Orthos Liquid Systems Hires Stuart Humphries as
Director, Municipal Sales and Marketing
Brings Over 25 Years of Sales, Marketing, and Engineering Experience

Bluffton, SC - January 21, 2016 - Orthos Liquid Systems, Inc., (Orthos) the leading manufacturer of nozzle-based filter underdrain systems in water/wastewater treatment, announced today that industry veteran Stuart F. Humphries has joined the company as Director, Municipal Sales and Marketing.  Humphries comes to Orthos with 25 years of experience as an environmental consulting engineer, contractor, manufacturer's sales representative, sales director for a successful wastewater technology startup, as well as the brand turnaround leader for an air purification systems manufacturer.

"I am thrilled to join the Orthos team to spread the word about the compelling advantages of Orthos' filter underdrain systems and the unparalleled quality of our nozzle products," said Mr. Humphries.  "In 200 deep-bed filters and with almost 20 years of service, Orthos' monolithic filter systems have never had an underdrain system failure. We are in thousands of pressure and retrofitted downflow filters in North America--each of our over million nozzle products are specifically offered for the particular application. Our in-house engineering design expertise and supreme quality of filtration systems cannot remotely be matched by any competitor. I am honored to be associated with this first-in-class organization."

Orthos conventional deep-bed downflow filter systems continue to be a mainstay in the water/wastewater market, as other types of filters cannot equal its repeatable results, multi-media capability, media longevity, and non-existence of in-basin maintenance. Unlike block or triangular lateral filter underdrain systems, Orthos filter systems provide ongoing value because the monolithic nozzle slab is part of the facility's civil structure. Thus, for a monolithic filter rehabilitation, the filter media is removed, nozzles replaced and tested, and new media put into the filter.  For other types of filters, as well as for block or triangular lateral filter underdrain systems, an expensive and complete overhaul is required for filter rehabilitation. Humphries quips, "With life cycle cost the important metric, why replace the entire chandelier when all you have to change are the light bulbs?"
Providing filtration solutions since 1978, Orthos Liquid Systems, Inc., is the leading manufacturer of nozzle-based filter underdrain systems and nozzle products in water/wastewater treatment. With thousands of North American installations in the municipal and industrial markets and millions of nozzles sold, Orthos delivers unparalleled quality and system longevity. Orthos is also the North American master licensee for Schlick® atomizing nozzles for pharmaceutical and other precision application industries. For more information, visit www.orthosnozzles.com or call 843-987-7200.

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