January 2015
Laurie Kelley Founder and President

Before hemophilia entered my life, I worked as an economist for six years. I love statistics, and keep track of many facets of my life in numbers! 

How about these for statistics? 

Since its founding Save One Life--with your support--has helped over 1,300 people with hemophilia in 12 developing countries. 

We've awarded:
  • 8 micro-enterprise grants totaling over $7,000 since 2014
  • 107 scholarships totaling over $55,000 since 2012
  • Over $41,000 in hemophilia camp funding since 2008
  • Over $1.5 million in direct financial aid to individuals since 2001!
  • And we are the only program in the world that gives directly to these families...grassroots, immediate aid, with an eye on the future for each person with a bleeding disorder. 

What do you think about that? And that's not a rhetorical question!

I really do want to know your opinions about Save One Life. Please participate in an on-line survey about how we are doing, and what you'd like to see changed. 

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Thanks to each and every one of you who has helped us impact so many deserving lives! There is still more good work to do--together we can change even more lives for the better!
Laurie Kelley and the team at Save One Life  

Sponsors from Around the World

As Save One Life's mission gets known around the globe, our family of sponsors becomes increasingly multinational! We have sponsors in ELEVEN countries...the United States, Canada, England, Sweden, Switzerland, Italy, Qatar, the Philippines, Australia and now...The Netherlands and New Zealand!  


In August 2014 Hanneke Blok Vonk of Diemen,The Netherlands, sponsored a beneficiary in India. Her father and two sons have hemophilia. In October Hanneke made a presentation about Save One Life to a group of volunteers at the Stichting Elsengroen Foundation in her town, and the foundation made a commitment to sponsor two beneficiaries from India for three years!


When Lynley and Richard Scott of Auckland, New Zealand, discovered that Save One Life had established a partnership with the Cambodia Hemophilia Association(CHA), they stepped right up to become the sponsors of Sony Mein, our first Cambodian beneficiary. Richard, currently Vice President of the Haemophilia Foundation of New Zealand, visited Cambodia when when the Foundation had a twinning program there, and introduced Laurie Kelley to the Cambodian delegation during the WFH congress in 2014.  


Lynley and Richard's oldest son, Andrew, 14, has severe hemophilia A with inhibitors, and they were interviewed by Laurie and contributed quotations to her book, Managing Your Child's Inhibitor


Two firsts! Sony Mien (here with his little brother, Ly Heang) is our first beneficiary from Cambodia. He is sponsored by our first sponsors from New Zealand, Lynley and Richard Scott.

Teaching to Fish: Scholarships Making a Difference

Save One Life has now awarded 107 scholarships to deserving students in seven countries--India, the Philippines, Nepal, Cambodia, Kenya, Ghana and Romania--since introducing the program in 2012.

Many are pursuing studies in business administration, IT and engineering, but we are also supporting promising nurses, doctors, interior designers, graphic artists, mariners and historians!  

Save One Life's scholarship students in Cebu, Philippines

From right to left: Jurich Sungcad (electrical engineering)
 Cleemar Dahunan (accounting)
 Christopher Arcilla (marine transportation)
Ryan Paul Durano (computer programming)
Alimar Juntilla (office administration)
John Libert Quillan (aspiring scholarship recipient)

Ashrit B.K. from Nepal
Quite a few of our scholarship recipients would not be studying without the help of Save One Life. Twenty-four-year-old Ashrit B.K. from Nepal expressed this clearly in his application: "I am so happy about this scholarship opportunity. Recently I've been suffering from a bleed in my left hand and my parents are spending a lot for my treatment. They have had to pay for my whole life. I just can't say I need money for books and tuition, which they cannot afford." Ashrit received $370 for his second year of a Bachelor's in economics, funded by the proceeds from the charity golf outing organized by Evan and Abby Poole of Indianapolis, Indiana in last October.


