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OrMOM Volunteer News 12/6/2010
Greetings! Oregon Mission of Mercy logo
Thank you for sharing your time and talents with us during Thanksgiving week. With your assistance, we had a very successful first Oregon Mission of Mercy. Together, we provided almost $830,000 worth of treatment to 1,554 people! Check the sidebar to the left for more statistics.

As the OrMOM media sponsor, the Oregonian made it possible for us to place a full-page ad in the Thanksgiving Day issue which thanked sponsors and volunteers. ODA executive director, Bill Zepp, would also like to extend a special thank you for all of the complements to our staff that he has received from members and other volunteers.
Oregon Mission of Mercy Fun Stats
1244 volunteers
1554 patients
7884 procedures
$829,119.15 worth of treatment

By Procedure
Cleanings: 431
Xrays: 1671
Fillings: 1119
Endo: 53
Extractions: 1427
Partial Dentures: 108

Dentists: 233
Assistants: 180
Hygienists: 92
Lab Techs: 11
Pharmacy field: 14
Medical field: 18
Students: 298
Community: 398
OrMOM Partners
The ODA is incredibly grateful for all of the wonderful support that we received from the community. Please thank these OrMOM partners the next time you see them!
Pictures, Patients & Press

Take a look at the following:

Check out the OrMOM website for a complete list of OrMOM media coverage.

Volunteer Survey

We would love to hear your thoughts on how we could improve Oregon Mission of Mercy in the future. If you have not already taken the volunteer survey, please take a few minutes now to tell us about your experience:
Lost & Found

At the end of the clinic we ended up with quite a few unclaimed items. If you left a jacket, water bottle, gloves, etc. behind, please contact the Oregon Convention Center (503-235-7575) to see if they have it in their lost & found. If you walked away without personal dental instruments, please contact the ODA (503-218-2010 or We have a box of items that were left at sterilization.

Volunteer Work Release

We have had some calls from volunteers who didn't pick up the work release form in the volunteer lounge. If you need to prove to your employer that you were at OrMOM, please download this form and check off the shift(s) that you volunteered. Those of you looking to take advantage of the Oregon Board of Dentistry's CE credit for volunteering can also use this form. Please note that you are responsible for self-reporting to both the OBOD and/or your employer.