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The Don Kardong Bridge, named in tribute for Centennial Trail and Bloomsday founder Don Kardong, spans the Spokane River between Gonzaga University and the Riverpoint Campus.   In the heart of the University District, this important
Don Kardong Bridge at Mile 22 of the Spokane River Centennial Trail.
thoroughfare for 10,000 college students and Centennial Trail users has seen better days.  The City of Spokane Parks & Recreation bridge inspection recommends new decking, removal of the viewing platform, secured railing and repair of concrete and bearing seats.   We also see the need for new paint and a tribute plaque, both of which have been defaced by graffiti and wear over time.  

Don Kardong Bridge is slated for design and funding in 2018 and renovation in 2019, but today is unfunded.   To help keep City Parks on their timeline, 30% conceptual design of the bridge renovation is needed.   Friends of the Centennial Trail has pledged up to $75,000 from our Trail Builder's Fund for bridge design, which we hope will mirror the Iron Bridge to the east.   Our agreement is being finalized and we are delighted to offer this major gift to kick off the project.   Stay tuned as plans progress!

Board Member Transitions
Welcome to Hannahlee Allers, City of Spokane, and Nick Murto, Seven2, who began new Board of Director terms with Friends of the Centennial Trail in January and thank you to Jan Carrington for her service and guidance to our Board the past two years!
Hannahlee Allers
Nick Murto

Tributes and Memories
From Miracle Mile Medallions to the Mission Park Monument, our Centennial Trail has
Mission Park Monument at Mile 20.
honored thousands of people - past and present.
  Today, the Mission Park Monument receives contributions every year from families who remember loved ones and names are engraved there annually.   The generous partnership support of Wilbert Precast and Genesis Granite makes this possible.  

If remembering or honoring a loved one in your life on the Centennial Trail is of interest, please contact us and learn more here.

Thank you FCT Members & Adopt-a-Mile Partners!

Membership Renewals - Fall, 2016 to Winter, 2017
Individual & Family Members
Mary Water, Coleen Wisenor, Truman & Susan Bradley, John & Susan Kurtz, Klaus Huschke, Peter & Linda Casimir, Ginger Brooker, Shirley Schoedel, Gary & Jeanette Reymers, Steve & Sandi Druffel, Peter & Diane Joss, Frank & Lou Slak, Gene & Sue Blankenship, Will & Anne Aslin, Richard Brown, Mario & Pati Marcella, Dan & Celeste Sterrett, Pat & Ruth Manners, Harry & Inge Hendron, Donald & Marie Johnson, Darcy Kelly, Mike & Cathy Henneberry, Leonard & Helen Byrne, Cris Currie & Nora Searing, Clifford & Marie Hackney, Bill & Sandra McMillan, Max & Tula Patterson, James & Mary Jo Woods, Brent & Vicki Egesdal, Jon Newkirk & Victoria Mayes, Doug & Theresa Tesarik, Robert & Vicki Mollenkopf, The Hobnailers, Inc. 

Century Club & 
Millennium Club Members
Bruce & Ann Dentler, Sisters of Providence, Ted & Diane Ketcham, Art Zack & Nan Smith, Bill & Debbie Pierce, David & Pamela Zack, Linda Milsow, Robin & Carol Stobie, Cheryl Albaugh, Bob & Carol Christianson, Richard & Lois Steury, Chuck & Barbara Hinzman, James Harless & Sheila Wagner-Harless, Albert & Molly Mitchell, Marvin & Sandra King, Peter & Karen Wildman, Mike & Christie Hinnen, Bruce & Debra Howard,  Terence Allen & Kim Thorburn, Tim & Priscilla Ice, Larry & Mary Wright, Greg & Loreen McFaul, Lyle & Kathleen Wendling, Mike & Maureen Basinger, Mike & Jody Wende, Ken & Jan Absher, Harriet Van Wyck, Mike Merritt & Jeri Self-Merritt, Gail Johanson, Bill Simer & Renee Rolando, Naomi Franklin, Dennis Fredrickson, Bob & Helen Fisher.

New Members - Fall, 2016 to Winter, 2017
Individual & Family Members 
Benjamin Rascoff, Shari McEvoy, Tera Lessard, Tina Penny

Century Club Members
Ariane Smith

Please become a member of Friends of the Centennial Trail today!  Your support ensures that your trail is safe and maintained.  Join here! 

Adopt-a-Mile Partner Renewals


Dennis Spurlock Jr. Family  


     Spokane Sports Commission


Don't Be That Guy or Gal!
Trail etiquette, safety and rules are incredibly important and can be incredibly divisive.   Hats off to Chelan PUD for producing a series of humorous, clever videos to share their safety messages.   Check them out here and keep them in mind when you're back on the Centennial Trail this spring.

My best,  

Loreen McFaul, Executive Director 
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