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Speed is definitely one of the most controversial subjects in our field.

In part because every sport needs it but we usually get all of our info from Track & Field. 

I think it helps to have so many great coaches on the forum chiming in about their experiences and when I did a search, it reminded me of so many great forum threads:

These two were so good, we moved them to the Best of The Forum

College Sprinting Program
This thread was born out of an email exchange between Jon Messner and Tony Holler.  So glad they took in to the forum.

Ten Sprint Facts- Do you agree?
Anthony posted this question because he figured some people would get rubbed the wrong way about Tony Holler's "Ten Sprint Facts" article.  This could be a good ebook with 71 replies!  A must read for anyone who trains athletes for speed.  

Believe it or not, this thread was started in 2011, but reopened in May this year by Justin Smith. 
Fillers during rest periods of speed work
The original question was  "Does anybody have their athlete perform mobilty, flexibly, etc. work during the rest periods for speed work?"
Great contributions from  Devan McConnell, Ian Duffy, Matt Grimm, Joel Sink and 
Kaushik Talukdar.

Anthony has put all of his shows under one umbrella at CONTINUE, so you can access The Strength Coach Podcast, Strength CoachTV, Stop & Give Me 20 and Tell Me About That Book in one place.

The latest Strength Coach Podcast is with IYCA CEO, Jim Kielbaso.  Anthony speaks to him about what else? Among other things, SPEED!

You can check it out and sign up for The Success Series where he interview me about Success at

Thanks to all of our members for making the World's BEST Source for Strength & Conditioning info!

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