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Teepa is an advocate for those living with dementia and has made it her personal mission to help families and professionals better understand how it feels to be living with dementia related challenges and change. Her company, Positive Approach, LLC was founded in 2005 and offers education to family and professional care partners all over the world. Her goal? Making a mind at a time.
Planting New Seeds for Change  
Screening for Brain Wellness & Monitoring For Change (It's Not All About Dementia!!) 
by Teepa Snow, MS, OTR/L, FAOTA
In a recent survey, brain change has become the most feared aspect of aging and yet the awareness of, and screening for, is lacking. All around the world people concerned about their own,  or someone else's, brain  function tend to make the following statements: "How do I get her to the doctor?" "I know I'm losing it, but the physician just thinks it's stress"  "Well of course she's forgetful, she's ___(fill in the age), but I am sure it is just her anxiety!" "He sure won't listen to me, I told him he needs to get himself checked out, but he argues with me!" "Why isn't the doctor doing something about her thinking problems?" "He is so depressed, I'm sure that's all it is."

What these comments and questions reflect is a lack of a universal way to monitor our most vital resource in living our lives fully and well, our brain function. Unlike most other body functions, we tend to be reactive and only want to do something when we notice, or at least someone notices, something is changing. However, we don't routinely keep an eye on that something to make sure the CHANGE is noticed as soon as possible to trigger more timely and effective responses. Continue  
Why PAC Skills Make a Difference
Focusing on PPA and HuH  
y Dan Bulgarelli and Kelly Fenish   
Imagine if you will, sitting in a room that looks vaguely familiar. You see people moving about that are all dressed alike though you don't know who they are. Even still, you are pretty sure you don't like them. Something in the back of your head tells you that the last time one of them approached you they tried to hurt you.
Out of nowhere, one of them is by your side and telling you something. They talk too fast for you to really understand but you a pretty sure you heard the word shower. You don't want to take a shower right now. Heck, you just had a shower this morning, you are sure of it. This person won't listen and is now pulling you up and dragging you away. What are you supposed to do? Continue

Onsite Training
Bring Positive Approach to your team 
Does your organization, group, or facility provide daily care or interact with people living with dementia? Are they equipped with the right dementia awareness, knowledge, and skill needed to encourage positive interactions and improve the quality of life of those people?
Teepa Snow and the PAC Team are on a mission to help professionals and individuals better understand how it feels to be living with dementia as well as providing practical skills to help improve care and interactions. We are now offering onsite training that is cost effective and held at a time that is convenient for you.
Take our One Day Care Skills Awareness Workshop for instance. This enlightening and interactive workshop provides not only a better understanding of what living with dementia means, but also the opportunity to try out new skills and experience them from both sides of the care partnership. Participants leave with a greater understanding of dementia as well as practical care partnering techniques they can begin to implement right away.
Benefits of Onsite Training:
  • Educate a larger group at a substantially lower cost per person
  • Reduces expenses associated with traveling and time away from work or home
  • Schedule the workshop on a day that is convenient for you and your team
  • Learn with your colleagues in privacy - feeling more comfortable about asking questions and interacting than in a traditional workshop
  • In addition to the WHAT, Positive Approach™ Skills Trainers teach the HOW and WHY of dementia
  • Train up to 60 people for one fixed cost
A testimonial from a care partner and advocate:
"My family has been struggling with Dementia since the mid-1980s. This training was like someone turning on the light when I had been in darkness for years. I want to spread the word of Teepa's Positive Approach™ to hospitals, nursing homes, first responders, support groups, etc. I cannot change the outcome of the disease - but I can make the journey much better by sharing this training."
Reserve your dates early for 2016. Email us for more info or call 1-877-877-1671.
Growing in Awareness
Peg Chabala's Journey as a Sapphire 
by Beth A. D. Nolan

Before the GEMS™, Peg Chabala did not know how to describe her role in the world. She knew she was the one who, as an adult, seemed to be able to see others' perspectives and perhaps understand a bit why others sometimes made the poor decisions they made. Later, through Teepa Snow and Positive Approach™, she learned about how the brain affects our ability to respond rather than react to something someone says or does, and how she controlled that reaction. She learned that she was a
Spotlight on PAC Team Member
Dr. Beth A. D. Nolan
Direct of Certification Courses 

