Ottawa Veg Fest 2017 is almost here! This is the last  in the  series of messages that exhibitors will receive.  The ea rlier emails, are available on the  Info for Exhibitors page

As you've maybe heard, booths sold out early this year.  We've got a great mix of returning and new exhibitors this year. To see who will be there, please  Click here for the Exhibitor List.  

Marketing Veg Fest

Lots of effort goes into the marketing and promotion of Veg Fest. Online marketing and social media like Facebook plays a big role. Our posts often reach more than 1000 people. We've also sent thousands of emails to people who have attended our events in the past and have registered on lots of online directories. Ottawa Tourism is helping promote Veg Fest this year. Several partners have also sent out thousands of notices to their networks too.

We also do significant traditional media. We have TV appearances on both Rogers and CTV next week. Special thanks to our media guru Pam Tourigny for her help. We have advertised in TONE magazine, the new Alive + Fit magazine and in the Ottawa Citizen. We issued a press release which usually results in pick up by the local press and radio. And we printed and distributed 10,000 promotional postcards at local events and businesses.

We give gift bags to the first 100 that attend each day and launched The Amazing Veg Fest Prize Package this year.  Both of these initiatives will attract people. Thanks to vendors that contributed to these. 

All this to say that we've done more than we've done in the past.

Floor Plan

In case you missed the last email, t he floor plan is now available online in the "Info for Exhibitors" section of the website or click here.

One Last Reminder

As mentioned in the last email and as noted clearly on your exhibitor application and in the Exhibitor Guidelines, only products that are  VEGAN (i.e. containing no animal or dairy products) may be displayed, sampled and sold. Vegetarian isn't good enough!  There are no exceptions!

Pictured below is a member of our VEGAN police force. He will be watching out for those that break the rules.  We're kidding (of course) but every year visitors do bring their concerns to our attention.
Please be Informed

We urge you to please remember to go to the Info for Exhibitors page on the website. There is lots of important information there that should answer any outstanding questions you may have.

Electricity, WiFi etc.

We've solved our past power issues with help from the helpful people at the RA Centre.  However, please note that unless you specifically requested power in the application, it will not be available. There is limited power available. B ooths with power are indicated with a shaded box on the floor plan, as are extra table requests.

Your assigned power outlet might not be exactly in your booth, so please bring an extension cord (the heavier the better) and maybe a power bar.

There is WiFi available in the RA Centre ... but from past experience the WiFi service in the room where Veg Fest is taking place is not 100% reliable (particularly for newer i-Phones) so have a backup plan.  The WiFi is RA Convention and the password is 24November51

There is an ATM machine on site which is located near the East Wing Entrance.  


The closest washrooms are near the Central Entrance (in the corridor just past the presentation room), not far from Veg Fest.  Check the RA Centre floor plan for details.

A Few Useful Tips:  

1)   Some exhibitors arrive with a sign or banner that mounts on the front of their table. This is not ideal, since it will usually (hopefully) be hidden by the customers at your booth. Makes sense doesn't it? A sign or banner hanging on the curtain wall behind your booth is much more visible!

2)   The floor of the exhibit hall at the RA Centre is concrete and can be cool underfoot (since it is a curling rink for most of the year), so please wear really comfortable warm shoes (flip flops or high heels are clearly not recommended). Use of a rubber mat or carpet beneath your feet where you stand in your booth would also be a great idea. Standing for six hours is not always comfortable. Take precautions and enjoy your day.

3)   If you are sampling food, please bring a plastic place mat for the table that can be periodically wiped clean. The white table cloth you're given has to last the weekend.

If you ever have a question, please email us at
or call and leave a phone messa ge at 1-800-838-5915