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One Scientist Predicts Imminent Collapse

Since early 2017, I have researched many of the world's most prominent scientists on the subject of longterm human survival. Most of them share my conclusion that there is still hope for easing climate change enough to save our civilization and our species. 

Although none of them are wildly enthusiastic about our chances, they do see a way forward.  Sadly, that is the end of the "good news" in this BSB. As such, some of you may want to enjoy the rest of your day doing something else. 

Primarily due to his  extensive scientific background on so many related topics, I feel compelled to tell you about this "one scientist." Another reason for sharing this with you is that his overall body of work suggests that he could be one of the best-informed scientists on the planet when it comes to species extinction.

That scientist is Guy McPherson,PhD, who became a tenured professor at the University of Arizona before the age of forty and is now professor emeritus. A few years after earning tenure, the administration seems to have concluded that some of the content in his classroom lectures was not appropriate for the students to hear.

Although they could not fire a tenured professor, they could deny him the opportunity to continue teaching in the classroom. After they did just that, he eventually chose to leave the university.

Dr. McPherson is pictured here alongside one of his books. Guy now feels that we're on the "edge of extinction," that there's nothing we can do about it, and that "only love remains." You can visit his extensive "Nature Bats Last" website at

While I don't agree with his prediction of imminent collapse of our civilization followed by the rapid end of our species, who am I to say that he is wrong? 

Also, who am I to deny my readers the opportunity to make their own judgments regarding Dr. McPherson's findings and conclusions? If you've gotten this far on this BSB, maybe you really would like to know what he has to say.

On 5-24-18, I sent Dr. McPherson an email challenging his latest prediction that the entire human species would go extinct in less than five years. I wrote:

Dear Guy, 

I heard a prominent scientist recently commenting on the possible end of our species. He talked about the fact that there are still millions of humans living at Stone Age levels--and they are not the least bit dependent on modern civilization.

What is your opinion about their ability to survive significant climate change and the collapse of civilization? Will they be the ones who can carry the human species forward? 

Interested in hearing your perspective. Best, Jim Hicks

Dr. McPherson wrote back quickly:
"Even primitivists won't survive on a dead planet marinating in ionizing radiation."

The Bottom Line. I will end this BSB by sharing one of McPherson's recent videos; an 18-minute update launched in  April of 2018. If his conclusions turn out to be true, it is not good news for humans. But here it is, just in case you care to watch. 

What about "prepping?" Millions of Americans are doing it, but my family is not. For some "mainstream" info on that topic, take a look at this  September 2017 NY Times article, "Surviving the Apocalypse."

For more on the topic of sustainability, here are four BSBs that I posted in the past few weeks:

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After all, what could possibly be more important to humans than the survival of our species?

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