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October 2016     
Final call for new OneSpirit student ministers
Our new class of student ministers will start their training on the weekend of 29/30 October - leading, two years later, to Ordination (above). Enrolment will close very soon, but there are still a few days left in which to apply. Our final Introductory Event is on Saturday 8 October in London, and you can reserve a free place by calling Lindsay tomorrow (Friday 7th) on 0333 332 1996. We welcome new applications up to the 14th. You can also download a copy of the training Prospectus. There is never a better time to start the OneSpirit training than the present moment!

Some of the £30,000 scholarships fund for people on limited incomes is still available. For details of how to apply, click the scholarships button at the bottom of the Course Details & Fees page.
Meeting in OneSpirit, connected by Skype

A total of 16 Close-to-home Convocations were held over the summer by groups of OneSpirit ministers and students (instead of, this year, one central Convocation). Most have been in England, with two in Scotland, one in Ireland and one in Wales. A group of ministers based in mainland Europe also met using Skype, wondering: could they also enjoy such depth of intimacy and connection over an internet link? Their answer - a resounding Yes! "What a precious gift to connect and sense the beauty we all bring to the world, from the different countries we live in," wrote Gabriela Rieberer from Hamburg, Germany.
'The whole truth' draws from all the faith traditions

Student experience 1: Kevin Mallen stopped short at a prayer, on Trinity Sunday in May, in his Irish Roman Catholic tradition. "Help us to believe in you and worship you," it said, "as the true faith teaches." But "I could no longer pray that," writes Kevin in our series of short articles written by students about their experience in the training. After encountering other faiths more deeply, he had come to realise "that no one path has the whole truth. I now try to seek what is best, what is deepest, what is beautiful, what is of the Spirit in each faith tradition."
Second minister to do legal weddings in England 

Becky Jones, 2016 A second OneSpirit minister has been authorised to conduct full legal marriages at a church building owned by conservation charity the Historic Chapels Trust. Becky Jones (ordained 2011, pictured) will conduct weddings at Salem Chapel in East Budleigh, Devon, following in the footsteps of Phil Parkinson (ordained 2013) at Todmorden Unitarian Church in Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire. OneSpirit focaliser Nicola Coombe, while welcoming the appointment, said it also highlights "the discriminatory and confusing nature of the current laws governing marriage in England & Wales" - and called for long overdue legal reform to be prioritised by the Government. See News report.
Making my stole taught me about open heartedness

Student experience 2: For her self- directed learning project, Fiona Horwood set herself the challenge of learning how to embroider her minister's stole. "My sense of becoming a minister," writes Fiona, "means that I just need to go wherever Spirit takes me, and if I go with an open heart I will be welcome." Spirit took her to surprising places: "I found I needed to overcome my prejudice of WI types or do-gooders." You can read here about how, in the process, Fiona (who was ordained last year) found a fine teacher, made friends and learned valuable spiritual lessons.
Crowdfunding - a new way to meet training fees
Several student ministers in the training group ordained this summer, and also in the 2017 class, have used online crowdfunding platforms to help raise money for their fees and other expenses. Publicising your crowdfunding drive can be a low-key way of asking  friends and relatives for help, while saving them any embarrasment associated with putting hands directly in pockets, or giving small amounts. You can download an advice sheet by clicking on the tab at the foot of our Course Details & Fees page on the website, where there is also a range of other ideas for raising funds.
Writing my first ceremony - a moment of reverence

Student experience 3: Nanna Boisen's first ceremony - which she wrote and performed during the second year of the training - was a divorce ceremony. "I realized that it had initially been born out of a need from my childhood, and had been on my heart and mind since then," writes Nanna, who travelled to training weekends in London from her native Denmark, and was ordained this summer. "It was a moment of deep reverence to have a place and a form to express it in," she said. "I am full of awe and wonder at having been part of this creative process."

For general enquiries, please e-mail Lindsay.
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