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 Live Music with

Milk Carton Superstars

Saturday 12/10 @ 8pm


In the Garden

Full Moon Circle

Saturday, 12/10 7pm


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Sparkle Market

Sunday, 12/11 11am to 6pm






Charles Eisenstein

Author of Sacred Economics

will be in Orlando

January 21st, 2012




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Good News


We were just featured on Happy Cow, a veg portal we use when we travel to new places! Read the interview here.


From the Front Porch

 recent podcasts of

 interest to our communitea


Cottage Foodie Advice and Resources by Julie Norris




Sacred Economics with Charles Eisenstein


You want to support local & independent for the holidays. We know you do, because you are awesome & you get it. Sometimes it is hard to figure out just HOW to do that, so we decided to put together this quick list of gifts to match your desire to BE THE CHANGE YOU WISH TO SEE.

Happy Holidays!!!
Give the Gift of Homespun Fun
Banner_Logo Finally, a calendar for the local lovers in our lives! Don't miss out on any of the good stuff going down in Central Florida. The 2012 Ourlando Event Calendar is brought to life by the masterful sketches of Thomas Thorspecken who documents the Orlando culture & arts scenes on his website Analog Artist Digital World.


Key local arts and culture events will be listed in this twelve month locally printed collector's piece so you can plan your vacation around all the good stuff happening in town! This calendar is only available through pre-order and at select special events. 


This is a no-brainer gift to give anyone who supports local anything!


A portion of proceeds benefits a local organization of your choice on a sliding scale to fit every budget.  We'd love to see you choose Front Porch Radio (Julie's show) but we believe in the good works of all the organizations you can choose from, so pick the one that makes your heart sing the most!


Order your 2012 Calendar TODAY for delivery in time for Christmas!


ps You might remember seeing a sample of these sketches gracing the walls of Dandelion. It was Thomas' first public art show for his sketches. Prints are rare to come by and an original sketch is even rarer making this calendar a totally rare and completely affordable way to enjoy prints of several sketches all through 2012. 

Give the Gift of Dandyliciousness!
Dandy Delight!

 When you give someone a Dandelion Gift Certificate, you are introducing them to a whole lotta love - for the planet, for vegetables, for people, for tea, for organic food! As a small, independent business, we appreciate your support in spreading your love for us to your friends & family in the Orlando area.

Purchase ONLINE or at the cafe!

A Dandelion Gift Card Is A Perfect Gift For Any:
  • Vegetarian, Vegan or Flexitarian!
  • Organic Foodie
  • Tea Enthusiast
  • Supporter of all things LOCAL
  • Supporter of the Slow Food Movement
  • Folks who just plain love our healthy food and energizing atmosphere!
Give the Gift of HOMEGROWN!!!
And by Homegrown, we mean seriously farm fresh food and local artisan grocery items by over 50 local farms and producers directly from the Homegrown Co-op. 

By making the switch from the big box grocery store to this member/owner democratically run cooperative, not only are your directly contributing to rebuilding a robust local food system in Central Florida, you are getting some of the most deliciously fresh foods at a very affordable price. You commit to good health every time you dine at Dandelion, now is the time to transition your pantry at home to be aligned with your conscious consumption ethos of local & independent.

There is something magical about farm fresh food that can't be capture any other way besides directly experiencing it for yourself.

Join us as members of Homegrown Co-op as a holiday gift to your family and experience the radiant goodness for yourself. We promise you will be delighted!!!!


Give the Gift of HANDMADE!

Sparkle is back!
 Your new favorite Local & Handmade Holiday Market is well under way and taking place on December 11, 2011 from 11am-6pm beside Dandelion Communitea and Florida School of Holistic Living's Community Garden. There will be live music, local handmade artisans selling their creations, good food, a community art project, and more! RSVP on Facebook & invite your friends! 

Our neighbors at Shine On Yoga will also have special wellness demonstrations, so there is something for everyone!

Join us in doing your Holiday Shopping in a sustainable way and keep the money in our local economy, support yourselves and each other, and have a more fulfilling and positive lifestyle while doing it!