Time Machines for Health Equity
While we wish that we had the capability of time travel - in fact, the March 20th date for our "Creating Enduring Health Equity" Awards in the prior email was incorrect -- the awards will actually will be presented on April 20th at the Science of HOPE. We look forward to seeing you there (in the future).
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Getting Onto the Balcony for Health Equity
In which Melanie gets off the dance floor and up onto the balcony, recommends sending poets into space, shares about the amazing Frontiers of Health Equity plenary discussion coming to the Science of HOPE with 6 amazing leaders, and shares a gift to help out the 5 people still not yet registered.
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"Creating Enduring Health Equity" Awards
To Be Awarded at the Science of HOPE
On  Wednesday, April 20th at the Science of HOPE  we will have the honor of presenting awards to two of the most inspiring and dedicated health equity leaders of our time.

Ron Sims will join us to present and talk about the achievements of Dr. Maxine Hayes and Senator Rosa Franklin. In the future, t hese two awards will be given eponymously to those who exemplify each person's spirit and contributions. Nominees  will clearly show traits of consistent leadership, mentoring, implementation of leading edge thinking, and bringing their full selves into the work. 

The Dr. Maxine Hayes Creating Enduring Health Equity through Public Health Practice Award 
will recognize  Dr. Hayes for her lifetime of contribution (so far!) to the creation of enduring health equity in  Washington State and beyond, as a tireless and deeply informed advocate for people who disproporti onately experience health disparities. She has been mentor to more than we were able to count, and to this day continues to be a critical leader and voice in the movement for health equity. Dr. Hayes served as the State's Health Officer for 16 years until her retirement in 2013. She also served as the Board Chair of Healthy Gen (formerly Comprehensive Health Education Foundation) during the mid 2000's when the agency launched its Place Based Health Initiative in 2007.

The Senator Rosa Franklin Creating Enduring Health Equity through Public Health Policy Award 
will recognize the incredible work of Senator Franklin, as t his year marks the 10 year anniversary of the passage of a package of bills aimed at reducing health disparities in Washington State. Foremost was the creation of the Governor's Council on Health Disparities. When friends and colleagues have been asked to reflect on the remarkable life and work of Senator Rosa Franklin, many mention her quiet, clear, kind, yet forceful, and strategic way to accomplish her goals. She always had ALL people in mind when working on legislation. Senator Franklin understands the importance of the critical connections between housing, education, and employment to health, and being able to live a full and vital life. 
The Science of HOPE Highlighted Workshops

We have one of those "problems-that-is-actually-not-a-problem" which is that we have too many exciting workshops and we couldn't narrow it down to only a few for this e-mail!

We had an intense internal debate: do we highlight the workshops that will actually be led by Community Health Workers working on the ground? Maybe we talk about the system dynamics workshop led by award winning speaker, Craig Weber and his incredibly engaging colleague Chris Soderquist? Maybe we name drop Dr. Robert Anda, or we talk about the hands-on motivational interviewing workshop to be led by Josue Guadarrama? But then we still leave out the workshops focused on healing trauma, restoring hope, and building trust for educators and youth workers. 

You see our dilemma, right? Stuck between a rock and a hard place, we had to give up and simply point you to our conference website, ScienceOfHope.HealthyGen.org.  

Check out the amazing workshops we have lined up, and don't wait to register before it's too late !

ACEs & Resilience Initiative Mapping
The Mapping Room

We need your help in creating a comprehensive map of ACE & Resilience initiatives happening throughout the state and nationwide! 

The Science of HOPE
A Few of Our Presenters At-A-Glance
Laurence Steinberg, PhD 
Adolescence Expert, Author & Professor of Psychology at Temple University

Moshe Szyf, PhD
Leading Geneticist & Molecular Biologist at McGill University

Shawn Ginwright, PhD
Author, Activist, & Professor at San Francisco State University

Stephany Cuevas, Ed.M
Harvard Doctoral Student, Communities, Culture & Education

Craig Weber
Author, Consultant & Speaker

Chris Soderquist
Consultant & Trainer

Suzette Fromm-Reed, PhD
Community Psychologist & Associate Professor, National Louis University

James Caringi, PhD
Associate Professor at University of Montana & Coordinator of Qualitative Research at NNCTC

Chan Hellman, PhD
Associate Dean & Professor at University of Oklahoma

Mona Johnson, PhD
Director of Student Support, OSPI

Christopher Knaus, PhD
Professor of Education at University of Washington, Tacoma

Kathy Burgoyne, PhD
Senior Director of Applied Research, Foundation for Healthy Generations

Josue Guadarrama, MA
Counseling psychology Doctoral student, Washington State University

Robert Anda, MD, MS
Principal Co-Investigator of original ACE Study, Author, Consultant & CDC Senior Scientific Consultant

Amy Hill, MA
Documentary Filmmaker, Public Health Consultant, StoryCenter

Cathy Fromme, PhD
Principal of TrustWorks

Greg Williamson, MA
Assistant Director for Partnerships & Collaboration, WA State Department of Early Learning

Laura Porter
Senior Director - Learning Institute, Foundation for Healthy Generations

Robbi Kay Norman
Public Policy Consultant & Co-Principal of Uncommon Solutions

Bill Wright, PhD
Sociologist & Associate Director of Providence Center for Outcomes Research & Education

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Continuing Education 
Clock Hours
Are you an administrator, principal, counselor, or teacher in the K-12 system?

By attending The Science of HOPE conference, you are eligible to receive 16.5 clock hours approved by the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI). 

Just let the registration desk know when you arrive and they will provide you with the necessary paperwork.  Register here.