December 2015
To all the teachers, administrators, students, parents and supporters. We are truly thankful for the opportunity to work with you and your schools over the years. 

Building Community among Teachers

TEACHER TOOLS:  Looking for Common Ground

December brings diverse holiday celebrations and traditions to our classroom communities. We are always looking for ways students can share their unique holiday experiences on common ground.
Our December treats will engage your students in intergenerational work while applying the Big Ideas of Change Over Time and Place to provide this common foundation. 
Try these in your school:
  • Mapping the Past:  Each student completes the activity with an older family or community member to learn how their lives differed in the community many years ago. Students return to school with their partner maps.
  • People BingoStudents look for family or community members who share have the skills or experiences in the boxes of the People Bingo Board.
  • After-Break Bingo A simple way to gently help your students reenter your classroom by engaging in a collaborative group activity.
OUR IMPACT CONTINUES TO EXPAND. In 2015 alone, our team trained: 

183 teachers and administrators in 
49 schools,  reaching
16,850 students

CELF Sustainability

We need your support to continue our work . . . 
We are exceedingly grateful to all our funders large and small who are supporting us in our mission to bring Education for Sustainability (EfS) into K-12 education. Your donation helps us prepare even more students and teachers for a sustainable future. 

During these uncertain times, EfS strategies support peaceful interactions in the world: creating stronger, connected communities, developing an understanding complex systems and establishing multiple perspectives and a sense of intergenerational responsibility.

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CELF Advisory Board Member,
Beth Sauerhaft 

When Advisory Board Member, Beth Sauerhaft, learned about CELF through one of her neighbors, she immediately connected with its mission. As Senior Director of Corporate Sustainability for PepsiCo, Beth leads integration of sustainability to the Research & Development innovation process and then focuses on key levers to move change with a current focus on sustainable agriculture. 
Innovating in a global organization of this scale requires a deep understanding of complex systems. 
With this career focus, Beth sees CELF's mission as a no-brainer, "it seems obvious to me that an understanding of systems and processes impacting them should be part of what students are learning. There are no singular or monolithic issues."

PS 31 students smile as they show off their harvest.

CELF's mission is to make Education for Sustainability (EfS) an integral part of every school's curricula and culture - from kindergarten through high school - to prepare current and future students to be active and responsible citizens of a sustainable world.