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Learning the Art of the Ask
by Teepa Snow MS, OTR/L , FAOTA 
When told that you will be living with dementia, you may choose to retreat. Decide to pull away and hide. Find yourself hiding in a private, dark, and lonely cave. Each person is unique, and yet many people find themselves unable or unwilling to come out, to re-engage with the life they had before the announcement, to start a new life after the words were said. 

How can those around them help? How can they provide the just right support to engage this hurting human being, in living? Where is the boundary between their right to solitude and your responsibility to offer a way forward?

Lauren with a Side of Lewy 
Perspectives of Living with Lewy Body Dementia 
by Lauren U, PAC Core Team   

I like kids. Babies, toddlers, school aged, teens, and young adults, I like them all. I think assisted living communities, day programs, memory care settings, and adult socialization efforts should include, or at least consider, visits, interactions, and friendships between adult participants and young people. I am lucky to have some of these opportunities. The relationships that have grown out of these bring me joy. Children are more accepting of differences. Even adolescents, who are generally considered quite opinionated, are open to relationships with people who treat them well.

For a few years I've participated in a bi-weekly program that includes children, teens, and young adults. Being around these young people makes me happy. I want to know about them and they want to know about me. Most of them are students, from grammar school through college, some enrolled in post graduate study. As with any group of folks, relationships are formed more strongly with some than others.

Summer is the time to head to the beach for some rest and relaxation.  But some of you are just trying to keep your head above water in the sea of dementia care. 
Join us for the last Consultant Certification of 2018 and score skills for smoother swimming!
Richmond, VA 

Gain awareness and knowledge about your resident's needs and how to work cooperatively with them and their family members.

You will:
  • Navigate the new Medicare guidelines
  • Learn how to coordinate a team approach to person centered care
  • Learn communication strategies for challenging situations
Watch as Teepa demonstrates how a PAC Certified Independent Consultant uses the Six Pieces of the Puzzle to help families and care staff determine what changes they can make to better support those living with dementia.

PAC Consultants Use the Six Pieces of the Puzzle
PAC Consultants Use the Six Pieces of the Puzzle

The course is ideal for Geriatric Care Managers, Care Coordinators, Executive Directors, Marketing Directors, Social Workers, Senior Living Advisors, Marriage and Family Therapists, Gerontologists, Certified Case Managers, Clergy members, and Elder Law Attorneys.
We Have a Choice
August Meditation
by Reverend Linn Possell, 
PAC Lead Mentor Coach  
There are some instances in life where it feels as if we do not have a choice. Having choices can make us feel empowered and hopeful. When someone we know and love is living with dementia, we have choices to make, and these choices can make a huge impact on the life of someone living with dementia. As I work on a new project for PAC on spirituality, I have had the honor of interviewing some of our friends living with brain change. When they tell me about the times that have caused them the greatest pain or joy, it always has to do with relationships. My friends on the interviews tell me about times when they have felt like they don't exist because no one knows how to talk to them when they get their diagnosis, and the message from these individuals is, "please come visit me, talk to me, and see me."

PAC Program's Positive Impact
by  Mandy Otto
PAC Certified Independent Trainer
Life Enrichment Director, Cambrian Senior Living

I earned my trainer certification from the Teepa Snow Positive Approach® to Care (PAC) program in January of 2016. Since that time I have been training the Cambrian Senior Living caregiving team on a regular basis during staff meetings, in addition to occasionally offering more extensive training sessions throughout the year. And, most recently, we began offering a 60 minute weekly training session that takes place over a seven-week timeframe.

We began the first seven-week program as a mandatory educational series to be completed by our memory care team in Tecumseh. Twenty-two staff have attended to date. I made the training available at three different times each week to insure all shifts had a convenient time to work it into their schedules. The times that worked best for our shift changes were at 1pm, 2pm and 10pm. I took the training information outlined by the PAC program and split it up to nicely flow from week to week. Each week I would open the class with an ice breaker that related to our topic, and asked questions such as "if you had dementia and could no longer share with others, what would you want someone to know about you?"

Positive Approach is pleased to announce two new webinar series!

