The Optimist International Global Spotlight was created to provide another means of communication between Optimist International and the Optimist Clubs outside of the United States and Canada.  The newsletter will be sent monthly. If you have suggestions for improvements, Club projects, articles for inclusion and/or other information about your Club, contact
New International Clubs

The Mothers of Tomorrow Optimist Club in Jinja, Uganda organized this month with 18 Members. They wasted no time getting underway with their projects.  The Clubundertook an initiative to provide basic skills training for young people in their area. 

"For most of the kids, the skills are going to
 enable them to earn the funds they need to take care of their scholastic needs," said Optimist, John Balinda. "They are being empowered to get back to school with little assistance because they have the skills to do crafts which the sponsors can buy or sell to their friends."

The Optimist flag is flying in another part of Nigeria. The Optimist Club of Igbaja organized with 17 Members December 23. Igbaja is located in the west-central part of the country, approximately 345 kilometers (about 214 miles) from the capital of Lagos.

"We plan to engage in medical outreach to compliment primary health care delivery services," said Charter Club President,  Olaitian Oyin-Zubair. "The Optimist Club also will work in related community service areas like road mending."
Expanded Communication Coming in 2018

Optimist International is going to add to its communications efforts with our international Clubs in 2018.  Plans are in the works to create a monthly conference call in which Club Presidents and other leaders can report on their activities, ask questions of Optimist International, and share ideas with other Clubs from around the world. These efforts will be included in both English and French. An email notification of the first call to take place in January will go to the presidents in the Caribbean, Africa, Asia, and elsewhere overseas.  
Spotlight on Two Clubs

The Eastern Region Optimist Club of Ghana organized just two years ago and has made a significant impact on children in its area of influence. The Club recently held a Christmas party for dozens of children at the Adadekrom Primary School in the Eastern part of Ghana. 

"This is the first of many activities this Optimist year," said President Oteng Foster. 

The Club is also embarking on a membership drive with, "registration open to every Ghanaian who is ready to help us bring the best out in kids." 

The Optimist Club of Morocco, based in Casablanca, is also just a couple of years old, but its Members continue to raise awareness about issues important to their community and themselves. Members recently organized a hike to raise public awareness.

"We wanted to draw the authorities' attention to the preservation of the forest and its protection against poachers," said Club President Aberrazaq Mihamou.