KATHMANDU, NEPAL -- The second annual Nepal Tattoo Convention took place in the nation's capital at the end of April, signaling the rise in tattoo culture in Nepal's urban areas. While small, homemade tattoos have long been traditional for some ethnicities and religions, society used to associate large and visible tattoos with lower castes. But now, tattoos of all kinds have become fashionable among youth.


MBERENGWA, ZIMBABWE -- Although Zimbabwe is a mineral-rich country, mine laborers and owners say that profits aren't enough to cover costs, leading to low or little pay and unsatisfactory working conditions. The government has implemented laws aiming to reform both issues, but fee hikes to boost federal revenue have been problematic.

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DIKOME BALUE, CAMEROON -- When it comes to inheritance in Africa, patriarchal systems often receive criticism from women and women's rights advocates. But members of Cameroon's Balue tribe say that their matrilineal inheritance system is actually worse. Not only can women not inherit property, but it also passes land and belongings out of the immediate family and into the extended family. 

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ISEYIN, NIGERIA -- Among some ethnic groups in Nigeria, it has long been tradition to cut children's faces to mark them after they are born. The specific pattern of cuts on the face or body identifies the child's family heritage. But these days, the tradition is declining, as some cite health dangers and child abuse law. 

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