Osher Arts & Lectures Presents:
Launching in October 2018

The James Webb Space Telescope
by Cherie Miskey of the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

Friday, May 19
2 - 4pm
at the
Downstairs Cabaret Theater
3450 Winton Place 

This is a FREE event with a reception immediately following the lecture and Q&A session

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About the Lecturer
Cherie Miskey
After graduating from RIT, Cherie Miskey moved to Washington, DC, to work for the Catholic University of America at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center as a data analyst with the Hubble Space Telescope, Far Ultraviolet Spectroscopic Explorer, and other space telescopes. She has been an author on dozens of refereed science journal articles and produced images for publication in periodicals (Astronomy, Nature) and press releases  (NASA, American Astronomical Society, Space Telescope Science Institute).
Cherie then worked on the Land-sat 7 satellite as a calibration scientist. Several years later she joined the Optics team building the next generation space telescope, the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST). She is the Optical Test Lead for the JWST cryogenic-vacuum testing and is very exciting about its impending launch in October of 2018.

Construction of the telescope

Paul Rapoza,  Arts & Lectures Chair
Osher Staff