Adexa Executive Roundtable

Artificial Intelligence and Thinking Supply Chain Systems

Tokyo, JapanJanuary 28, 2016—Adexa hosted an executive roundtable meeting attended by several high level executives of Japanese high tech companies and consulting organizations at Tokyo’s Aoyama Diamond Hall. The presentations included Adexa’s vision of future supply chains presented by Adexa CEO, Cyrus Hadavi. He explained the learning capability of today’s supply chain planning systems and how much more intelligent they can be in future by way if decision automation and self-improving techniques of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Other speakers included presentations from executives of Fujitsu and NK sharing how supply chains of the future can keep up with the new requirements of the internet age.

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SCM in Digital-Era  
Presenter: Shunji Endo / N.K. Corporation 
Presenter: Ken Takizawa / Fujitsu Limited