Free Ask Teepa Anything!
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September 12, 2018
7pm to 9pm EDT

Topic:   What if it's you!
Young Onset: Early signs and symptoms when you're young

Healing Blankets
An Activity for All GEMS™ States
by Carolyn Lukert,
PAC Consultant and Support Mentor
One of the biggest challenges of community life as a person who supports persons living with dementia, is finding activities that can be modified for differing abilities AND making those activities meaningful. Engagement in meaningful activity is so important, yet we find it challenging as our precious gems move into different GEMS states. Here is an activity I facilitated at a community in which I work. We called it "Healing Blankets."

The activity involved tying two pieces of fabric together to create beautiful blankets, then donating those blankets to a local children's hospital.
Monthly Music Moment
by Mary Sue Wilkinson,
Founder - Singing Heart to Heart

Five Powerful Reasons to Use Music in Alzheimer's and Dementia Care HD

A Moment In Time
by Charleen Phelps,
Lead Mentor
We have thousands of thoughts streaming past us daily. What thoughts are you noticing right now? Which ones are you hanging on to? A thought is a thought, nothing more. It is given the weight we allow.
When we consider our thoughts, it is likely that many are about what happened in the past or what's going to happen in the future. The past is the past and the future is yet to be. What we actually have is this one moment in time.
So how might we get to a moment? What happens in a moment? A breath? A smile? A sensation?
How might we find one moment of joy?

New to Dementia?
How to Help Someone with Limited Abilities Live at Home
by  JoAnn Westbrook N.H.A.
PAC Certified Independent Trainer and Director of the Pines of Sarasota Education and Training Institution

In 2007, I created the Pines of Sarasota Education and Training Institute to provide education and training to our own staff, our local community, and our region. In the past few years we have added an amazing team, Valerie who is our E-Commerce Manager, and Emilio who is our I.T. and Customer Service Support.

Our partnership with Teepa began ten years ago with a DVD entitled It's All In Your Approach. We now have 25 DVDs, 25 online videos, and five recorded Webinars. We have customers in 38 countries worldwide. 

For Better, For Worse... In Sickness and In Health
by Laura Case,
Customer Service Support
As I decided to write this article about early onset dementia, two remarkable men came to my mind who were on this journey together with their wives. I met Roger and Mark when I worked at an assisted living community a few years ago. I was amazed at their dedication to their wives: daily visits, participating in activities such as exercises, singing, and outings, and spending time with their families during the holiday events. I recently sat down with Roger and Mark and asked them some questions about their journey and was in awe by their devotion to their wives. The words in the forefront of my mind, "for better, for sickness and in health" took on a whole new level of commitment.

From Crisis to Care Partners: The Story of Mom
by Anonymous

My parents had been living independently at their home for decades, albeit recently with a few non-normal aging issues. Then, nine months ago, Mom suddenly landed in the hospital for a week, with vague and unspecified complaints. After a variety of medical approaches and frightening days in the ICU, it was determined mom was near the end. The hospital released her, mostly nonresponsive and on morphine, to go home on hospice status.
I lived three states away, but had flown back at the dire news. As the oldest of three siblings, I took charge and jumped into action. After meetings and signing papers, hospice services were put in place. Hospice would set up the hospital bed and bedside commode at home. They would provide visits from a nurse one to two times a week, someone to give her a sponge bath and wash her hair three times a week, and have her medicines delivered to us. 

August 2018 
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Recognizing the signs of Diamond distress and offering the right responses and support can make the difference between a successful interaction and one that blows up or fizzles out.  In this session, we explore the impact of awareness and personality as we address common challenges.

 Creating Pleasure with Diamonds
(early stage dementia)

This session focuses on the resources and skills needed to provide Diamonds with a sense of pleasure and satisfaction in their lives.  We use  Me Sheets to help determine opportunities to explore while integrating changing abilities and probable changes into the mix. 

This session focuses on the various forms of young onset dementia (first symptoms occur prior to age 65-70.) We discuss some of the situations and challenges that exist and explore alternatives that could help.
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PAC's 2018 UK Journey
by Teepa Snow MS, OTR/L ,  FAOTA 

What an amazing too few days for some and two weeks for others!
We met so many terrific and inspiring people as we went from London to Derby to Wales! And some of us to places and spaces beyond those locales!

We took great friends and colleagues along with us and partnered with our fantastic friends in England, Scotland, Wales, and beyond to expand our Positive Approach to Care culture and message. We now have many more Trainers, Coaches, Mentors, and Champions! More people are Aware, more have Knowledge beyond what they had, and there were new skills practiced and tried out that may just change how interactions and care happen for people living with dementia!


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