There's just a w eek to go until Ottawa Veg Fest 2017. This is the third  in the  series of messages that exhibitors will receive as Veg Fest approaches.  If you've worried that you might have missed the  earlier emails, just go to   the Info for Exhibitors page on the website. One last email will be sent out next week.

Response to our call out for contributions for the Amazing Veg Fest Prize Package was ... amazing!  The grand prize will be worth more than $2500, with a second prize worth $800 and a third prize worth $500.  Special thanks to all of your that contributed.

Please D on't Forget
... Ottawa Veg Fest is a VEGAN event

As noted clearly  on your exhibitor application and in the Exhibitor Guidelines  only products that are VEGAN (i.e. containing no animal or dairy products) may be displayed and sold at our event. Vegetarian isn't good enough!

This means that products containing honey, beeswax, eggs, dairy products o
r any other animal-derived products may NOT be displayed or sold. There are no exceptions!  If you have any questions, please contact us.

What comes with your booth?

Though outlined on the website, it is worth mentioning this again so there are no surprises. Each standard booth is 8 feet wide and 6 feet deep. Deluxe corner booths are 12 feet wide and 8 feet deep. Non-profit booths are generally 6' x 6' unless they paid for a standard booth. 

All booths come equipped with one 6 foot long table with white table cloth and 2 folding chairs.

The only exception are the 6' wide Non-Profit booths. In this case we provide you with a 5' long table (so you can escape from behind the table if you have the table at the front of your booth).

Some of you might have ordered and paid for extra tables. These will be available when you arrive. Additional tables may be available (no promises) at a rental cost of $50 for the weekend.  

Behind all booths is 8' high black fabric curtains on metal frames (called pipe and drape). Only light weight signs and banners may be hung from the top pipe (wire or metal shower curtain hooks work well). Others must be free-standing or on a frame you provide.

Exhibitors that have been assigned a booth next to a deluxe corner booth will have pipe and drape along one side of your booth as well.  Check the floor plan to find your booth location.

Floor Plan 

The floor plan is now available online in the "Info for Exhibitors" section of the website or click here.

Set-Up Information

Set-up and Take-Down Times

To avoid a mad rush on Saturday morning we offer the opportunity to set up on Friday from 4:30 to 7:30 pm. The Saturday set up will be from 8:00 am to 9:45 pm.  If you need help finding your booth when you arrive, report to the Event Office booth near the main entrance to the show or find a Veg Fest Volunteer.

Though the room is locked overnight, we recommend that you not leave valuables (such as laptops) at your booth. Sunday morning you can enter starting at 9 am.

Take down will take place between 4 and 6 pm on Sunday. 

How to Access the Building

How you best access the building depends on what you need to bring in.  A handy building plan is available on the Veg Fest website (click here). For heavy or large loads, there is a loading door at the back of the RA Centre (access is from the side closest to Billings Bridge plaza) which is shown at the top of this plan.

 That loading door can get quite busy, so if you can carry your supplies, we recommend that you use one of the three other entrances shown on the plan as West Wing, Central and East Wing Entrances. If you have a cart to help move your supplies, we recommend you bring it to make your move in easier.

If you need to access the show to replenish your booth, there are doors at the two back corners that can be used for this purpose. The large loading door generally cannot be used during show hours.

We ask that exhibitors park their vehicles in the parking lots adjacent to the RA Centre and that you park furthest from the building, so our guests will have access to the best parking. Vehicles parked in other areas may be towed. 

If you ever have a question, please email us at
or call and leave a phone messa ge at 1-800-838-5915