June 2015
Laurie Kelley
Founder and President

Save One Life is a small organization, but big when it comes to innovative ideas. When the earthquake struck Nepal, where 83 beneficiaries live, we sprang into action. We did not have a disaster plan, but we immediately thought to raise money for earthquake victims in the bleeding disorders community. Read below to see our success and how we will use this money to help rebuild Nepal.

It's moments like these when I am most proud of Save One Life. We are more than a child sponsorship agency; we exist to solve problems for brothers and sisters overseas. With your continued support, we will provide even more aid in the months and years to come, for any deserving person in our community who lives in a developing country. Adaptable, innovative, compassionate: just some of the values that define Save One Life.
Laurie Kelley and the team at Save One Life  
Nepal Earthquake Relief Fund

Nepal was devastated by the 7.8 quake that took place on April 25, followed by constant tremors and another 7.3 quake on May 12. More than 4,000 people are estimated to have died, and many thousands more left homeless. Smaller quakes continue to happen daily.

The Nepal Hemophilia Society reported four deaths and 26 families who lost homes. Save One Life responded immediately by setting up a relief fund. Our community responded generously and we have raised over $15,000.  

Our board chair, Ujjwal Bhattarai, who is from Nepal, is coordinating our efforts with the Mary Gooley Hemophilia Center in Rochester, NY (Mary Gooley is twinned with Nepal Hemophilia Society) and WFH to assure relief assistance to the hemophilia community is well coordinated. We will begin to distribute the funds to help with rebuilding homes soon, and plan a trip to the country to monitor their use in the weeks ahead. 


Hemophilia walker Jonathan makes a donation to the 
Nepal Earthquake Relief Fund at Save One Life's display at
the NYC Chapter Hemophilia Walk on May 31. 
NYC Chapter members donated $2,100 to the Fund.
Wheels for the World 2015: Piles of Miles!

Cyclist Barry Haarde is already on the road to his new record of cycling 4,000 miles across the USA for hemophilia and Save One Life.

Barry dipped his bicycle wheel into the Pacific on Sunday, May 31 and will visit 13 states before he dips his wheel again into the Atlantic 52 days later  near Portsmouth, New Hampshire on July 21.

Barry is dedicating each day of his ride to a person with hemophilia who has lost his life to hepatitis or AIDS, including Ryan White, the teenager who became the face of HIV/AIDS when he was expelled from his school due to his infection. Barry looks forward to meeting Ryan White's mother, Jeanne White, and visiting the Ryan White Room exhibit at the Children's Museum of Indianapolis during his ride.


For many years Barry hid his own HIV-positive status. But, after surviving a grueling multi-year treatment to cure his hepatitis in his early forties, Barry decided to make his disorder public. Since then Barry has been symbol of courage, determination and endurance for people with hemophilia around the world.


Barry is an outstanding example of his favorite motto, attributed to musician Bob Marley, "You don't know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have."

You can support Barry in the following ways:


1. Sponsor a Child  in the 13-State Challenge 

2. Make a Donation to Wheels for the World

PILES OF MILES is being sponsored by:  




Barry Haarde's 4,000-mile route from California to New Hampshire.
To get more details on his trip, contact Save One Life 
Blood Brothers Aid Holds its First Hemophilia Camp

With a grant from Save One Life's Smile On Summer Camp Fund Blood Brothers Aid (BBA), based near Manila in the Philippines, held its very first hemophilia camp on May 23-24. 


BBA welcomed 30 campers between ages 8 and 19. Unlike many camps, the BBA did not have a supply of factor on hand, but as you will read below, that didn't dampen campers' spirits! This letter from BBA president Raymund Nanos says it all: 

"We are very grateful to Save One Life for your support. Our members had a really good time! They were so happy to have the chance to participate in new activities that they had never imagined possible for themselves, or were afraid would cause a bleed. But they bravely embraced the possibility of pain and joined in regardless. 


"Most of us did bleed after the activities but we still managed to be happy for the sake of our brotherhood! As the leader who sees all the difficulties and struggles of our group, I was so touched to see campers enjoying every moment of the day. Despite bleeds we were able to laugh and move on. We are already looking forward to camp again next year!"


Blood Brothers Aid camp organizers excited to begin! 

A Note on Raymund:

BBA president Raymund Nanos
with a camper.

We received a message from Raymund shortly after the Nepal 
earthquake, asking that we please donate his sponsor ship to our Nepal Earthquake Relief Fund. 

When we express ed our surprise and appreciation for Raymund 's request, he replied:  "It is really my wish to help Nepal. It makes me fee l good to know that, just like my Save One Life sponsor, I can  als o help. As they say, it is better to give than to receive."

We admire Raymund's generous spirit in giving to those even less fortunate than he. His gesture embodies the spirit of Save One Life.  
Welcome David Kyne and Daniel Stellar to our
Board of Directors


David Kyne

David Kyne is the founder and CEO of KYNE, which focuses on connecting pubic and private sector organizations  to address unmet global and domestic health needs through advocacy and communications. At KYNE, David leads a rapidly growing team that works with private foundations, biopharmaceutical companies, public health bodies, government and UN agencies and NGOs. David received his master's degree from the Dublin Institute of Technology.


Dan Stellar

Dan Stellar has a strong background in nonprofit leadership, and currently serves as the Senior Program Director for a conservation organization in Boulder, CO.  In this position, Dan oversees a staff of 25 employees and manages environ- mental conservation programs that serve 65,000 people per year.  Dan received his master's degree from Columbia University, is a certified Project Management Professional and is a graduate of the Nonprofit Leadership Institute.  

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A Boy to Sponsor
Save One Life beneficiaries face the tough challenge of poverty with a bleeding disorder.  

An annual sponsorship is $264. Save One Life sends 90%, or $240, overseas to assist the beneficiary and his patient organization.

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Nget, 8, Cambodia
In Memoriam
We are very sad to share the loss of Dipesh Majhi, 17, from Nepal. He passed away just before the earthquake from a  blocked urinary tract. Dipesh had severe hemophilia A.

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