Vol. 2, No. 2  |  First Quarter 2017
Thursday, February 9, 2017
First Community Workforce Summit in Taney County is in the books!

On Jan. 31, more than 120 employers and community stakeholders from the Tri-Lakes area attended the first-ever Community Workforce Summit at the Ketter Center at College of the Ozarks. The Summit was all about joining together to share resources and embark on projects that lead us to a sustainable labor shed and healthy economic growth.

For those of you who were able to attend, thank you for your participation and your support for what TCP and other community partners are doing to move the needle on the issue of Workforce Development. We hope you were able to take away a thing or two that can help you in talent development, retention and attraction. 

If you were unable to attend the event, we will be working on a highlights reel video that we plan to share via social media and in future newsletters. You can find the presenter's power point presentations and other materials on the OnPoint Community Resources page .

One event we have coming up where we could use your participation is the Taney County Career Days "Opportunity Fairs" on March 7-9 (mentioned below). This will be different from a traditional job fair - we want to introduce students to the career pathways available in the following areas:

- Architecture & Construction
- Finance / Banking Services
- Government & Public Administration
- Health Sciences
- Hospitality & Tourism
- Information Technology
- Marketing / Communications

If you are an employer with job opportunities and room for growth in the industries mentioned above, please email me ASAP for more information. I'd love to get you plugged in to this unique event. 


Heather Hardinger
Programs and Communications Director, Taney County Partnership
Unemployment numbers in Taney County were about the same in December 2016 at *5.5 % as they were at the same time in 2015 at *5.6%.  Highlights of the Ozark Regional Profile for the month show a slightly higher overall unemployment rate in Taney County than the rest of the region in addition to other economic indicators.  The overall unemployment rate for the Ozark Region in December 2016 was *3.8%.

Check out the  November 2016  Labor Market Summary of real time labor market analysis for the Ozark Region. This analysis is updated every 60 days. 

We will also share the Workforce Overview data each month on the OnPoint Community Resources page . The overview was most recently updates on Jan. 30, 2017.

 *Rates variable and subject to change
Taney County Career Days "Opportunity Fairs"

Taney County Partnership will host three Opportunity Fairs at Taney County high schools to introduce students to career pathways and job opportunities in the Branson / Lakes area. 

This event is different than a traditional job fair.  We want business owners, CEOs, HR managers and recruiters to let students know about the opportunities that exist within your industry and organization from entry level to executive. Students will be made aware of your open jobs through your listing on  www.onpointmo.com ,  so it's critical you have jobs you're looking to fill posted there.

It is our hope that by connecting students to the greater narrative of the industries in the Branson area, we can make them aware of the potential they have to land a good job share with them what it looks like "work their way up" in an industry. Many individuals in top positions in the area have worked their way up from entry level positions and we want to do a better job of sharing those stories with our students to boost retention efforts.

So...if you're an employer in Taney or Stone counties with current job openings in the following industries, you'll want to participate in this event (at no cost to you):
  • Architecture & Construction
  • Finance
  • Government & Public Administration
  • Health Sciences
  • Hospitality & Tourism
  • Information Technology
  • Marketing / Communications
The dates of the Opportunity Fairs are below. 

Tuesday, March 7
Forsyth High School
11 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.
Set up at 10:15 a.m.
Wednesday, March 8
Hollister High School
12:45 - 3 p.m.
Set up at noon
Thursday, March 9
Branson High School
8:15 - 10:45 a.m.
Set up at 7:30 a.m.

Ready to sign up? Please send Heather Hardinger a commitment email by stating the following:
  1. YES! I will participate in (Forsyth, Hollister, Branson, All 3 events)
  2. Company name and Industry from list above
  3. Name and contact info of company representative(s) who may attend
  4. Commit to adding open entry level jobs to www.onpointmo.com
Heather will reach out to you upon your commitment email with more details and information. Please respond by Tuesday, February 28 (ASAP preferred!).


Branson J-1 Community & Employer Forum
Tuesday, February 28 | 9 -11:30 a.m. | OTC Table Rock Campus

Please join us to learn about the J-1 Summer Work and Travel program, Branson International Student Outreach Program!  

This event is hosted by CENET, a J-1 Visa Sponsor. Other J-1 Visa Sponsors will be in attendance, as well as representatives from the U.S. Department of State and employers who hire J-1 students. 

Initiatives, and resources will be shared to help prepare for a safe and successful summer season for participants. ALL are welcome to attend.

To register, email Abigail Palmer with CENET . Registration info will also be emailed the week of Feb. 13.


FREE Webinar: Employee Experience - A Quick Tour of the New HR
Wednesday, February 22  |  1:00 p.m. CST

The term "Employee Experience" has become popular in recent years and several high-profile organizations rebranded their human resources and employee benefits departments to employee experience. 

Consequently, many HR and benefits professionals are changing their titles and adding an employee experience skill set to their functions and résumés.  But what exactly is employee experience and how does it differ from traditional human resources? 

Join expert Nate Randall, founder and president of Ursa Major Consulting, as he shines a light on distinguishing characteristics of employee experience and how it can produce real value when implemented thoughtfully. 

During this webcast, you will:
  • Learn what leading companies are doing to reimagine the human resources function.
  • Discover how meaningful an employee experience approach can be.
  • Understand commonly encountered roadblocks when transitioning.
✔️  Register for the webinar   >>   http://bit.ly/2ksP3IH

Third-Annual MOmentum: State of the Workforce Luncheon

Wednesday, February 15 at 11:30 am. at the Ramada Plaza Hotel & Oasis Convention Center

Featuring Dr. John Jungmann with "Developing the Workforce of Tomorrow Today". Join us to hear first hand from an innovative educator and the emerging workforce on their views of the world, of work, and employer expectations. 

Results from the 2016 Ozark Region Workforce Survey will be shared at the luncheon. 

>> Registration is available at springfieldmo.gov/MOmentum

Contact Megan Short at 417-841-3386 with any questions regarding the survey or event.  For more information about Missouri Job Center services, call (417) 887-4343 or visit the Missouri Job Center online at www.springfieldmo.gov/careercenter .
How to Optimize Millennials in the Workplace
by the Minority Business Development Agency

A recent Inc. Magazine article, "17 Bad Habits That Can Make Millennials Look Really Unprofessional," written by a Millennial, asked hundreds of entrepreneurs and business leaders of all generations how they thought Millennials were doing at work. The Minority Business Development Agency took four Millennial bad habits and provided recommendations on how organizations can optimize revenue with Millennial employees.

>>  CLICK HERE  t o check out these four problems and their "fix" or solution.

At the Workforce Summit last week, there were several presentations surrounding Millennials and how to engage and empower this ever-growing generation in our current and emerging workforce. This is not just a national issue, but we are seeing struggles locally as well. 

As the article states, Millennials represent more than 50 percent of the population . They aren't going anywhere, and we need them. We need them to grow our firms and to become managers in our organizations. That process can be taxing and sometimes feel overwhelming, but if you get the right Millennials on your bus, you can win! 

This month MBDA is talking, texting, and teaching all things Millennials. Follow them on Twitter   to join the conversation and chat with our Millennial experts.
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