbow    
    • Fractures of the bony tip of the elbow where three bones (humerus, radius, and ulna) form the elbow joint
    • Elbow bursitis (painful swelling at the back of the elbow)
    • Fall on an outstretched hand (FOOSH) in pediatric elbow;can have a high complication rate
    • Deep cuts and bruises
  • Wrist fractures
    • A break in either of the two bones of the forearm - the radius or the ulna 
    • Scaphoid  (one of the eight bones that make up the carpal bones of the wrist)
    • Hook of hamate (one of the carpal bones on the outside (little finger side) of the wrist
    • Ligament injuries (sprains)
        • Scapholunate ligament (S-L) tears ranging from mild to severe
        • Dorsal RT ligament with/without triquetrum fracture
        • Tear of the triangular fibrocartilage complex (TFCC) located on small finger side of wrist
  • Hand            
    • Thumb metacarpophalangeal (MP) joint and basal joint ligament injuries and/or fractures
    • Hand bone (metacarpal) and finger bone (phalangeal) fractures
    • Sprains/strains/dislocations
How Therapy Can Help:

A hand therapist works under the order of a physician. You must see your physician first and get a referral for Occupational Therapy/Hand Therapy.  
A therapist can fit you with a custom orthosis intervention (splint) to support strains/sprains or to immobilize healing fractures. Splints can be fabricated to fit under a hockey glove. Please remember to bring your hockey glove with you to your appointment.
A therapist also can work with you to reduce swelling and increase your range of motion and strength.
Munson Sports Medicine has many qualified therapists at both Munson Community Health Center, 550 Munson Ave., and at a new location at 5191 Rosewood Dr. near Traverse City West Senior High School. To learn more, call 231-935-8600 or visit

It's fun to visit Centre Ice & Howe Arena! 

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