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Anthem Discontinuing plans in IFP Marketplace in certain CA Regions-

Anthem has announced its pulling out of most of the state's individual markets, citing the uncertainty swirling around the Affordable Care Act. The move by Anthem, the nation's second-largest health insurer, means Californians who buy insurance on the California exchange, must look for new plans for 2018. 
In 2018, Anthem will sell to individuals only in about half of California's counties, including Santa Clara, San Joaquin, Stanislaus, Merced, Tulare, and most of the region north of Sacramento up to the Oregon border. 

For a List of Regional Plan Options for 2018, please Click Here

If you are a current or potential client who lives in one of the regions Anthem is leaving, please contact us to assist you with finding another "Best Fit" Individual plan option for you and/or your family.

To learn more about Anthem's decision to discontinue offering IFP plans in California please  Read more.

Health Net EXITS Marketplace 
in  Many Bay Area Counties

Health Net has announced that it will be changing its plan offerings for the 2018 year, by adding an EnhancedCare PPO and an EPO in the Non-Exchange "Direct Enrollment" marketplace.  

For More Information on your options Read More Here.

However, Health Net will be EXITING the Covered CA market place, in most Bay Area Counties;and only offering plans via the NON-Exchange, Direct Enrollment (Non Subsidized plans) with Health Net.  For a list of the counties in which Health Net will continue to offer Coverage Via Covered CA, Click Here.   

What this means to those currently enrolled in a Health Net plan via the Covered CA Exchange?:

  1. If you are located in a county where Health Net will NO longer offer coverage, you will need to look at other Covered CA options.
  2. If you are currently enrolled in the Health Net PPO via Covered CA, the only other PPO option is via Blue Shield of CA.
  3. To date, Blue Shield has Sutter Health (ie. Palo Alto Medical Foundation) in their network.  
  4. For those receiving subsidies, that want to stay on a PPO, will have to move to Blue Shield of CA.  [Blue Shield PPO is the only PPO option w/in Covered CA.]
  5. To review other options, please visit our website to run a quote, and view the Health Net plans offered via Direct Enrollment (ie. non-subsidized plans.)  
  6. If you can not afford a Direct Enrollment plan, then you will need to visit the Shop and Compare tool on the Covered CA Website to run a preliminary quote, and view the plans offered by Covered CA for the 2018 year.[Keep in mind, 2018 quoting will not be available until November 1st.]
  7. Once you have narrowed down a few plan options, Call Us to Set Up a Consultation, so we can assist you with choosing the "Best Fit" plan to meet your needs.
  8. Please NOTE:   We expect to be "quite busy" during this year's Open Enrollment Season, so we ask that you please prepare ahead of time, by reviewing your plan options on the appropriate websites (links listed above) prior to your consultation with us.  
  9. Also, if you have a plan in mind, please be prepared to submit the information needed to enroll via Covered CA [Click Here] or Direct with the carrier you have chosen to enroll.  Please Read below for more tips on how to prepare for Open Enrollment 2018.  Read more

How to Prepare for Open Enrollment:

In order for Open Enrollment to run smoothly for our Individual and Family plan (IFP) clients, or prospective IFP clients, we ask that you do the following:
  1. All IFP members should be receiving a Renewal Notification from Covered CA, or the Carrier you are enrolled with, by this October.
  2. Covered CA has estimated a 12.5% Increase for 2018. [Keep in mind this is an averaged estimate, and some areas may experience lower or higher rate changes.]
  3. Those Enrolled Directly/OFF-Exchange with a Carrier, will also receive renewal notices.  
  4. Please Make sure to read carefully, as many carriers will be making changes to their plan options this year.
  5. Before contacting us, we ask that please you Review your Renewal letter, and any Changes that the Carrier may be making for the 2018 contract year. 
  6. If you decide to stay on the plan you have, and accept the renewal, we ask that you please email us, confirming your New plan and 2018 rate, and we will renew you in the systems.
  7. You will also need to send in any forms, included in your renewal packet, directly to the carrier, and fax or email us a copy, so we can follow up to make sure they are processed in a timely manner.
  8. Please REMEMBER:  All changes Must Be Made BEFORE 12/15/17 to receive a 1/1/2018 effective date.
  9. To Renew your plan or discuss other plan options, 
    Please Contact Us BEFORE 12/1/2017
    , to set up a consultation with one of our agents. 
  10. Keep in mind, we ask that you visit our website prior to meeting with us, to review the health plan options we offer.   
  11. Our website now offers both On-Exchange/Covered CA and OFF-Exchange/Direct Quoting.
  12. If you are enrolled via Covered CA, we ask that you visit the Shop&Compare tool on the Covered CA website, to review the available health plan options for 2018.  [Please keep in mind, all APTC/subsidies quoted, are subject to final review and audit, of all stated income, by Covered CA.]
  13. We have created a list of Items you will need to send to us, or bring with you prior to Enrolling in person on a Covered CA planPlease Click here to download.
  14. For additional information that Covered CA requires for Enrolling, please visit their website here.
  15. Please Call us to set up a Consultation at: (408) 615-1280 or Email us at:
  16. Please be prepared with the information needed to enroll, and any questions you may have prior to our appointment.  This will assist with Expediting the process.
We look forward to working with you 
as your Agency of Choice.  

ACA [Affordable Care Act] Update
ACA Update by

Many of our clients have called us concerned about the recent announcement and news regarding President Trump's recent executive order; which if enacted, will cease funding of the Cost Sharing payments that subsidize many ACA healthcare recipients.  While this recent announcement (as of 10/12/17,) can be unsettling, we do not expect any changes to take effect immediately.  I f any changes are scheduled to take effect, we will inform our clients via our newsletters and/or social media.  Please make sure you subscribe to our newsletter and follow us on social media for instant updates on the latest news and changes regarding Healthcare Reform.    Like us on Facebook   View our profile on LinkedIn   Visit our blog
In the meantime, attached is a recent Update by the National Association of Health Underwriters which gives a few Fast Facts and Summary regarding the recent announcement by the Trump administration.  As well as an excellent article explaining what this all means  Read More Here.