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It's Election Day and we want a fresh start with our legislators.

We at SafeMinds are also making a fresh start with our approach to the story of autism and vaccines. Welcome to the Inauguration of our Whole Story campaign!

For too long, the media has misrepresented or oversimplified the science surrounding the autism and vaccines controversy. Our concerns do not fit neatly into a "sound bite world." So, we are going to work towards explaining this story in clearly understandable, user-friendly chunks in the hopes that it is a compelling story that people will share.

This is our first Whole Story video entitled, "Except When They Do."


Click here to view video.

If you find it compelling, we hope that you will share it with as many people as you can - your friends, your family, your co-workers and your newly-elected representatives - so that we all really can have a fresh start.

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Please forward this video to all who may be interested. We appreciate your time, helping to set the record straight.

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