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Sierra Business Council March 2017

As they say, when it rains, it pours - or, perhaps more apt for the Sierra (particularly this winter!), we should say, "When it snows, it blizzards!" Either way, it's certainly shaping up to be a busy month at SBC and we couldn't be happier. 

We've taken on a few new programs that you'll be hearing about in the coming months, the first of which we're happy to announce is the Gold Country Broadband Consortium. Read below on how SBC is going to help bring high speed internet to communities in need and how you may be able to participate. 

You'll also find four events showcasing the variety of work we do to improve the Sierra's communities, economy, and environment simultaneously. From an opportunity to tell state officials the issues impacting our region's disadvantaged communities, to a free community tour showcasing energy efficient business and housing projects, there's a little something for everyone! 
SBC Takes on the Gold Country Broadband Consortium
SBC is excited to begin work on the Gold Country Broadband Consortium. Taking over from SEDCorp, SBC is now the facilitator of a California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) grant to launch a public-private partnership aimed at increasing digital access and use in Nevada, Placer, El Dorado, Sierra, and eastern Alpine Counties. The Gold Country Broadband Consortium (GCBC) is one of 14 regional consortia in the State funded by the California Advanced Services Fund Rural and Urban Regional Broadband Consortia grant program.  The Consortium was formed to leverage regional, state and national resources as an investment in improving and expanding broadband access.

As a triple bottom line organization, SBC sees high speed broadband deployment as vital to the economic development and health of the rural Sierra communities we serve. One of our first steps as facilitator will be to seek public input on internet speed and barriers to broadband in the 5 counties. Stay tuned for more information on how to speed test your internet and provide feedback on internet connectivity issues that may be affecting your home and business! 
Calling All Sierra Nevadans! 
E-Listening Session, March 28th, 2:30-4:30pm 

In the knick of time, SBC through Sierra CAMP has secured a public e-listening session with the California Air Resources Board (ARB) and the  Environmental Justice Advisory Committee  (EJAC). This is an important chance to share the realities, concerns and opportunities of disadvantaged communities in the Sierra Nevada - communities that go   unrecognized  by the state's tool for measuring disadvantaged communities, CalEnviroscreen.

The EJAC is a committee made up of members representing communities experiencing air pollution issues from throughout the state (though currently without a Sierra representative). It has authority through the implementation of  AB 32, the state's landmark 2006 climate legislation, and performs an advisory role to the state's climate scoping plan and other pertinent matters in implementing AB 32. 

In December 2016, EJAC presented their  initial recommendations on the draft  ARB Scoping Plan. Many of the recommendations align with the values of Sierra CAMP - focusing on smart growth, local jobs, sustainable land use - however topics relevant to forested regions like the Sierra leave significant room  for improvement. 

This e-listening session is a rare opportunity to have the Sierra perspective heard. Register now!
Nevada City Area Take Charge Tour

The Take Charge Tour: Best Practices in Energy and Water is a local event featuring a collection of homes and businesses in the Nevada City area that display cutting edge systems and innovative designs tailored to meet foothill community needs while addressing the high electricity and resource burden of buildings.

The homes and businesses featured will provide community members with an invaluable opportunity to learn from those who have already undertaken improvement projects you may be considering. Home and business owners will be available to answer questions about their experience, financial elements of the project, energy and water savings, as well as time and site requirements. Our tour locations were chosen for their diversity, with new and renovated construction, their comprehensive nature, and spectrum of applications. If you are just starting a family, opening a business, or about to retire we have a project that offers an example that will speak to you.   

The Take Charge Tour will take place on Saturday, April 29th between 10:00am and 3:00pm. Click here for more details! 
Celebrating Sierra Buttes Trail Stewardship's 
Sierra Vision Award Win

A local favorite in our region, Sierra Buttes Trail Stewardship, will be celebrating with the Northern  Sierra community and SBC on Saturday, March 18th as SBC presents them with a Sierra Vision Award. The Sierra Vision Awards recognize and honor leadership in restoring and invigorating the Sierra Nevada's local economies, communities, and environment.

Join SBC in congratulating Executive Director, Greg Williams, and the entire Sierra Buttes Trail Stewardship team on their recognition as leaders in the Sierra Nevada region. Sierra Buttes Trail Stewardship's commitment to the Northern Sierra community and the people, activities, and environment inherent within has made them a standout organization worth celebrating!
The Los Angeles Business Council Presents
The 11th Annual Sustainability Summit

J oin SBC and many of California's brightest business leaders at the 11th Annual Sustainability Summit held by the Los Angeles Business Council on Friday, April 28th, from 7:00am to 2:30pm.  This year's speaker lineup plays an instrumental role in the corporate, governmental and civic sectors toward realizing California's goals to lead the nation in renewable standards, sustainable design and clean energy. Invited and confirmed speakers to the Summit include California State President Pro Tempore Kevin de Leon; Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti; California Public Utilities Commission President Michael Picker; Michael Northrop, Program Director for Sustainable Development at the Rockefeller Brothers Fund; Matt Arnold, Managing Director & Head of Social and Sustainable Finance at JPMorgan Chase; and Chairman and CEO of Fivepoint Emile Haddad .

Click here for more details and to register!
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