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Barrow Brings Home 12 Medals

Barrow County was well represented at last week's Northeast Georgia Regional Science & Engineering Fair bringing home 12 medals, and the Jackson EMC Pinnacle Award for top project in the Junior Division.

The following projects received Bronze Medal honors:

"Effect of Earthworm Diet on Soil Quality" by Georgei Carsyn Kennedy of Apalachee High School
"The Fluffiest Muffins" by Sarah Greiner of Russell Middle School
"Night Vision" by Morgan Kate Keller of Bear Creek Middle School
"Clean Freak" by Makaylah Martin & Rachel Baker of Westside Middle School

The following projects received Silver Medal honors:

"Fruit Rehabilitation" by Layla Contreras of Apalachee High School
"How Magnet Strength is Affected By Temperature" by Adam West of Russell Middle School
"Cleaning Up Underground" by Ella Ramsell of Russell Middle School
"Potty Mouth" by Emily Hodnett & Shawn Powers of Westside Middle School

The following projects received Gold Medal honors and will advance to the State Science Fair:

"Does the Shape of a Boat's Hull Affect its Speed?" by Peyton Hanson of Russell Middle School
"DNA Extraction and Comparison" by William Beckemeyer of Russell Middle School
"Are You All Right or All Left" by Connor Patterson of Russell Middle School
"What a Drag" by Grayson Curott of Bear Creek Middle School

Jackson EMC recognizes the top project in the Junior and Senior divisions with the Pinnacle Award. The 2017 Junior Division recipient of the Jackson Electric Membership Corporation Pinnacle Award is Bear Creek Middle School 6th grader, Grayson Curott. Grayson impressed the judges with his "What a Drag" project where he tested various custom-made wing cross-sections in a wind tunnel that he designed and built himself.

Take The BOLD Parent Challenge!

Are you looking for practical ways to help your child be successful in school? Take the Barrow BOLD Parent Challenge.

The Barrow County School System Federal Programs Department has created a website that provides ten practical ways that parents can help ensure that their children are academically successful. The website can be located at It includes the following ten practical tips for ensuring student success with links to resources for each:

1. Stay Informed
2. Check Your Child's Grades Often
3. Communicate Regularly with Teachers
4. Provide Academic Assistance
5. Help Your Child Get and Stay Organized
6. Attend School Events
7. Provide a Rich Learning Environment at Home
8. Get Involved with Decision Making
9. Encourage Your Child to Participate in Extra-Curricular Activities
10. Support Barrow County Schools

Parents are encouraged to take the Barrow BOLD Parent Challenge by visiting the Barrow BOLD Parent website, reading the tips and clicking the link at the bottom of the page to let us know about your commitment to being a Barrow BOLD parent.

The trip to the capitol for Realizing Educational Achievement Can Happen (REACH) Day at the Capitol was a great success! We introduced ourselves to multiple legislators, judges, school representatives from other districts, and members of the REACH Georgia state office. Representative Terry England come out to greet us and invited us to his office. He spent time talking to them about how an idea becomes a bill and the process it goes through to become a bill. He talked about amendments, appropriations, and rules among other things. The students asked great questions. After our visit, we went to the gallery of the house chamber where we spied Rep. England at his seat. While we were there, bills were being assigned to committees, then they stopped while the legislators heard from one of their own about the REACH Georgia program and its benefits. REACH Scholars in the gallery were invited to stand. The representatives turned around and applauded them as did others in the gallery. What a moment!

Jamsine R. was interviewed on camera by REACH Georgia. After touring the capitol on our own using scavenger hunt instructions, we walked to the Freight Depot to attend a college and career fair and lunch. Governor Deal was unable to join us there as he had to go to South Georgia to survey the tornado destruction. Mrs. Deal was there to tell all the scholars how proud she was and to encourage them in their promises made to REACH. The first graduating class was presented and given beautiful, braided, purple cords to wear at graduation. Of the 17, all had high grade point averages with plans to attend college for careers such as neuroscience, biology, medicine, physical therapy.

Sherelle Patisaul, Winder-Barrow High drama teacher, mentor, and daughter to Alma Jones, and Yamie Barnett from the District Attorney's office and also a mentor, went with us. They interacted with the students all day about the history around us, the things we observed at the capitol, college and career plans, how to network professionally and much more. They were outstanding companions! The student's enthusiasm showed in their questions for us on the many topics discussed during lunch.

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