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We had a great time on our SuccessFit Fun Run/Walk at the PMANC Showcase!  

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Charles Duggan
with Bailey!

At the Animal Protective Association of Missouri 5K.
Bailey is doing great
since being adopted!
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It WAS Beautiful at the PMANC Showcase!  

I was looking forward to attending the PMANC Showcase in Monterey, CA. Having attended in the past, I knew this Regional Association event had a nice family feel and our time there this year was well spent. 

In addition to scheduling a free day to bike along the coast, we had an invigorating FreePromoTips SuccessFit Fun Run/Walk that started the show day off right. The picture above was shot that morning. It was awesome!

This issues commentary, One Key to Success in Life and Business spotlights a few highlights from the PMANC Showcase. I am honored to share an interview with Rod Brown from MadeToOrder on what his business success has enabled him to do. This is what's REALLY important in life.

We also share some short videos of cool things we found at the PMANC Showcase and why people travel from a distance to attend this event. Might I suggest you consider making this a productive business/pleasure trip next year. 
There is much to do in this area and you will come away refreshed. 

Make it a great day!

Jeff Solomon, MAS
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The PMANC Showcase Was Awesome!

There are Regional Association Events all around the country. Relationships are nurtured and business gets done. Attend the Association event in your area

Here are short video reports from the show: 

Mark Shinn from Incentives West and Brian Haner  from Image Source, share why they travel from Seattle to attend the PMANC Showcase in this video.
MadeToOrder brings their Office Team to the PMANC Showcase. In this video, they talk about that with Christina from ETS.
Jeff interviews the other  Vernon  brother from California,  Cameron Vernon . He left Iowa 28 years ago!
Click here for the video. 

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The Resort Setting at the PMANC Showcase
in Beautiful Monterey, CA was the Perfect
Location for a Real World Product Test!

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(Flyer with End-User Safe Video You Can Share)
[VIDEO] Competing with Untrained Distributors is Easy...
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who are better trained, better connected and
who have access to better EQP pricing? 

One Key to Success in Life and Business...  
 I could easily title this commentary "What's REALLY important", but instead I am going to drill it down to just one really important thing that has been hit home for me. I'm hardly qualified to speak fully on keys to success, I am however very confident that what I'm going to share here is ONE key to success. 

 I just returned from the Promotional Marketing Association of Northern California (PMANC)  Show in beautiful Monterey, CA. I've had the privilege of attending of this event before and looked forward to it. The location is awesome. I was able to run and bike ride along the beautiful California coast. 

A benefit to attending these events is seeing industry friends that we only connect with once or twice a year. 
In this case, I had a conversation that helped me see what is REALLY important in our crazy busy lives. 

Click here for the full commentary!

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