November 2016
Laurie Kelley

From the villages of Kenya, to the heights of Kilimanjaro, to the glamour of New York City, Save One Life gets around! 

Sometimes we get so busy serving our partners and beneficiaries we forget to pause and catch our breath. We need to realize and celebrate all we have done; we need to inspire ourselves and others for what we still need to do. And we need to thank those who brought us to where we are. 

Thanks to Martha Hopewell, our executive director, we did just that on  September 29 , when we held our 15th Anniversary Gala. With Martha's creative planning and our sponsorship manager Tricia Sico's helping hands, we brought in guests from Romania, India and the Dominican Republic and friends and colleagues from around the country to celebrate what has become a mission with a passion. 

Read this issue to see the special people we honored, who serve the poor with hemophilia around the world, and who help make Save One Life effective and fun!

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A Celebration to Remember!

A warm and festive spirit of celebration was enjoyed by all.

More than 130 enthusiastic guests arrived at the Manhattan 
Penthouse in New Yo rk City on September 29 to ma r k a very special occasion... Save One Life's 15th anniversary!

The evening program was opened by president Laurie Kelley, who welcomed everyone as the New York skyline glittered behind her. Representatives of our platinum corporate 
Carl Trenz of Octapharma is also a Save One Life board member
sponsors--Ch ristopher F iori of ASD Healthcare and Carl Trenz of Octapharma--gave opening remarks.
Daniel Stellar, Save One Life board member and program committee chair, gave the keynote speech, noting how far we have come: more than 1,700 children and adults assisted through sponsorships, scholarships, micro-enterprise grants and camp support. Dan also spoke of the planning currently underway to ensure a promising vision for Save One Life's future. 

During the awards ceremony, executive director Martha Hopewell cited 38 people who have continuously sponsored children for ten or more years, including Jane Cavanaugh Smith and Sasidhar Maganti, who were present at the event. Martha announced Eric HIll as the 2016 Sponsor of the Year. Eric's long-term colleague, Joyce Helton of  BioRx, a Diplomat company, accepted the award on his behalf, and a video of Eric speaking passionately about Save One Life's mission to help children in need was shown.

  Cyclist Barry Haarde 
Mike Zawistowski from Shire presented the next award to cyclist Barry Haarde. Baxalta, now a part of Shire, has been the gold sponsor of Wheels for the World for five years. Barry spoke about his longest ride yet--5,000 miles from Washington to Florida--which he completed in early September. To date Barry has ridden over 19,000 miles and helped raise over $220,000 for Save One Life.

Save One LIfe's 2016 Inspiration Award went to our very own Usha Parthasarathy, mother of two child ren with hemoph ilia, who has worked tirelessly for the cause of hemophilia in India for more than two decades. Usha helped Laurie establish a Save One Life's first international partnership with Hemophilia Federation (India). For the past seven years Usha has graciously volunteered as Save One Life's India program coordinator, helping us manage 25 program partners and more than 770 beneficiaries.
President Laurie Kelley and executive director Martha Hopewell surprise Usha Parthasarathy with Save One Life's I nspiration Award 

The special treat of the evening was a piano recital by 16-year-old Mihai Stefanescu, a Save One Life beneficiary who has won piano competitions in his home country, Romania, and Europe. Mihai is largely self-taught, as his family could only afford one piano lesson a month. Due to his hemophilia and limited access to factor, Mihai must often ice his fingers and wrists after practicing. It was an honor to have Mihai and his mother, Georgeta, and we thank Wendy Chou of the New York Hemophilia Chapter for hosting them with her family.

Pianist and Save One Life beneficiary Mihai Stefanscu riveting the audience with the Empire State Building in the background

Our special guest was the famous Major League Baseball shortstop Tony Fernández, who attended with his charming wife, Clara.  Tony's best friend and Toronto Blue Jays teammate, Damaso  García, has a son with hemophilia in the Dominican Republic. García's wife, Haydée, organized the
first hemophilia camp for children there, which Tony visited
Our special guest, Tony Fernández
on numerous occasions. He told the moving story of helping his friend embrace his hemophilic son those many years ago, and made a compelling appeal to every guest to pick up their donation cards and support our cause. 
The celebration was uplifting to all; a wonderful opportunity to honor and acknowledge so many generous organizations and ind ividuals from around the world who have contributed to Save One Life's success, and many happier lives over the years. 

To enjoy many more photos and Eric Hill's video, click here

The Generosity of a Sponsor

Pascal Ogot on his new bicycle

Five-year-old Pascal Ogot from Kenya was sponsored in May by Catherine Weight from England. In addition to her sponsorship, Catherine and her friends sent an extra gift to his parents to purchase a small refrigerator, a decent mattress, some shoes and school supplies for Pascal and...a new bicycle! Pascal's expression says a thousand words. 

Welcome New Sponsors!

Chris Core
Janna Garland
Maneesh Goyal
Rodrigo and Julia Hiermann
Kelli Kaminskas
Lora Marden
Douglas Mildram
Vivek Nakarmi
Eileen Troutt-Ervin

We thank these current sponsors who took additional beneficiaries:

Nelson Escoto and 
   Yahaira Roman
Marelle Hart
Alex Ibarra
Lovee Johnson-Lundy
Laurie Kelley
Glade Nelson
Debbie Margolin
NYC Hemophilia Chapter
Arthur Whitcomb
A GIRL to Sponsor!

Save One Life beneficiaries face the tough challenge of poverty with a bleeding disorder.  

An annual sponsorship is $264. Save One Life sends 90%, or $240, overseas to assist the beneficiary and her patient organization.

Show someone you care! 
Please  sponsor today!

Anusha, 8, India 
Eric Hill
Sponsor of the Year 

Eric has put his passion for Save One Life's mission into action in numerous ways.

He collaborated with president Laurie Kelley to organize both climbs up Mount Kilimanjaro in 2011 and 2016 to raise a combined total of $150,000.

Eric's company, BioRx, now a Diplomat company, has been a corporate supporter of 
Save One Life since 2008.

Eric is the first person to make a multi-year gift to Save One Life's endowment fund.

Eric is also a Dedication Circle sponsor, supporting 31 children! 

See Eric's video  here

Eric Hill in Kenya

In Memoriam
We are sad to share the loss of these two boys:

Sajith Puthenpura passed away from pneumonia on October 23. He suffered from Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy in addition to hemophilia. He was 13. 
Sajith Puthenpura
Renz Villalobos passed away in the hospital from an iliopsoas bleed on October 20. He was 23 years old.  
Renz Villalobos
2016  Corporate Sponsors

We acknowledge these corporations for their valuable operational support: 







I am very pleased to inform you that I bought the gift items for  Pascal. 

I traveled to his village and stayed overnight to do the shopping with his mother. We bought a refrigerator, a mattress and a bicycle. Pascal's mother asked to prioritize buying a mattress over clothes as the one they had was in bad condition. I obliged . I also  left her some cash to buy Pascal a school bag and school shoes from the  market. Market day in their village is on Sunday. I asked them to send receipts and pictures after they make the purchases. 

Pascal's family was elated and full of praise for his sponsor. They made sure to ask me to thank her. 

Sarah Mumbi Mwangi
Key Contact
Jose Memorial Hemophilia Society-Kenya

Your Save One LIfe Team

Martha Hopewell, Tricia Sico and Kristy Burns
Save One Life, Inc. 
65 Central Street,  Georgetown, MA 01833