May 2016
Laurie Kelley
Founder and President

An important contribution Save One Life makes to the global hemophilia community is our field visits to developing countries, where we can be the eyes and ears to better understand conditions that people with hemophilia face. We share our observations with the World Federation of Hemophilia to further our collective capacity to respond to needs.  

It was with great pleasure that I recently visited the "Pearl of Africa," Uganda, in eastern Africa, to assess the readiness of the Haemophilia Foundation of Uganda (HFU) to join Save One Life. Together with HFU's executive secretary, Agnes Kisakye, I toured the country to visit families and met with the executive committee to discuss our programs. 

I was distressed by the extreme poverty I witnessed, and elevated by the resourcefulness and dedication of HFU, and Agnes in particular.  I'll be pleased to report to the WFH that Uganda is doing a great job of raising public awareness of hemophilia and educating families. There's much to hope for in the coming years! 

Laurie Kelley with the Ssempa Family and Agnes Kiskye of HFU

Read more about my trip and enjoy my  pictures

Laurie Kelley and the team at Save One Life  
Mission In Action: First 2016 Distribution of Funds 

Save One Life distributes sponsorship funds twice a year--in May and December. This month we sent over $170,000 to 1,200 beneficiaries registered with 41 program partners. We also sent: $3,850 for two camps--one in India and one in the Philippines, $1,000 for a micro-enterprise grant in Romania, and 
$1,300 in special gifts given by sponsors--including $200 to help one beneficiary in Kenya buy a camera for his college courses and $500 to help another family in the Philippines rebuild their home. 

On behalf of our beneficiaries everywhere,
thank you for your generous support!

A Busy 15th Anniversary Season Ahead

Save One Life is celebrating its 15th year in style! Many activities offer opportunities to participate and show your support for the good work we do! Mark your calendars!

Date: August 12  Wheels for the World Party
Barry Haarde will begin his 5,000-mile adventure in Everett, Washington on July 17. Part I of his journey will cover Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, South Dakota, Minnesota, Wisconsin and Michigan. Part II will begin in Portsmouth, New Hampshire and head south along the eastern seaboard states right to the very end--Key West, Florida! He looks forward to meeting with members of our community along the way. If you would like to arrange a welcome for Barry along his route, you can contact him here. For New Englanders, we will celebrate the launch of Part II in Portsmouth on August 12. Details to follow!

Barry's goal is to raise $50,000. Thanks to Baxalta, Biogen, The Alliance Pharmacy, George King BioMedical and others, we have reached 80% of our goal! We need just $10,000 more to proclaim success. To donate to Barry's cause, click here.

Date: July 26  International Community Luncheon 
Save One Life will be exhibiting at World Federation of Hemophilia's upcoming congress in Orlando. On this special occasion when many of our program partners will be gathered in one place, we will host a luncheon in their honor. Board member and sponsor Chris Bombardier, president of SABHA, Inc. and sponsor Shanta Kalyanasundaram, and president of the Hemophilia Alliance and sponsor Joe Pugliese will speak at this event. Thanks to Bayer HealthCare for being a silver sponsor.

Date: August 2 CEO Challenge
President Laurie Kelley will lead an intrepid team, including Save One Life board member Eric Hill and his son Andrew, BDI Pharma president Rich Gaton  and his family, VP of  Emergent BioSolutions Michael Adelman and Dr. James Palmer from the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania up Mt. Kilimanjaro.  The team's fundraising goal is $50,000. To support your favorite climber, click here .

Date: September 29 15th Anniversary Gala 

Mark your calendar for THE event of the year! Come celebrate our 15th year of extending compassion, sharing resources and bringing hope to over 1,500 people with hemophilia around the world! 

The gala will take place at the Manhattan Penthouse in New York City. We will fete our many sponsors and donors who have made Save One Life's accomplishments possible since 2001. We will also announce our Sponsor of the Year and the winner of our 2016 Inspiration Award. To receive an invitation to the event, click here.

Words of Thanks 

On behalf of the Ghana Hemophilia Society and our families, we are very grateful for the offer of sponsorship!  You are making our patients happy and bringing hope to them.
Thank you and may God bless you.

