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After record-breaking October rain, Centennial Trail repair projects are moving ahead and, hopefully, will be completed before winter weather sets in! 


1.  Milepost .86 to 1.17 - Crack seal concrete panels.
2.  Milepost 3.6 to 5.6 - Repair corrugations and bulges.
3.  Milepost 6.8 to 9.8 - Repair tree root damage, eliminate debris/rock washouts, etc.
4.  Milepost 10.6 to 12.7 - Repair bulges, humps and tree root damage.  Joint fill on Denny Ashlock Bridge.  Eliminate rocks washing onto trail.
5.  Milepost 16.8 to 20.1 - Repair corrugations, waves and humps on separated trail portions.
6.  Milepost 29.1 to 31.9 - Repair large surface gaps from previous failed repair project.
Repair Project GPS and Detail Map here!

Ben Burr Trail Tour
The FCT October Board Meeting was a walking tour of the newly completed Ben Burr Trail
The Ben Burr Trail will tie in to the Centennial Trail in the heart of the University District.
from Liberty Park to Erie Street, next to the Hamilton Street overpass.  With the extension of Martin Luther King Way and the future Ben Burr Trail connection with the Centennial Trail, this project brings a safe recreational trail connection to several neighborhoods.  Our thanks to the City of Spokane for the first phase of this important project! 
Thank you FCT Members & Adopt-a-Mile Partners!

Membership Renewals - Spring to Fall, 2016
Individual & Family Members
Ken & Marie Kapstafer, Danial & Susan Baker, James Conner & Denise Attwood, Meg Hergert, Norma Dippel, Alfred Heston, Patti Piper, Ross Davenport, Sally & Loyd Phillips, Kathy West, Rachel Zack, Karen and James Armor, Dawn Abernathy, Wayne & Nancy Wright, Lunell Haught, Sharon De Mills-Wood, Tom Engdahl, Joseph Schretenthaler, Ken Miller, Zoe Anne Smith, A. James Caddis, Robert & Margaret Larson, Laurence Morse, Leah Colburn, Will & Anne Aslin, Gene & Sue Blankenship, Frank & Lou Slak, Peter & Diane Joss, Steve & Sandi Druffel, Scott & Janis Fink, Mary Lou Johnson, Ron & Karen Dashiell, Walter & Sally Bonsack, Hershel Zellman & Mary Noble, Richard & Judith Gammon, Don & Brigid Kardong, John & Barbara Beaton, Rick & Ellen Peller.

Century Club & 
Millennium Club Members
David & Pamela Zack, Roger & Mona Crawford, Bill & Debbie Pierce, Art Zack & Nan Smith, Ted & Diane Ketcham, Sisters of Providence, Bruce & Ann Dentler, Pat & Kathy Harper, Scott & Robin Redman, Gregory Smith, Karen Nielsen, Gerald Rein, Stephen Lamp, Chuck & Judy Murphy, Joey & Paula Reagan, Don & Judi Young, Ronald & Barbara Douglas.

New Members - Spring to Fall, 2016 
Individual & Family Members 
Matt Gillis, Debby Golonka.

Please become a member of Friends of the Centennial Trail today!  Your support ensures that your trail is safe and maintained.  Join here! 

Adopt-a-Mile Partner Renewals
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Consider Adoption 
Thanks to the 2.2 mile Northwest Extension, we have several Centennial Trail miles available for adoption!  Our
Ben Baird, West Central Community Center, and Dan Maguire, TransCanada, plan to coordinate Centennial Trail projects for youth served by the Center who live near Mile 25, adopted by Dan and his co-workers.
Adopt-a-Mile Program is a great way to engage employees or organization members and ensure a better experience for 2.5 million Centennial Trail users each year.  And, we provide great brand recognition in return for your support!  Contact us for Adopt-a-Mile information.

My best,  

Loreen McFaul, Executive Director 
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