Hi! My name is Beth Nolan, and I have recently taken on the Director of Certification courses position. Fortunately, I am still able to enjoy my favorite part of the role I have had over the past three years as a PAC trainer and mentor - getting to meet so many amazing learners from all over the continent! I live outside Grand Rapids, Michigan with my daughter, husband, and a couple of aging dogs. I was introduced to Positive Approach™ and to Teepa in much the same way many of you all did-stumbling across this amazing information while looking for answers! I was working as a professor of public health for the University of Pittsburgh when I was asked by a senior living community to come in and perform a program evaluation on the staff training program. I began to work with Teepa soon after I became convinced that her work was not only truly based in science, but because I got to hear and see the moments of joy in families, care partners, professionals, and especially those living with brain change. When I talk to you, and you hear the excitement in my voice, you'll know it is because I am thrilled you found Positive Approach™, too!
PAC Skills Make the Difference
Available April 15th

"Dementia does not rob someone of their dignity, it's our reaction to them that does." - Teepa Snow
In this compelling, practical, and heartfelt 55-minute DVD, you will witness Margaret, John, Gordon, Bob, Alice, and Edna experience the benefit of the Positive Approach™ hands on care techniques and strategies.   Observe the acknowledgement, respect, and dignity they receive as you watch and learn from world renowned dementia training expert Teepa Snow. Her demonstrated care interactions will confirm the need and value of learning interpersonal skills to improve standards of care for persons living with dementia. See for yourself why...

...PAC Skills make the difference!

Growing Teepa's Message
Rachel Voelkers in Oklahoma Working To Plant Her Own Garden of Dementia Knowledge 
by Amanda Bulgarelli
"Isn't she too young?!" They wonder.  

"Why would she want to do this work?" They ask.

As our very first PAC Certified Coach from Oklahoma, Rachel Voelkers raises lots of questions as she works tirelessly to assist in changing the culture of dementia care.  Although Rachel is young, she has a deep passion for care and is working to share her knowledge and experiences with others through her coaching for skills by scattering as many seeds as she can.  She has had many successes with building her own care skills for those living with dementia, and now is working to help others grow a different perspective by volunteering in a memory care unit and working to educate and support a local support group. She recently assisted a woman who was down and feeling helpless with her husbands hallucinations related to his living with Lewy Body Disease.  After working with Rachel to see how she could use Teepa's techniques to be in the moment and go with the flow, the woman called Rachel refreshed and rejuvenated with this new-found skill.  When Rachel meets someone for the first time, they walk away feeling as if they have a new friend, the relationship ALWAYS comes first for her.  Continue

Are you PAC Approved?
Participants, Mentors and Teepa at the PAC Approved Trainer Workshop in Long Beach, NY.
Delirium, Depression, Dementia  
Looking Beyond the Baseline 
by Louis Levenson

Our law firm was involved in a case which is instructive about the 3 Ds. Our client was the victim of medical malpractice resulting in her being in a comatose state for 9 months leading to her death.  On the eve of trial the case was settled for a confidential amount.
What is interesting was that our client was a 70 year old female who had been living comfortably in a long term nursing home setting while also living with dementia.
Prior to 2012, our client could communicate her wishes, sing songs, recognize her family, and could ambulate with a wheelchair.  In 2012, she was transferred to an LTAC Hospital to treat a prolonged ileus, temporary absence of the normal contractile movements of the intestinal wall which can cause cramping, constipation, and bloating. She was, as a result of this ileus, infected, in pain and transiently confused beyond her normal baseline.

Share your PAC Story Image of opened white note book with a pen, and This Is My Story words written on it

Has Teepa's Positive Approach  made a difference in your life? We want to hear your story! 

Caregiver Stress:
Neurobiology to the Rescue 
contributed by Robin Andrews
Heidi is the author of Caregiver Stress: Neurobiology to the Rescue , which was written in memory of her husband. Out of her love for caregivers, she lectures on brain health , stress reduction , and intimacy. Her book simplifies cutting-edge research on relational neuroscience. The book is a do-it-yourself workbook and encourages caregivers to engage in self-care before it is too late. Continue

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