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It is likely you and your bike tires know the asphalt bumps that became big dips after a
Asphalt repairs on the Centennial Trail are nearly complete!
failed repair between Military Cemetery and the Equestrian Center at Mile 28 on the Centennial Trail.  Thanks to the completion of the Centennial Trail Maintenance Project that began last fall, this half mile of asphalt has never been so smooth!  This project has been an important one and we thank the Centennial Trail Coordinating Council for pulling the funding together and prioritizing this project.

With last spring's Spokane River flood damage at Barker Road between Mile 6.5-7.5, Washington State Parks and Recreation filed for and received FEMA repair funding.  However, since the State of Washington has not yet passed a capital budget, this project is on hold.  And, with recent hurricane destruction in the south, FEMA funds may disappear if the delay continues.  If this major Centennial Trail repair is important to you, please encourage your state representatives to pass a capital budget.

Medallions Replaced

Miracle Mile Medallions, purchased by hundreds of Centennial Trail supporters, funded
Bill Pierce replaces Miracle Mile medallions.
initial construction and represent many special memories, events and people.  Over the years, some medallions have gone missing and, fortunately, we are contacted when they are found.  Thanks to the work of Debbie and Bill Pierce, Jon Jonckers, Matt Jonckers and Mike Basinger, twelve medallions were cleaned up and replaced at the Mirabeau Trailhead and five near the Don Kardong Bridge. 

Visit our website if you have questions on where to find your medallion.

Toast the Trail!
Join us at One Tree Cider House for a Community Pint Night - benefiting the Friends of the Centennial Trail. $1 from each pint sold on Tuesday, October 10 will go directly to the Friends of the Centennial Trail. Arrive thirsty and leave happy knowing that you've contributed to sustaining the most popular trail in Eastern Washington.   111 S. Madison, Spokane, WA 99201.

Bike Swap Transition

The Friends of the Centennial Trail Board of Directors have decided to not continue hosting the annual Spokane Bike Swap & Expo and seek a qualified non-profit organization to continue this community service.  With the resignation of volunteer co-chairs, we are simply unable to make the expensive leap from a grassroots event to an outsourced event, where a paid event planner would profit more than the event itself.

We are grateful for the sponsors, exhibitors, volunteers and residents who have made Spokane Bike Swap & Expo a celebration of regional biking and provided matching grants for Centennial Trail gap completion and maintenance projects!

Friends Groups Convene

Last week I enjoyed attending the Washington State Parks and Recreation Commission
Washington State Parks and Recreation Commission Chair, Mark Brown, addresses the 2017 Friends Group Conference guests.
Friends Group conference at Cama Beach State Park.  Meeting my counterparts that support the other 124 state parks and exchanging ideas was a nice experience.  I came away understanding how very fortunate we are at Friends of the Centennial Trail to have the longevity, experience and tremendous support from our community.  From annual member donors, Adopt-a-Mile partners, a highly professional and thoughtful Board of Directors and support from our Coordinating Council partners, we are truly blessed to advocate for the Spokane River Centennial Trail.  

Thank you FCT Members & Adopt-a-Mile Partners!

Membership Renewals - Spring to Fall, 2017
Individual & Family Members
Larry Kelly, Nancy Glazier, Elizabeth DeNiro, Robert & Margaret Larson, Annie McKinlay, Charlene Violette, Don & Bridgid Kardong, Kathleen Austin, Jim & Rosa Nett, A. James Caddis, Craig & Diane Smith, Ron & Karen Dashiell, John & Cathy Sage, Mary Lou Johnson, Elizabeth Ertel, Suresh & Meena Joshi, John & Barbara Beaton, Danial & Susan Baker, Gary Michel & Jan Carrington, Leonard & Jackie Urgeleit, Hershel Zellman & Mary Noble, Daniel & Donna Burt, Robert & Sherrie Stradley, Garry & Barbara Kehr, Jim & Peggy Kelter, John & Edna Fruit

Century Club & 
Millennium Club  Members
Sisters of Providence, Dwight & Mary Ellen Correll, Karen Carlberg, Claude & Sharon Kistler, Paul Grubb, Joey & Paula Reagan, David & Ann Bell, Don & Judy Young, Roger & Kathleen Chase, Frank & Lou Slak, Jason & Jennifer Wheaton, Michael Conley & Eileen Hyatt, Ann Ruth Band, Bruce & Ann Dentler

New Members - Spring to Fall, 2017
Lola Douthitt, Hannahlee Allers, Sherron McKelvey

Please become a member of Friends of the Centennial Trail today!  Your support ensures that your trail is safe and maintained.  Join here! 

Adopt-a-Mile Partner Renewals


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Thanks and Praise

Spokane area State Parks staff manage Washington's two largest state parks - Riverside
State Parks Area Manager Diana Dupuis and staff manage Washington's two largest state parks and the Centennial Trail.
and Mount Spokane - and the Centennial Trail.  Our Board of Directors hosted a surprise "thank you" lunch for them last Friday to show our appreciation for their dedicated work.  Please thank a Ranger or staff member when you see them out and about!

My best,  

Loreen McFaul, Executive Director 
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