Martin Boakye, President 
Ghana Hemophilia Society
Last year I had several severe bleeds in my bic ep muscle, which compressed the nerves and caused me to lose the functionality of my hand. My hand muscles contracted, leaving me with a permanent disability. I missed my exams and couldn't attend classes
Ashrit is earning a bachelor's degree in social sciences
regularly. I am slowly getting  back to my studies. It's hard, but I am trying! It's not my nature to give up!

Most of us who have hemophilia in developing count ries are not fortunate enough to sustain a normal life. Our disability raises the burden for our families that are already below the poverty line.  It's hard for us to contribute to the family economy without finding suitable jobs that don't require physical labor...and such jobs require education! 

I would like to extend my deepest gratitude for trusting me with your scholarship support. I paid my tuition fee and bought school books. The way you help us with scholarships is immense! People like you make this world a better place to live! I promise that your investment will someday help me achieve a quality, independent life. 

Ashrit B.K., 25
I would like to thank you very much for the micro-enterprise grant. Romania does not offer many opportunities, and those we have do not pay much money. Your help means a lot, and will allow me to fulfill my plans. Thank you!

Razvan is planning to organize a wedding band 
But that's not all! I understand that you help many other people with bleeding disorders all the time. As a patient, I know how special it is to be supported by someone, in any way! It's a big step ahead. It's always an act of kindness which 
helps a lot. For this reason as well, I say thank you. May God give you many days and strength to do such beautiful things for people in need.

Razvan Barburo, 23

Save One Life Outreach in Europe

Save One Life welcomes sponsors from other countries--today we have 26 international sponsors from Canada to Qatar to New Zealand! Most, however, live in Europe, and we would like to see that number grow!

We are pleased that Marelle Hart, a mother with two sons with hemophilia, has stepped forward to be our first volunteer Europe liaison. Based in Germany near the Luxembourg border, Marelle has already reached out to hemophilia groups, filmed a local news presentation for World Hemophilia Day and involved a school in raising funds Save One Life. 

Marelle Hart with her sons and husband, Anton Roodhuijzen

Welcome New Sponsors!

Anna Bainbridge
Veronica Idoate
Robert Massie and Anne Tate
Denver and Megan Parler
Justin Sheffield

We thank these current sponsors who took additional beneficiaries:

BDRN--Bleeding Disorder  Resource Network
Kristy Burns
Helen Floyd
Dawn Hunter
Glade Nelson
A Boy to Sponsor

Save One Life beneficiaries face the tough challenge of poverty with a bleeding disorder.  

An annual sponsorship is $264. Save One Life sends 90%, or $240, overseas to assist the beneficiary and his patient organization.

Show someone you care! 
Please sponsor  today!
Hossain, 12, Bangladesh
A Successful 
 School Fundraiser
Dutch students raising funds for Save One Life.
On April 27 the citizens of The Netherlands celebrate King's Day, which is the birthday of their reigning monarch, King Willem Alexander. The children of the Dutch section of the European School in Luxembourg marked the occasion by organizing a flea market, with all the proceeds to go to Save One Life.

The children sold toys and treats, and raised over $1,800!

We thank our Europe Liaison, Marelle Hart, for suggesting Save One Life to the school, Principal Hans van Wissen, faculty, parents and most of all the Dutch children of grades 1-5 for a successful fundraiser!
Delicious treats for sale during King's Day at the European School in Luxembourg.
Welcome New 
Board Members
Mohammed Hoque

Mo, originally from Bangladesh, is a field care coordinator for Cottrill's Specialty Pharmacy. A person with severe hemophilia A, Mo lives in Warren, Michigan and is an active member of the Hemophilia Foundation of Michigan.
Mohammed Hoque
Myrish Cadapan-Antonio

Myrish came to the United States with her family from the Philippines in 2014.  A mother of twin boys with severe hemophilia A, Myrish is a Program Manager at the Center for Public Leadership at the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University.  
Myrish Cadapan-Antonio
In Memoriam
We  are sorry to share news of the passing of Cesar Fernandez, Sr. from the Philippines, on December 24, 2015. 
2016  Corporate Sponsors

We acknowledge these corporations for their valuable operational support: 






Your Save One LIfe Team

Martha Hopewell, Tricia Sico, Lani Aldrich and Kristy Burns
Save One Life, Inc. 
65 Central Street,  Georgetown, MA 01833