The goal of the scholarship program is to increase the chances of gainful employment for people who suffer from hemophilia 

Yogesh Kumar (Amit) Sain from Delhi, India

and live in poverty. Amit Sain's is the perfect success story! Amit is 22 with severe hemophilia A. His father abandoned the family when he discovered Amit had hemophilia, leaving his mother, a school cook, to care for him and his three sisters. Amit developed a keen interest in web design, took some courses and started freelancing. Although he had developed more than 10 websites, he couldn't find employment for lack of certification. In 2013 Save One Life awarded a $900 for a six-month certification course. In May 2014 Amit was offered a web development job earning $250 per month, allowing him to upgrade his living quarters and contribute to the dowries of his sisters.


We look forward to sharing more success stories in future issues. If you would like to support our scholarship program with a donation, click put link in here. 

Appreciation from Save One Life Beneficiaries


M. Ramesh, 23 and N. Karthik, 22, beneficiaries of ASD Healthcare, announced in early January that they were ready to pass their sponsorships on to other deserving beneficiaries. 

Ramesh became a beneficiary at the age of 17. His favorite subject in school was math and he loved to play cricket. Now, Ramesh is employed by Airtel Marketing. Over the years his family used his sponsorship funds to pay for medical expenses. 


Karthik studied computer networking and mobile computing in college, which was funded in part by his sponsorship funds. He loves to hang out with his friends. He is very pleased to have been hired as a trainee at Mapless ESM Inc.

Ramesh writes "I request that you kindly transfer my sponsorship to my fellow brothers or sisters, as it will be as useful to them as it was to me. A hearty thanks for your sponsorship of me."


These two young men and their sponsor represent the highest aspiration of Save One Life's sponsorship program--to assist young people with hemophilia to gain their education and become self-sufficient adults! 


We are grateful to ASD Healthcare for its generous dedication to more than 50 beneficiaries, and appreciate Ramesh and Karthik for their willingness to "pay it forward."


N. Karthik from 
Coimbatore, India
M. Ramesh from 
Coimbatore, India
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We thank these current sponsors who took additional beneficiaries:
Saranga Agarwal
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*Welcome, Julie, to our Dedication Circle. 
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A boy to sponsor
Save One Life beneficiaries face the tough challenge of poverty with a bleeding disorder.  

An annual sponsorship is $264. Save One Life sends 90%, or $240, overseas to assist the beneficiary and his patient organization.

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Sothat, 12, Cambodia
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We are so excited to be sponsoring this young  boy (Sony Mien) and love that we can help in a practical way.  We know how blessed we are to live in a country where our son Andrew has access to excellenet treatment, and can't imagine life without this.  

Lynley Scott
Auckland, New Zealand
It is very nice to know who is benefitting from Evan and Abby's fundraising event. These seem like wonderful scholarship recipients. I could not hold back the tears when reading Ashrit's letter. We are so fortunate living in the US and having the lives we do. We take for granted the access to lifesaving products at our fingertips. They suffer from a debilitating condition and live in the poorest of economies. Ashrit's parents work every day of their lives simply to survive and  to keep him alive!

Dee Dee Poole
Indianapolis, IN
In Memoriam
We are sad to share the passing of three beneficiaries:

Stefan Vasiu, 22, had severe hemophilia A with inhibitors. He passed away on August 10 from a hemorrhage stroke. His mother lost his younger brother to a bleed two years ago.

Eric Diacomos, 41, of the Philippines passed away from suspected heart failure on December 10. Eric was one of the founding members of his hemophilia association in Cebu, Philippines, and a source of encouragement to many of the younger generation with hemophilia.

Vincent Taderera, 34, of Zimbabwe passed away from an intra-cranial bleed on December 20. He had fallen off his bicycle a couple of weeks before and had started to complain of a headache, but didn't visit a doctor. Vincent is the second son his mother has lost to hemophilia. 
2015 Corporate Sponsors
We acknowledge these corporations that are supporting our mission with funding for operations: 




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