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Thank you for your support to save the Hayden Law!
 Please make one more important
call to Governor Brown now.

Governor Brown's office:
Phone: (916) 445-2841
Fax: (916) 558-3160

The Senate and Assembly Budget subcommittees unanimously rejected Governor Brown's proposal to repeal portions of the Hayden Law. Tens of thousands of calls and faxes made the difference. See what can happen when we all work together for the animals - thank you!

Please make one more call to the Governor and politely ask that he remove the Hayden mandate repeal from his May revise budget. 

Read more about why the Hayden Law should be protected.  Help us protect animals in California shelters so they may receive medical care and have more than 72 hours hold time to be found by their guardians or adopted by the public.

Continue to sign our petition - We present these names and messages to the Governor to let him know you care and want to protect California's shelter animals. Your signature will save lives!

Thank you for your continued efforts to speak for the voiceless!
Christi on NBC4
<Watch Christi Metropole on NBC4's Nonstop News LA with Colleen Williams discussing why the Hayden Law is so important.


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