Saturday 9/2
8:30am Intro/ Level 1 Reformer
9:30am Pilates Mat
9:30am Level 2 Reformer
10:30am Booty Barre
10:30am Level 3 Reformer
11:30am Yummy Tummy Yoga

Hurricane Harvey has devastated our coasts, city and community. Many Good Space clients, friends and instructors have been impacted by the flooding. I wanted to introduce two from our community below: Deanna & Shannon.

Deanna Watkins lost her home, car and belongings. Deanna has been a business partner and friend of my Mom's Skin Care next door to The Good Space for 14 years. Many of you know and love her fantastic facials and organic skin care products. Deanna evacuated Sunday out of her Richmond home with just the clothes on her back. Deanna had no flood insurance and she is currently living in a hotel.

Shannon Seagert, a dear client and yoga instructor, lost her home, cars, and computers. She and her family evacuated out of the memorial area Sunday. They are staying with friends at the moment and have found a place to rent while they wait to repair their home and salvage belongings after the water recedes in the memorial area.

Harvey showed that under the worst of circumstances, we are a community of bravery, spirit, love, compassion and kindness. I am so proud to be a TEXAN and call Houston my home. Harvey has submerged many homes in Houston & our neighboring counties, but it has not and will not drown our spirit and faith.

God Bless and prayers to all, as we work to recover our homes and communities in the weeks and months to come,

Melody Morton-Buckleair

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Deanna and Shannon's user names are in parenthesis above (Deanna-Watkins-1) and (Shannon-Saegert). Make an account and add them as a friend to donate!

You can help Deanna and Shannon by donating to their personal Venmo accounts above or by dropping items at The Good Space during business hours.

List of items to donate:
  • Gift cards to food establishments
  • Gift cards to Target/ Walmart/ Amazon (clothes, shoes, other goods)
  • Bottled water
  • Non-perishable food (snacks/ canned food)
  • Paper plates, plastic utensils, cups, napkins
  • Paper towels
  • Toilet paper
  • Clean bedding sheets, blankets, pillows, towels
  • Plastic bins with lids
  • Cardboard boxes (small, medium, and large)
  • Bags (contractor, trash, gallon zip locks)
  • House cleaning solvents
  • Bug repellent