LCN, a network of churches with a passion to make 1,000,000 disciples by 2025.
Are you being filled up so you can pour out into others? Making time for God is very important when making disciples.

Jonathan Falwell shares why it's so important to prioritize spending time with God. 
A Word From Nathan Cline
Lead Pastor Revo Church Winston-Salem

One of the hardest parts of making disciples is getting people started in the process. Here are two things I do to kickstart progress:

Define the Destination

Assuming that people know what a disciple really is and looks like is a mistake. Don't surmise that the destination has been clearly laid out for them. Before you can help them on their journey of discipleship, they have to know what they are striving to become.

Be a Mapbearer

Don't assume that because people know the destination means that they know how to get there.  Discipleship includes measuring where they are, and then outlining their next steps.  It's not enough to simply give someone the final address; you have to pull out the map and lay out the turn-by-turn directions with them.

I'm surprised by how many people tell me, "I want to grow and take my next step, but I don't know what it is."  Once you clarify the goal and lay out the steps they need to take, you've helped to eliminate excuses and create a plan of action for those you are discipling. is a collection of sessions geared toward helping you be a reproducing disciple.

These sessions are divided into 3 sections: Love for Jesus, Love for Others, and Love for the Lost.

This is a fantastic resource for pastors and people who are passionate about making disciples who make disciples.

To access this resource use the following information:

username: gomakedisciples
password: JourneyRaleigh1
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